Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras were only used for business and government agencies before. But people are already using it to have a high-tech home security system nowadays. Home security cameras offer numerous benefits such as:

  • Protect and secure your home
  • You can remotely monitor all parts of your house
  • Constantly monitor your home 24/7
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that your family is secure

Regardless if you rent or own a house, everybody aims to have the most secure place to live in. And installing home security cameras is a smart move to start with.

 We listed these Top 10 Smart Security Cameras to guide you on choosing one for your home:

#1  PTZ Smart IP Camera – Best Overall


This amazing security camera offers 1080 FHD resolution where you can digitally zoom it up 8x and gives you clearer and more detailed images. It has an awesome night vision feature with  IR-cut auto dual and LED fill-in light wherein the highest viewable distance is up to 9 meters. Additionally, it has two-way audio wherein a built-in mic and speaker allows you to give warm messages to your family.  It has great motion and sound detection and will directly send you phone notification. It’s easy to install. It is in magnetic mount design and mounting it on the wall and ceiling with adhesive tape is also possible. You can take it anywhere as it supports the power supply from a mobile power bank.

#2 APEACH Smart Home Security Surveillance

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

This security camera will automatically track the body movement. You can open or close this function in APP. It features a smooth pan and tilts monitoring wherein the camera head is rotatable with 350°pan and 110°tilt. You can control it via the app and get a sweeping view on every inch of your entire house. No details will ever make them pass even if they tried. It has 1080P Full HD and you can see everything in beautiful color and super clarity with this HD camera. It helps you keep a close eye on your lovely children and pets. All captured by this camera will be presented to you via fluent and stunning videos. Additionally, the camera is built with a microphone and speaker. So you can talk to your kids via your smartphone remotely whenever you want.

#3 YI Smart Dome Camera

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

YI IOT Full HD Pan/Tilt WiFi camera comes with a wide rotating angle — 360° horizontally and 110° vertically. So you see every part of your home with an easy pan and tilt control. It sends you alert emails and pushes notifications to your device when danger is detected.  Additionally, it records and saves motion-detected videos to your inserted  Micro SD card with up to 64GB storage capacity, or your YI IoT wireless NVR. It also features LED lights resulting in a night vision range as long as 10meters in the dark, giving you 24/7 surveillance. Moreover, it has innovative audio identification of baby crying sounds. Through audio identification technology, the camera can identify the mood of the voice and send alerts to you when your baby is crying. To distinguish itself from other alerts, “Baby Cry” will be displayed as the alert message.

#4 YI Kami Smart Outdoor Security Camera

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

This security camera aims to keep your home secure.  It features a customized activity zone alert that has integrated starlight night vision technology produces high-resolution, colorful images at night, and during low lighting times, high-quality video footage when monitoring your homes. Moreover, it brings complete durability against wind, rain, or dust, providing a safe and reliable outdoor home security monitoring for the ever-changing outdoor environment, day and night. This is your dependable, durable camera to work in extreme environmental conditions. It also comes with a built-in microphone and high-powered speaker to smoothly and clearly send warm messages with family, friends, or guests from your Kami Home App.

#5 Bolca Mini WIFI Camera

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

This mini smart home camera is although small in size, yet it is fully functional. It features an automatic motion detection alarm that will surely guard your house 24/7. It automatically captures real-time movement and will send you phone notification directly. It is equipped with high-performance infrared LEDs, with a smart IR-CUT filter that is clear as day even at night. This security camera supports up to 64GB TF card local backup plus cloud storage service. Moreover, it is just easy to install. No need to hole through the wall and installation is done as fast as 10 seconds.

#6 YI Home Camera

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

This excellent home camera features a 1080p Full HD Resolution that delivers crisp and vibrant images. Videos show every little detail and are provided with enhanced digital noise reduction. It has enhanced night vision that gives you clarity even in the dark. With its more powerful IR algorithm, you no longer have to sacrifice any details due to dim environments. With the cutting-edge baby crying technology, any sound your baby makes can be picked up within 5 meters away from the camera and sent to you in a 6-second video clip. The built-in ultra-responsive microphone allows you to have smooth stable conversations through the YI Home App, wherever you are. Intercom mode lets you activate the microphone and speaker, so you can send commands to your pet, or scare off unwanted guests. Hands-free mode allows for a flexible two-way conversation with your loved ones.

#7 YI 4pc Home Camera

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

This awesome security camera has a supremely secure cloud service that protects all your videos and views them directly in the cloud. You can enjoy high-end security with an easy-to-use interface. All your videos are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud, preventing critical data from being lost or tampered with. The encryption key is updated periodically for the highest level of data protection. It also offers incredible image quality with cutting-edge design. It has an amazing night vision that you clear videos even in the dark. Also, it offers accurate detection with advanced motion detection algorithms. It will keep you notified wherever you are.

#8 IMILAB Smart Camera Outdoor Webcam

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

It is perfect as an outdoor camera since it is a water and dustproof kind of camera. It is rotatable with a vertically wide angle where you can control it through its app. You and your family are surely secure with this camera because of its humanoid capture feature. If someone breaks into the detection area, the camera will make a high-dB alarm sound and push the alarm notification to the App immediately. It has built-in speakers and a microphone where you can talk to the delivery men, guests, and to your family too. Moreover, it is also easy to install.

#9 REHENTRONIX Mini Camera


It is a 100% wire-free security camera, therefore no cables or wiring hassles. It has a high-quality CMOS sensor that offers a clearer night vision up to 33 feet. Additionally, it has a smart PIR sensor that detects motion and will send you alerts immediately. Plus, it has a built-in mic and speaker where you can listen and talk back interactively. It offers a 130 degrees wide viewing angle so you can see more in HD 720p resolution. You can also ret remote live view on your devices whenever and wherever you are. You can also insert a micro SD card to the camera for local storage up to 128 GB TF card so you can review videos recorded.

#10 Mijia Imilab EC2 AI IP Camera

Top 10 Smart Security Cameras

This is a cordless security camera with AI Technology. When abnormal movement detected, the alarm information would be automatically pushed to your phone with a 10 seconds video. All automatic warning videos are stored in the free cloud and can be saved for one week. This awesome camera is suitable for all weather conditions. Moreover, it has a 1080p full high definition picture quality. It can definitely protect your home 24/7 as it features infrared night vision in a 120-degree wide-angle. Moreover, it has a built-in mic and speaker where you can have a real-time conversation with whoever is in your house.