Top 10 Smart Baby Products

Top 10 Smart Baby Products

Raising kids is not just as easy as counting 1,2,3 or singing A, B, C. It can be so hard especially for new parents. Don’t worry so we’re here to make your parenting life easier with the latest products made by technology. 

There’s an overwhelming number of advanced baby products you can choose from– whether the peace of mind of the baby sleeping soundly or automatically warming bottles. For sure, smart technology can help lessen the work of the parents.

In speaking of lessening the work, we already listed these top 10 smart baby products for you. Check this out:

#1 Bioby Electric Baby Food Maker

This serves as a food supplement grinder. It has a powerful function that features steam, agitation, heating, and electronic health. You can really save time and energy, as the process only takes you 15 minutes. It is equipped with advanced-precision and quick preparation. This is so convenient to use. It has no noise, simple, cooking, and storing food in one hand. Moreover, it is easy to store and clean. All parts can be washed in the dishwasher. It is also safe and made with high-quality materials and shatterproof design that will help you create health and peace of mind to feed your baby.

#2 Boboduck Smart Electric Baby Food Maker

This smart electric baby food maker comes with a reversible food basket for more convenience. It is integrated with a baby food steamer, blender, and micro-stir baby food processor. This food supplement machine is way different from a wall breaking machine. The steam is healthier as it retains food moisture. It can trace up to 50 ml volume and everything will be stirred well even the small portions. It also features smart timing that will depend on what kind of food you want to blend or steam. It has a 4mm 301 stainless steel low-cut blade that is removable and easy to clean. Overall, it’s not only a baby food supplement machine but also a multifunctional food cooking machine.

#3 Smart Baby Pacifier

This amazing smart baby product comes in three colors: blue, lake green, and purple.  It comes in three sizes that depend on your baby’s age. It is applicable for babies 3 months above. It is made with high-quality materials like food-grade silicone, non-BPA; and is made of a soft TPE material level of food safety. Moreover, it has a temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius.   It comes with a perfect small handle with an enchanting bell. It will let every baby enjoy the food by themselves. It is suitable for most kinds of food and can be carried on the trip. 

#4 Smart Baby Food Fruit Masher

This is a 2 pcs per set manual baby food fruit masher bowl grinder that comes with a grinding rod that can be easily gripped. It is made with high-quality materials that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless. This is ideal for babies and kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess. It is suitable for any baby food supplement, fruit, vegetables, bread, and so on. And it is also dishwasher and microwaves safe. It is so easy to clean. When you finish using it, just wash it with rushing water and let it dry out in the air.

#5 OLOEY Smart Food Casserole

With this smart casserole, you can program it for a specific cooking time up to 24 hours in 30-minute increments. It can be set as high, medium, and low settings for any recipe and keep warm for up to four hours after finished cooking. It has a digital display that lets you see at-a-glance how much cooking time remains before your dish is ready for serving. It has a specially crafted handle that allows single hand portability. This is sturdy and virtually unbreakable. Moreover, it is just easy to clean since the non-stick ceramic coating requires less effort to clean by hand compared with traditional stoneware.

 #6 Babyfond Baby Rocking Chair

Modern mothers get tired and tired every day. So this smart baby rocking chair aims to give you more relaxing days. It has a lot of interesting features like five-speed swing, dual power mode, and Bluetooth playback. It silently swings so you and your baby can sleep peacefully. Bluetooth devices can be connected to the rocking chair to play music. What’s more, it can be folded with mosquito nets and designed with tents. It can be detached with two hanging toys or replaced with toys that your baby likes. And also, it has an ergonomic design that gives maximum comfort to your baby. 

#7 Babyfond Multi-function Baby Electric Cradle

It is multi-functional for many reasons. This smart baby cradle serves as a two-in-one shaker. It is made of skin-friendly fabric, sweat-absorbent, and breathable that is available in all seasons. It is removable and washable. This product is also foldable wherein you can store to free some space if not in use. The designer uses the shape of the mother’s uterus as a source of inspiration to imitate the mother’s arms. The baby is more comfortable like s/he is with his/her mother’s arms. It is equipped with intelligent control wherein it continues cradle to make your baby sleep easily. Moreover, you can play lullabies connected to your Bluetooth devices. Sounds great!

#8 Evenflo Smart Baby Crib

This 4-1 Playard is multifunctional. It offers many modes for child care and cozy sleep. This is recommended from birth to 24 months. It has a storage compartment where there is an added storage space for child care needs. Moreover, it comes with a sleep module where it provides lights, music, and vibrations to help your child sleep. It also has a changing table that is safe and secure for your child. Moreover, it is with a high-strength mesh that ensures the safety and easy view-ability of your child. Each mode is all amazing: the 2 in 1 rocker, bassinet mode for infant rest, and child’s Play Yard from 1-2 years old.

#9 Townew Smart Trash Can

Most people say that having a baby also means you have to handle a lot of trash in your house. This product is perfect to lessen the mess in your room. It can handle up to 15.5 L of various rubbishes.  Townew garbage is made from perfect materials with no breakpoint design. It has a strong and resilient load-bearing ability and smart replacement garbage bag that is so easy to replace. Its garbage box This is specially used for Townew intelligent trash can. It is durable, tough, and odorless. It is suitable in any room in or out of your house. 

#10 ORAH Smart Baby Monitor

This amazing smart baby monitor can keep an eye on your baby all night long with its automatic night vision. It is equipped with a two-way voice intercom wherein you can talk with your baby to make them calm from afar without running back. Moreover, it also has temperature monitoring that will help you know the indoor temperature around your baby which gives an intimate care of your baby’s health. What’s more, it has built-in 8 baby lullabies that will help your baby sleep easily. Its upgraded lens of the camera has a 45-degree visual angle with an LCD screen that is bigger and clearer.