Top 10 Smart Family Products

Top 10 Smart Family Products

Most families nowadays have recognized the benefits of high technology for their house chores. Our ideal home already includes having smart products inside our houses. Well, that’s definitely no doubt since smart family products have proven its worth in making our life easier and more convenient. 

Smart Homes Reviews Team is pleased to show you a list of Top 10 Smart Family products. Here they are:

 #1 OLOEY Pink Heart Electric Rice Cooker

This cute and elegant-looking rice cooker is made of high-quality material. It adopts aluminum alloy non-stick coating inner liner, three-dimensional heating which makes it corrosion resistant, anti-wear, more durable, uniform heat resistance, not easy to deform, and rice is more delicious. It gives the most convenience as it is equipped with a one-touch opening, inner cover detachable and cleanable, convex position design, easy to move, top exhaust valve, no overflow tank, separable tank, and rice will not burn due to non-stick coating. What makes it smart is its smart appointment features. The measuring cup can achieve the ideal water-to-million ratio, 9-hour smart appointment, smart touch screen, digital display, touch cooking button to start the cooking cycle, and the insulation function will be activated when finished.

#2 Baby Carrier AI Robot Dog

This can be you and your kid’s best robotic friend. This Smart puppy recognized voice commands such as “sit”, “turn around”, “go to sleep”, “stand up”, “rollover”, “showtime” and more! It is equipped with a touch sensor wherein if you touch different spots and the puppy will awake, sit down, wag its tail, and more! It can be connected to your Bluetooth devices so you can play your favorite music through the dog. You can even program the dog to dance to the music! It feels like you adopt a smart puppy and raise it on your own! Feed it daily everything from steak to ice cream!

#3 Baby Yoda – Mandalorian 3D Led Lamp(and others)

It is proven made from high-quality materials. This unique and charming LED 3D visual night light will be an excellent and romantic gift for your friend and yourself. Unbelievable, it only uses a 2D acrylic piece to create an attractive 3D stereoscopic visual pattern and lighting effects, seems vivid and full of personality, good illumination effect, and full of creativity. It is so convenient and useful and definitely easy to use. It is not only able to give you 3D stereoscopic illumination, but also show your colorful lighting effect, button switch to control the lighting color, seven colors, and one gradient color for you to choose just press the button switch on the ABS base.

#4 LISM Automatic Soap Dispenser

It is equipped with a mini high-efficiency motor that is noiseless and near-field infrared sensing that automatically senses bubbles. Its fine and dense foam can better cover the skin surface and reach the fine pores for deep cleansing. This feature makes it more hygienic as there is no direct contact with the product. Moreover, it has a multifunctional base that can be hung on the wall. Children will definitely love to wash their hands as it produces fun bubbles– which is also dense and delicate. It is rechargeable for 3 hours that is equivalent to 120 days of battery life.

#5 XIAOMI  Smart TV

This LED TV has a lot of amazing features to offer. It has a high definition image that makes it look really natural, with an updated processor for a more fluid display. It is also equipped with Dolby+ DTS sound that gives you an immersive experience. Moreover, it has 2 stereo speakers of 5 W with different bass effects for greater power and for clearer and sharper sound. What’s more, it is so convenient to use as it can be controlled with a voice-activated Bluetooth remote that allows you to integrate technology naturally into your life. Moreover, it has a large storage capacity of 1GB + 8 GB for more applications.

#6 OLOEY Bladeless Fan

Less is more with this bladeless smart fan that is truly perfect for your family. This Leafless fan uses patented Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow without fast-spinning blades making it safe for your children. And also, you don’t need to worry about getting hurt while cleaning it. Its silent design will result in sound and deep sleep. This is made to create powerful airflow using less electricity than other fans. What’s more, is that it is engineered with materials that are resistant to high temperatures and a strong impact. Compared to traditional air fan blades, this leafless fan uses air multiplier technology to give a soft, natural, and long-lasting cool wind.

#7 Artificial Intelligence Toy

This awesome AI Toy Robot is Cozmo. And he is ready to be your loyal sidekick. Cozmo is the ideal educational robot for kids and adults. It is equipped with a beginner-friendly interface. Easier than you’d think and tougher than he looks, this toy robot is tested for durability and security. You can challenge Cozmo to games or use Explorer Mode to see things from his perspective. How exciting, right? To fully enjoy this amazing product, it requires a compatible iOS or Android device and the free Cozmo app.  This product includes 1 Cozmo robot, 3 Cubes, and 1 charger.

#8 Smart Video Doorbell

This product supports 2.4G WiFi. You are secure as it features movement detecting with an intrusion alarm system. So once it is dismantled, it will automatically alarm. You can fully-enjoyed it through its APP Function that can be applied for Android, iPhone, iPad APP Software. Moreover, it is equipped with real-time video and audio chat with visitors. And also support picture snapping and video recording function. It also supports night vision and built-in IR-CUT technology that is available day and night. It is rainproof therefore it is safe to install outdoors, and you don’t need to worry about it getting wet.

#9 Cartoon Smart Totoro Cushion Cover

Upgrade your living room or bedroom decor with our cost-effective pillow covers! This cute and beautiful cushion cover has a plaids design that is a great choice for your home decoration. It gives a comfortable hand feeling. And also it is durable and washable. It is made with durable cotton linen cloth material and fine workmanship with a size of 45cm x 45cm. It is designed with an invisible zipper for easy washing. This product is easy to match your bed, car, sofa, and chairs. The pattern is only on the front side. Decorate your life with this My Neighbor Totoro Series pattern. 

#10 Pink Bunny Automatic Electric Lunch Box

A truly smart product of technology, this lunchbox for cooking and heating has a lot of additional features to offer. It has a simple design that makes it beautiful and stylish. It can cook rice, steamed egg, steamed custard, cooked vegetables, or soup. How amazing, right?  It has a capacity up to 1.2 Liter with digital timer control that is so easy to navigate. Its heating source will slowly and evenly penetrate the food to make meals, stew, and other foods that will remain fresh. It is equipped with double safety protection from overheating. Moreover, it has temperature control to ensure safety.