Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2020

Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019

Winter is coming, so Smart Homes Reviews Team is happy to show you the Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019. We know that after reading this article you will make the best choice of your life! Enjoy the read and choose the best In-Home Sauna of your dreams!

Note: We’ve Updated Our List as of September 24 to reflect new trends in household Sauna and Steam technology!

New options in raw efficiency and availability have opened up brand-new tech that gives us more options for more sauna power than ever before. This will increase the efficiency of electricity and new styles to accommodate your tastes.

Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas, Cedar Barrel Saunas, and Sauna Rooms (Updated 2020)

#1 Rebirth PRO Cedar Barrel Sauna

Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019

Definitely Smart Homes Reviews Team’s #1 choice! This product came to the United States very recently and already created lots of hype around it. Imagine having a full-on cedar barrel sauna at the comfort of your home! Read our full RebirthPRO Cedar Barrel Sauna Review here.

RebirthPRO Saunas follow the ancient Scandinavian traditions and create the most unforgettable sauna experience of your life. Enjoy this wonderful new product and change your life forever!

#2 Single-Person Steam and Sauna Room 


This sauna has lots of positive reviews. The performance is magnificent. Most importantly, this steam Sauna was built without any chemicals and has incredible insulation. Two built-in temperature control will make your sauna experience more enjoyable.

#3 Multi-Person Ancient Themed Sauna Room 


This sauna features 4 Dynamic Bio-Ceramic heaters 3 on the rear wall and 1 under the bench. Also, it has fit the maximum of four people. Most importantly, this sauna has two tempered glass windows and one nice big door. This shop has wonderful trusted reviews. Check this product out! 

#4 Dynamic Lay-down Steam Sauna Room


This wonderful sauna has a two-person capacity. It is made from natural Canadian Hemlock wood and is surrounded by a large tempered glass door. Dynamic “Venice” Sauna is environment-friendly and is very energy-efficient.

#5 Combined Shower and Steam Wet Sauna Room


This sauna is famous for its heat distribution. It is very durable and built to last a long time. Also, it has an oxygen ionizer and an incredible sound system with aux inputs. Further, this sauna comes with a seven-year warranty, which is a very rare option for a product like that.

#6 Multi-Function Modern Shower and Wet Steam Room 


Our first three-person option from our Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019 list. This sauna has a seven-year warranty as well as the last one. It is much bigger, so you will need to know exactly how many feet in your house you will need to spare. Moreover, this sauna is made with a sleek modern style. Also, it has a scratch-resistant. tempered glass door. Enjoy this product today!

#7 Multi-Purpose Shower, Wet and Dry Steam Sauna Room 


This powerful sauna has a wet and dry sauna combined with a shower room and a lifetime warranty! In addition, it is made out of a double layer of 100% Canadian hemlock, without any chemical additives. Lastly, this sauna provides the best insulation available on the market for saunas! 

#8 iBeauty Portable Steam Sauna

Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019

A very inexpensive and interesting option for us comes from China. For those, who want to try something unique – this is a pretty good choice. Moreover, it doesn’t cost that much, it does insulate the steam really well and has tons of positive friendly reviews! Try this product today!

#9 iBeauty Portable Steam Sauna

Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019

Another one of iBeauty products surprises us with the price! This sauna will have a one-year warranty and a regular Buyer Protection from AliExpress. Thus, you should try this product just to see if you really enjoy it. The buyers reviewing this product say that it is amazing and the effect of steam is incredible! In addition, you will get it for the best price on the market!

#10 Portable Folding Steam Sauna 

Top 10 Best In-Home Saunas 2019

Another cute option for those, who would like to try something affordable and new. This portable sauna comes in two colors – gold and yellow. Therefore, this might be a great present for your mom, your girlfriend, or your daughter. This steam sauna has temperature control and a timer.

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