Wink Relay Review

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Wink Relay Review

It looks like the smart home technology has got the world of innovations on their toes, even if it means resuscitating old technologies. Such is the Wink Relay Review that features a common 80’s technology of devices being built into the walls for communication. The Wink Relay features a smart touch screen pad implanted into the wall used to operate on the smart systems already in place in your home. Even if it is not a very new ideology, the Wink Relay brings about an improved version of the eighties technology with better features and more advanced methods of operation. However, like any other smart home devices, the Wink Relay has its shortcomings and flip sides that cannot be ignored. As such, we sought to unveil all the sides of this amazing revolution of the Wink Relay.

Properties of the Wink Relay Review

Properties of the Wink Relay Review

The Wink Relay as mentioned is not a very new technology, but unlike the old generation in-wall systems, the Wink Relay is now compatible with most other smart home devices. The Wink Relay pad will act as a unifying factor, bringing together all your other smart home devices into one central point from which you can operate them all. This is essentially helpful as you do not have to keep too many apps and if you have to check on your smart home devices, you do not have to keep hopping from app to app to do it. The Wink Relay brings them all together in one manageable app for you.

The Wink Relay appears like just a touch screen pad on the wall. Unknown to you, the Wink Relay has an in-built intercom at the back. This is exciting as it is not evident at a glance. But it makes better sense that you can now use your Wink Relay device to communicate with all the rooms in the home. Again, if you know the olden days’ systems, this is not a new way, but it is better, bigger, and more improved; definitely worth a try for any smart homeowners.

The Wink Relay as mentioned is compatible with most other smart home devices. You can use it to integrate all your home systems for one smooth operation. From the Wink Relay, you can regulate your home temperature, control the opening and closing of doors and windows, you can adjust the heat in the hone when it is cold, and you can even control the air conditioning system. One thing that the smart home journey is embracing is the ability to have all your smart home appliances connected and intercommunicating with one another to serve you better and make your home a small heaven.

The Flip Sides of the Wink Relay

All devices are made by man, and as such, you may not lack a shortfall of even the smartest of the home appliances. The Wink Relay is not an exception; it has its bad side that we assume is because the whole idea is still a work in progress and will be resolved soon.

It brings too much insecurity. The Wink Relay is installed into the wall from where you should operate on all your other home appliances with intelligent technology. This means that all your home systems are there exposed to anyone who walks in through your door. For instance, if a burglar broke in, he can be able to command you devices according to his wish, bringing harm and a great loss to you and your family. You should consider having some of these apps running independently and control them from your phone instead of placing your home in such a vulnerable position.

As much as the Wink Relay is compatible with the other smart home devices like the thermostat and others, other specific devices cannot be integrated into its system. So, what if you wanted all your devices in one central point? This will not work for you in such cases. Again, it raises the credibility question when it can pair with one device and reject another.

Installing the Wink Relay is another big challenge you are bound to face. One, the old housing structure may not have systems in place for installing the device. This is because it requires some adjustments and restructuring ideas. Secondly, you have to undo the manual switch as that is the best place to install it. Undoing a fixed switch requires technical expertise; you will incur an extra cost. After removing the switch, you will need to use the wiring of the switch to fit in the Wink Relay system properly before setting it in and getting manual operations for the switch. Then you will replace it and press further to keep the wires in place. We find that a little too hectic for a smart device.

Nobody will tell you that you need a neutral wire when installing the Wink Relay device, at least not when buying it. But when you get home, and you are done installing, you will realize it is necessary to have the neutral wire. While at the manufacturer you will receive a manual guide, you are instructed to call them when it has hiccups when you do, and they will tell you to get the neutral wire. Such missing information should not be avoided by such a smart company as that of Wink Relay. All information should be included in the manual so that by the time you decide to buy the device, you know what you are getting into and you have made an informed decision.


It looks like as far as the manufacture of the Wink Relay is concerned, there may appear to be more missing parts that need to be straightened out. After all, a smart device is meant to reduce the manual part as much as possible. While others can confidently get through the installation process, most people will disagree with the fact that you are not able to control what is displayed on the Wink Relay screen even from the app. As long as you integrate a system into the Wink Relay, it is visible on the screen, exposing your home to anything and anyone.

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