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Why Buy Smart Home Automation?

“If only I had a third hand.” “If only I had more time.” “If only I had another person to help me.” “If only chores can do themselves.” “If only someone could remind me.” These are phrases we often hear ourselves saying as we go through our day. We complain on and on about all of these with the main goal of being able to do more with less, less time to be specific. For centuries, the answer to this need is to employ another human being.

For example, if you were rich in the old days, you would get scribes to write your thoughts for you. On the other hand, if you were fortunate enough to be born in the modern world as a boss, a department head, or a successful entrepreneur, you would would get a personal assistant. You would be paying them to help yourself go through the things you have to do per day. But, as established as this solution maybe, there will always be a characteristic that will make this setup fail from time to time. It is the factor of human error along with the issue of trust. Whether it be brought about by incompetence, greed, fatigue, or carelessness, humans will have this flaw.

As we feel the struggle to find the perfect person as our personal assistant, or the perfect budget to pay our own personal assistant, technology has once again stepped up to the plate with an answer; Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Siri by Apple. These big systems allow you to automate things around the house, from setting reminders to opening lights in the home, all with the use of voice commands. Though far from being able to change broken light bulbs or fixing the plumbing of a broken sink, these home automation ecosystems are highly effective with things powered by electricity and connected to the internet.

Smart Homes Reviews

Why Buy Smart Home Technology?

Still not comfortable with the idea of having a robot take care some of your chores? Think about other systems instead. These smart home systems never get tired. This means they will always be able to open your television even without your remote, send emails without typing, or even turn appliances on without touching them all day every day. All feeling the stress of putting full trust in tech? You aren’t pressured to get all your appliances integrated in one go. You can always ease into it. You can start with your phone. Then moving into simple lights, then speakers , then before you know it you’ll be controlling your whole house!

In order to get conformable with converting your smart house with, take these different aspects in series to ease your conversion to a smart house.

Which Smart Home Gadgets Should I Get?


Not ready for a full automation yet? Well try automating the reminders that you need in order to complete your to do list. This way you can still have control of which things are ought to be completed without having to remember them all by yourself. This is especially useful for when you need to verify very sensitive information. For example, times would need to pay bills online, by just having a reminder on your calendar, you can still be reminded without having to stress over forgetting to pay the bills and without having to worry about your phone automatically having to pay the bills for you without your knowledge.

Furthermore, having a calendar automatically remind you of the things you have to lightens the load of your memory. With your mind free from the stress of having to remember you're now able to be more involved and more present with the task at hand.

smart homes reviews

Simple Appliances

Taking it a bit further, when you are more comfortable with home automation and voice commands, you can move on to simple appliances such as lights, television and entertainment systems. Though it may seem insignificant, automating these simple appliances can actually save you a lot of time. Take for example turning on the lights, imagine how much time you take going from one end of the room just to hit the switch to turn on the light. What if you could just say or tell the light to turn itself on? Wouldn't that be very convenient? Imagine all the time saved when you accumulate all seconds you've spent turning the lights on in a year or even 10! Now take that light example and multiply that time savings to 2 or 3 appliances such as the stereo system the television set, you'd be saving minutes or even hours in a week!

Data Gathering And AI

As you get used to automation and as you near having a smarter home, your home needs to gather data in order to be smart. By allowing access do your data, your home can actually start suggesting things before your even able to consider it. Take for example letting your appliances have access to your calendar, what if tonight's plans is actually having a date but you almost forgot because of your busy sched!In addition, if you're home had access to this information it be easily suggests the you restaurant you could go to that are within your preferred range of distance. It could even suggest whether you should go on the date or not considering how the weather has been or will be. Doing all this could actually impress your date!

Bills Payment Software

We find the biggest amount of savings is when your smart home into a bills paying machine. Think about what entails paying the bills, going online, going to a bills payment center or even going to the mall would require you to travel by foot or by car costing you gas and time in order to complete the simple task of paying rent or utilities. All of this time could be saved if your home is turned into a smart home and trusted with your bank payment information. All you would have to do is say that you need to pay the bills and your house with pay it for you.

After completing these areas of integration, you'll find your life easier and better now that you have a smart home.

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