Top 5 Affordable Solar Panels

Top 5 Affordable Solar Panels - 10 Best Solar Panel Kits 2021

AliExpress is one of the best places to buy solar panels on the internet. Not only that the price is right, but the quality will also impress you. Smart Homes Reviews Team is happy to show you the Top 5 Affordable Solar Panels list!

Note: We’ve Updated Our List as of November 1, 2021, to reflect new trends in Solar technology!

New options in raw efficiency and folding have opened up brand-new tech that gives us more options for more solar power than ever before. This will increase the watts-per-hour each panel will generate.

#1 Dokio 12V 100W Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Dokio 12V 100W Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Dokio 12V 100W Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

The foldable, bendable, ultra-portable 12V Solar Panel by Dokio is not only one of the most popular and highest-sold Solar Panels on Ali-Express – it’s one of the most popular sold across all of Eastern Europe and Asia. This is due primarily to the unbelievable power to value ratio that this product delivers. Further, the ability to tightly fold opens up new areas for deploying in portable manners. This is the perfect solar panel to install not only on your roof – but also on your car, boat, or high-tech camper.

#2 KERNUAP SunPower Folding 10W Solar Cells Charger

KERNUAP SunPower Folding 10W Solar Cells Charger
KERNUAP SunPower Folding 10W Solar Cells Charger

The new SunPower Folding 10W solar cell has skyrocketed to #2 on our list simply for how mobile and powerful it is. Solar panels are enormous, but this tech has really opened the door of opportunity to mobile solar charging and has become one of the Top 5 most-sold solar cells across the entire AliExpress site. These are some of the few that are perfectly portable on your backpack while walking on a hike. Obviously, these rugged, foldable solar cells could just as easilly be attached to your car or boat – or even your roof!

#3 Anaka Solar Panel Kit

Anaka Solar Panel Kit

The Anaka Solar Panel Kit is commonly found across city centers and people’s homes around the world. They are one of the few companies that have streamlined their individual product selling and distribution process to the personal level, which is why they are available on AliExpress. These are industrial level power, capable of 1000V from a single kit, albeit their largest. Considering the premium level of quality that comes with this solar kit, the unbeatable price is why these are some of the most commonly found solar panels found around the world. If you are just looking for the best value solar panels for your home’s roof – look no further.

#4 Solar Panel and Battery Charger Kit

Solar Panel and Battery Charger Kit

This is one of the highest reviews and highest sold solar panel kits on the market – and it comes with a free high-efficiency battery charger as well! This has proved all too necessary, as it converts the solar energy directly into multiple outlets, including USB standard outlets! It also comes with the necessary connecting cables, as well as up to 300 Watts of solar power panels for your solar charging needs! This is a well-rounded kit if you want to get and use solar panels, but you haven’t figured out how exactly you are going to install them – as with this battery charger kit, you can instantly use it, even just laying everything on the ground!

#5 Dokio Flexible Foldable Solar Panel Portable

Dokio Flexible Foldable Solar Panel Portable

This is a premium solar panel designed explicitly for those high-tech individuals who need power on the go. It’s specifically designed to deliver power anytime, anywhere. Better yet, it can be folded up at a moments notice and moved again. Its sleek high-visibility red paint also helps you identify your home base when camping and charging in the snow. It’s the outdoor adventurers’ mobile solar panel, and it’s one of the highest-reviewed, highest sold in the world for this reason.

#6 Boguang NEW Hyper-Efficient Folding Solar Panel


This thin and flexible solar panel is great for camping, for the boat, and even on the roof! The rugged and durable material will stand through the wind, snow, hot and humid days. It is designed for the harshest environment. Boguang Solar Panel has passed multiple weather conditions tests, even one on seawater corrosion! You do not need any special equipment to mount it – it is ready to go.

#7 Best Monocrystalline 4x Solar Panels


This 200W Solar system is great for the outdoors, for RVs, and boats. It is made out of monocrystalline silicon solar cells. It is incredibly flexible, and you will be able to use it without special mounting equipment. The size of this panel is 1200mm/540mm/3mm. Buying this solar panel is a big step toward making your house/RV/boat more energy-efficient and less costly.

#8 Panneaux Solaires Brand Solar Panel Ultra-Durable


This China-based company has lovely reviews from hundreds of AliExpress buyers. This solar panel is affordable, durable, and is equipped with 36 cells. DOKIO solar panel is made out of polycrystalline silicon, while the frame material is made out of aluminum. Such a powerful solar panel can be used at your house, your own power station, solar-powered street light, and even solar-powered car. The future is here, and with DOKIO solar panel, it is even closer. 

