Top 10 Smart Home Office Products

Top 10 Smart Home Office Products

Working from home is a new trend. Many workers find it more convenient and it creates more family time too. Creating productivity in a home office needs a space that promotes efficiency in a non-traditional work environment. 

To help you achieve a home working space that promotes productivity and convenience at the same time, we listed these Top 10 smart home office products that you will surely love!

#1 Smart Coffee/Milk Mug Warmer Cup

You can enjoy a healthy life by using this smart mug at home. It has the ability to maintain optimal temperature. This Coffee mug warmer not only can slow down the cooling speed of hot coffee, but also can heat your coffee up to 131℉/55℃, and keep this temperature the whole day. It makes your drinks not too hot nor too cold, you can sip it at any time. It is suitable for most containers like ceramics, feeder, boxed milk, stainless steel, glass, or can. For better results, we recommend using a flat bottom glass cup or stainless steel cup. This coffee mug with an updated scratch-resistant ceramic coating is safe to hand wash. It will come with USB no adapter. These amazing features make it a great gift for all your loved ones on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and other special occasions to express your sincere care.

#2  OLOEY Smart Water Dispenser

This smart water dispenser is multi-functional which can provide 5- speed temperature. It is convenient as it offers fast heat wherein drinking water without waiting for long. It provides healthy waters as fast as 2 seconds. This smart adjustable water dispenser has an adjustable water volume and automatic water stop. It is made of stainless steel thick film heating. It heats up water up to 100 degrees celsius. Moreover, it has a tempered glass smart touch panel that is so simple to use. It is suitable for a variety of small packaged water. You can choose from its three colors: champagne gold, red, and silver.

#3 Smart Touchless Trash Can

This is truly an amazing home office product. Why? This smart touchless trash can features a three-dimensional dual-mode induction, quick and silent opening, low power consumption, and environmental protection. It uses an air damper technology to make every opening and closing seem quiet, concise, and elegant. Moreover, it has an intelligent chip that offers science and technology life that comes in different modes like infrared sensing mode, intelligent touch mode, often open manual mode, with touch button design. It presents a low-cost standby design that provides long-term service, and its rechargeable, to bring you more practical product experience and life experience.

#4 SUNICE Smart PDLC film

Smart PDLC film is a high tech product that is based on PDLC liquid crystal technology. When powered off, it shows opaque states and is transparent when powered on. Meanwhile, it has replaced the function of the traditional projection screen. It is widely used for offices and conferences, villa /club, home /hotel bathroom, bank counter/jewelry window, medical institutions, and the automobile. You can customize this smart product depending on your size choice.  This item’s length is 220 cm and 100 cm in width.  It is definitely awesome as window foils & solar protection.  Its special feature which is a transparent switchable privacy film is also great.

#5 Electric Liftable Computer Table

This very useful smart product comes in high quality and environmentally friendly material design. It can lift up to 100 kg of weight and it has 25mm desktop thickness with a stable frame structure and creative support feet and spacious placement space. This smart desk has spacious countertops that make work more comfortable. Moreover, it has an intelligent control system that is stable and durable that shows height display, lift button, height storage button, and memory button. You can choose from redwood color, wood color, black and white. Therefore, it is best to describe it as practical, comfortable and aims at environmental protection.

#6 Mussels Massage Chair

According to the SL-type curved track developed by ergonomics, it fits the four curved curves of the human body to realize the whole massage covering the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and hip to the thigh of the human body. And also it features an intelligent third-generation 3D massage manipulator, simulates professional massage physiotherapy techniques, achieves multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional stereo massage such as kneading, massage, beating, grabbing, squeezing. Moreover, it has a waist and back heating device. Maintaining a constant temperature between 45-50 degrees Celsius gives the body a warming effect. And with the wireless Bluetooth 3D surround stereo system, let you experience the comfort of the massage while enjoying the fun of music.

#7 Gappo Smart Toilet Seat

This awesome smart toilet seat has a lot of advanced functions such as buttocks washing, female washing, warm air drying, water temperature adjustment, movable nozzle cleaning, automatic deodorization, water pressure adjustment, and seat heating. And it is equipped with a PP cotton filter that removes the microorganism, rust, floating objects, and to ensure clean water. Moreover, it has built-in CPU control automatic power failure prevention system, with leakage prevention function. The toilet seat covers are waterproof. And when not in use, it enters the energy-saving mode. When someone is seated, it returns to normal temperature. And it has a slow drop damping that makes no sound of “bang” when you use the toilet.

#8 Ergonomic Leather Wooden Executive Office Chair

This very comfortable Ergonomic office chair is made of premium cushioning that contours to your body. It is so stylish and versatile making it a tasteful compliment to any office, home, or entertainment space. What’s more is that it has a big and tall design: 112-118 cm height range and 48 cm/51cm seat width. It is made of sturdy components that surpass rigorous testing standards and supports up to 400 pounds. Colors available are warm and inviting: black, brown, coffee bonded leather upholstery.  It offers all-day comfort because it is equipped with fully adjustable height, recline, and tilt settings.

#9 Billna A7 Electric Treadmill

Exercise on asphalt releases pressure and strain on knee hip and ankle joints. For a fulfilling workout, treadmills have proven to become the number one choice for home-gym equipment because you can run or jog in the comfort of your own home, and thankfully with the Billna A7 ultra slimline design you can fold the treadmill away after use and roll it out to a preferred storage area so it saves you much-needed space around the home. It boasts a wide range of features LCD consoles that offer important feedback including time, speed, and distance. It also offers 12-preset programs and a 1-manual option will keep you motivated as you achieve your fitness goals.

#10 BEHATRD Indoor Sports Bicycle Fitness Equipment

By using BEHATRD Indoor Sports Bicycle Fitness Equipment you can get health benefits. It provides strength building, improves your state of mind, joint health, improves heart health, and calorie burning. Further, it has an adjustable bench and handles. It also tracks workout progress like the speed, timer, distance, and calories burnt. Its total cycling time is up to 99.59 with a total speed of up to 999.9km/h or ML/H. The Value will stay constantly on the monitor. Total cycling distance is up to 99.9km or mi from 0. And calorie consumption of the maximum value of 999.9 calories.