Top 10 Smart Baby Monitors

Top 10 Smart Baby Monitors

You are so excited about the arrival of a new baby. And one thing is for sure, sleepless and uneasy nights are waving on you too. But the good news is you are a new parent of 2020 and modern technology is here to save you. 

One of the technological advancements that have been so good to parents is what we call smart baby monitors. Baby monitors can help anxious parents get better and more relaxed sleep at night. How? It helps parents to detect every time the baby cries or whines in her crib. Therefore, it’s easy for you to know if the baby needs feeding or changing his/her diaper or just playing around before going back to sleep.

There’s a lot of baby monitors to choose from which offers a lot of amazing features, from HD video display to wireless connectivity with your devices. To guide you on choosing the ideal baby monitor that fits your needs, we at Smart Homes Reviews Team have listed these Top 10 Smart Baby Monitors.

#1  MARVIOTEK Baby Monitor (HD 1080P) Top 10 Smart Baby Monitors

This amazing smart baby monitor automatically detects motions and will send an alarm to your app, showing the recorded motion in the camera. It gives a prompt alarm when your baby cries plus you can send a warm voice message to your baby anytime. It provides a 24 hours video monitor and clear night vision too. You can also playback history videos and rewatch all the happy moments with your friends. And if ever unwanted situations happen this can provide more evidence to the police. You can conveniently access it remotely at any place with the internet. So wherever you are, you can still keep an eye on your precious baby.

#2 LDYE Baby Monitor

Top 10 Smart Baby Monitors

This baby monitor offers a 1080p HD video with an infrared night vision camera. Through its motion detection and real-time two-way voice intercom, it automatically detects baby motions and unusual sounds in the camera. Then, it will immediately send a prompt message to your phone. This amazing smart baby monitor has a two-way intercom that features real-time conversation where you can have warm messages with your family any time, anywhere. You can send a warm message to your baby too.  It also supports up to 128 GB SD cards and Cloud Storage that makes it possible for you to watch video recordings any time.

#3 MARVIOTEK Baby Monitor (SD 720P)

It features intelligent monitoring which automatically tracks motions. It surely provides better sleep for parents as it can detect the baby’s movement and his/her unusual sound. And will automatically send an alarm to your app whenever. It records motion in the camera with a clear vision for you in 720P HD resolution. It supports Cloud and TF Card up to 64 GB storage wherein you can store the video recordings and watch it anytime you feel to flash on memories. The installation is so easy, even if it is on a table or on a wall. It also provides a clear panoramic view and 2-way audio where you can talk to your baby whenever and wherever.

#4 BOAVISION Audio Video Baby Monitor (VB605)

This 2.4-inch baby monitor camera covers a transmission range up to 160ft/50m indoor,850ft/250m outdoor. This is super amazing because you can play built-in lullabies for your baby to fall into sleep. Additionally, it features a two-way talkback intercom to say comfort messages to your babies whenever you want. It has an automatic night vision which allows you to keep an eye on your baby all night. Moreover, it also has a temperature monitoring feature wherein you can supervise your baby’s room temperature all day. This baby monitor also cares about your baby’s health. Plus it has up to 24 hours battery life in VOX mode.

#5 ORAH Mini Baby Monitor

This mini security camera has a super slim design that is perfect for monitoring your baby. It will automatically track body movements with stunning FULL HD 1080P that gives you high-quality images that never miss every detail.  It comes with a wide rotating angle where you can keep an eye on most parts of your home with its easy pan and tilt control remotely. It also features clear two-way audio wherein you can hear and talk to your babysitter or baby easily wherever you are. Additionally, it has IR Cut And Night Vision wherein you can check if your baby is having a good night’s sleep. You can conveniently access it on any device.

#6 SecTec Wireless LCD Audio Video Baby Monitor

With this awesome baby monitor, you can always have your eye on your precious baby in and HD quality video display. It also provides 8 classic lullabies you can choose from remotely to put your baby into sleep. It can easily pan and tilt manually as you like. If it prompts you that your baby is crying, you can say a warm message to soothe your baby through its two-way audio talk features. Aside from the auto-detection of unusual sound and movements, it also monitors room temperature. It has a long battery life that lasts up to 24 hours in Vox mode.


This highly recommended baby monitor provides automatic night vision so you can keep an eye on your baby all night long. Moreover, it also monitors indoor temperature around your baby which is important for your baby’s health. It also has a two-way voice intercom wherein you can calm your baby with a warm message from afar without running back. It has an upgraded camera lens with a 45-degree visual angle and a 3.2 inch  LCD screen which is bigger and clearer. Moreover, it has 8 built-in 8 lullabies to help your baby quickly fall into sleep and have sweet dreams.


This 3.2-inch color security camera is one of the most ideal for baby monitoring. The monitor covers a transmission range of up to 160ft/50m indoor,850ft/250m outdoor. Plus, you could choose and play 8 built-in lullabies to help you quickly let your baby fall into sleep.  It also features a two-way talk-back intercom function to comfort your babies whenever you want without running back. It also has a night light vision feature that allows you to see your baby in dark and keep an eye all night. Additionally, it has temperature monitoring wherein you can monitor the room temperature all day that is crucial for your baby’s health.

#9 JOYZON HD 1080P Wireless Video Color Baby Monitor

With this 1080p pan and tilt camera, you can remotely monitor your baby. With its full HD resolution, you can see everything in beautiful color and super clarity. It helps you keep a close eye on your lovely baby in fluent and stunning videos. The camera will automatically track body movements. The camera head is rotatable with 350°pan and 90°tilt. You can control it via the app and get a sweeping view on every inch of your entire house. What is more, it features 2-way audio support with a built-in microphone and speaker allowing you to talk to your loved one whenever you want.

#10 MBOSS Baby Monitor

This 3.5 high-resolution baby monitor has a 355-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical rotation range to achieve 360-degree panoramic viewing. You can also zoom in and zoom out the image to clearly see details. It automatically detects sound so you can hear your baby crying. It also has built-in lullabies where you can play to help you put your baby into sleep faster. You can easily install either standing, wall mount, or in the ceiling. It also features a 2-way audio conversation wherein you can calm your restless baby by your comforting voice. It also has an automatic light sensor that immediately shifts from day and night modes.