#9 Best Value Overall – 4x Panel with Battery Kit


Another great option in the world or solar panels – Allpowers Solar Panel. This product is an all-time favorite solar panel for mountain climbers, hikers, and travelers. It can be used to charge your laptop, phone, and other electronic devices when simple electricity is not available. This solar panel is FCC, RoHS, CE certified. It also features short circuits and surges protection technology to keep you and your electronic devices safe.

#10 Best Starter Kit – 1x Panel with Battery 


This is not a flexible solar panel, but it features many wonderful things that other panels do not. First of all, it is sold for a meager price. Second, it works great in humid climates and is protected from sea salt corrosion. It is just the best for the boats. Eco-Worthy solar panels will last you decades to come!

Experts Description: What is A Solar Panel Kit?

Not everyone is or can be an expert on solar panels. According to our experts, the solar panel kit is for the people who want solar panels but either has no idea what they are doing or want to have a fair chance at a DIY solar panel setup for their home. Solar panel kits are a complete solution that essentially puts every single part you will need all in one box, often at a significant discount when compared to what happens if you try to buy each component separately. Solar panel kits are perfect for advocates of DIY who don’t mind spending some time learning and getting their heads dirty in the process of converting their smart home to a home with solar panel connectivity.

Solar panel kits often come with very detailed instructions that will allow you to configure your setup to match your needs, as well as educate you on the basic functionality behind the scenes. The best part about this is if you experience a problem down the line, as you will have the option to do the repairs yourself. There isn’t a lot of maintenance with solar panels, but with the instructions that come with the kits, you will easily be able to do all the maintenance yourself.

What Else Should I Know Before Buying Solar Panels or Solar Panel Kits?

Having a thorough estimate of your local area’s weather systems is a great place to start. If you live in a very sunny environment with minimal rain, you will find that you have a tremendous opportunity to generate a lot of electricity. When combined with batteries, you will have a significant portion of your general electrical use reduced. If you don’t use batteries with your solar panel setup, that’s fine, but you must use or burn your electricity generated by the solar energy set up during the daytime. Clearly, at night there isn’t exactly a lot of solar energy is created!

Know Your City Policies! Some cities will allow you to automatically “sell” your overflow generation of solar energy back to the electrical grid! This is such an extraordinary proposal that will literally put a couple of dollars, or more, back in your wallet on a daily basis! This technically counts against the electrical use that happens at night, effectively saving you from investing in batteries. Solar panels are cheap when compared to their solar energy batteries! Some people spend more on the batteries than on the panels, especially when you build your own solar panel kit!

The Best of Both Worlds Setup: Build your own solar panel setup and intersect it with a solar battery kit, then connect the city’s grid! If you have enough panels or sunlight, this has the potential to ultimately become self-sustaining, which is incredible for the environment – but to simultaneously sell your overflow back to the grid! Yes, this means you will literally eventually be paid enough money, with proper maintenance, to actually get all this equipment for free, subsidized by energy sales to the state, while also remaining a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

How Hard Are Solar Panels Installation Process?

In 2021, the installation process for solar panels has actually gotten much, much more manageable. Many of the physical restraints have been buffered out by changes in the equipment on the baseline level. This puts the majority of the configuration process akin to a complicated series of LEGO’s style installations. Once you have this setup configured, you can always have an expert come to your house and review the structure before turning it on, or even saving the last part – configuring with the city grid – done by the expert. This is the previous 5% anyway, and you would have saved 95% of the labor costs associated with the expensive process of getting solar panels installed.

How Difficult Is Connecting Solar Panels to Solar Batteries?

This part of the solar panels’ setup was considered “expert-only” for a good reason and used to require either hired labor or an intricate knowledge of the principles of electrical systems. In 2021, many solar panel kits have been created that absorb the more complicated processes and allow you to plug-n-play, saving you lots of money in labor. The downside with these solar panel kits is that there isn’t much room for custom configurations, and they often come at a surcharge, although it’s still more affordable than the thousands often spent on electricians.

UPDATE: November 1, 2021

It’s getting more and more difficult to actually get your hands on solar panels, so if you find a supplier or manufacturer that has some to sell, we’d honestly just recommend getting it, no matter the price or the delay in shipping. Globalization has drastically impacted the number of interested buyers of all sorts of products, and solar panels are among the most popular growth areas since governments around the world offer financial tax incentives for people to join the green revolution.

The supply and demand curve can show trends if you are an economist, and every economist is saying the same thing. There is no slowing down the growing demand for products, especially solar panels, and the disruptions in the manufacturing and distribution of these products don’t seem to be getting any better. Growing risks across the board further push the demand for the utility of solar panels to provide homeowners and renters alike an emergency source of much-needed electricity for their family and their home.

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