Top 10 Smart Garden and Outdoor Products

Top 10 Smart Garden and Outdoor Products

Technology is making our outdoor and indoor activities easier and more convenient. Just like having smart gardening products, they can keep the yard perfectly maintained and easier than before.

Think of a situation where you wake up in the morning and read a weather report stating the expected weather conditions for the day. But because of the smart garden products, your smart sprinkler system will know exactly how much water is needed for your yard. This is only one of those numerous benefits of smart gardening products. 

We at Smart Homes Reviews Team have listed these top 10 smart garden and outdoor products that you will surely love!

#1 Vozzisoue Smart Self Watering Pot

This smart mini plant wall serves as a mobile natural oxygen bar. This gives a lot of benefits. Putting it in the office or in your house can relieve eye fatigue and it purifies the air and beautifies the environment too. It has a remote control that gives you an intelligent experience even if you are miles apart. It is an innovation of smart touch lazy planting. With its intelligent touch buttons, it can reasonably customize the irrigation cycle according to the degree of water preference of different plants. It is equipped with highlight LED lights that can be set in 3 periods to supplement the plant growth needs.

#2 GGKHCC Smart Planter Plant Pot

This is an intelligent hydroponic planter that will give you a new planting experience. There are different kinds of functions such as simulated spectrum, soilless culture, smart chip, green environmental protection, and intelligent planting. With this kind of experience, there will be high growth efficiency, various planting modes, and hydroponics that will keep you away from slippery. The growth rate is 5 times that of ordinary planting. The multiple planting modes feature allows different planting modes that you can select, and each mode corresponds to different functions. Moreover, It is equipped with built-in chip sensing when the water tank is short of water. The buzzer will give an alarm to remind that it needs water to be added.

#3 Zy Smart Planter For Home

It has a beautiful modern design to brighten up any boring living room, corner, or kitchen. It is super easy to use and set up. Makes a thoughtful gift to a dear family member who loves fresh herbs and gardening. The sleek and white frame will compliment any area around the house. It really adds convenience to your gardening experience as it is movable and it is using a vertical horticultural hydroponics system with grow lights. What’s more, is that it is made of high-quality plastic material and is lightweight and weather-resistant. It is strong and sturdy; rated to hold up to 150 pounds shelf rated to hold 15 pounds.

#4 5 Style WIFI Phone Remote Controller

This smart remote controller supports wifi control, easy to operate. It is just easy to use with no need to impose pressure, just simple operation. You are able to water all plants easily with this irrigation system. Moreover, it is economical and practical as it reduces the cost of labor and electricity and saves time. It is proven great for home, garden, and office use. With this remote intelligent controller,  watering flowers in different places is possible, controlled anywhere, no matter where you are.  Remote control of water made possible by mobile App software. So you can truly enjoy irrigation and gardening! 

#5 Desk Lamp Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Kit

This one of the awesome smart products has an intelligent timing feature wherein it offers 3 planting modes: the full-spectrum mode,  planting energy-saving mode, and adjustable reading mode. It has a water shortage alarm in which it has a built-in water level sensor and peripheral water level line, both coexist. When the water level in the plating tank is lower than 10%, the water level warning light will continue to light, and a “drop” sound will be sounded every 15 minutes, reminding you to add water. It is also equipped with new hydroponic technology: a special planting medium avoids pest pollution caused by soil and eliminates mosquito growth.

#6 Automatic Smart Irrigation System

This kit includes one Wifi timer and one Wifi gateway. It is so convenient as you can just set and check the irrigation schedule through the smartphone app. The wifi controller is compatible with the soil moisture sensor. For watering, you can choose from irrigation mode and Mist mode. It has a low power indicator and a built-in filter. 

#7 OGFFHH Smart  Flower Pot

This smart flowerpot offers soilless cultivation equipped with plant growth lights. It has specially designed full spectrum LED growth lights plus table lamps combine to promote plant photosynthesis, grow better and faster. What’s more is that it is presented in a simple decoration style that makes it more widely used, which can be the perfect decoration of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, etc. You can plant anything you like succulent plants, herbs, peppermint, tomatoes, and other plants. Moreover, it has a button switch with rotary adjustment to ensure that the plant absorbs enough light for photosynthesis and has enough rest time. And of course, it has a convenient installation that is just so easy to follow.

#8 ZY Smart Planter

It is a smart planter for home using a vertical horticultural hydroponics system with grow lights. Sounds amazing right? It is extremely simple to assemble and use, this hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience gardening. Perfect for beginners! No experience needed. The water is inside the system so the plants can shelter water from sunshine. The system produces high-quality plants that are way better than soil-gardened produce because oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots. What’s more, is that it has a perfect connection of holder and pipe and advanced inner blocking design.

#9 Smart Plants Growing Bag

This impressive plant growing bag is made of felt fabric, a highly durable, UV resistant, providing exceptional airflow throughout the soil and root systems and allows excess moisture to easily drain away. It unfolds, fills, and grows, and is ideal for an herb garden, small flower garden or vegetables. You don’t need to have empty garden pots and containers cluttering up your yard in winter. When the growing season is over, simply empty the earth out of the fabric bag and pack it away. Instant fabric soft raised garden bed for plants, flowers, and fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit. This is best for both indoor or outdoor use. 

#10 NFT Smart Garden Planter

This is equipped with an amazing Hydroponics system-Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). You can easily grow your favorite plants in your home without any muddy mess and need for watering the plants regularly. Hydroponics is the ideal method to grow plants in urban areas and for those people who are busy but still love having plants around. It makes a wonderful hobby that helps you relax and it is fun to watch plants grow in NFT hydroponic gardens. It is just simple to install. You can choose from different layers — 6,8,10 layers. This vertical aeroponic hydroponic growing system can definitely meet your different needs in gardening.