Top 10 Smart Bathroom Products

Top 10 Smart Bathroom Products

Smart bathrooms mean more hygienic and well-maintained bathrooms. Moreover, it offers convenience, energy efficiency, and more savings.

Among the rooms in your house, the bathroom might not be the top priority for spending money. But smart bathrooms are becoming popular these days, from the doors, mirrors, ceiling, showers, faucet, and even outlets. And because of that more and more people nowadays spend thousands of money just to make their bathroom comfortable and good looking.

Here are the top 10 Smart Bathroom Products especially listed for you. These products are surely great buys. 

#1 FOHEEL  Intelligent Toilet Seat

It is equipped with wireless remote control that can be mounted on the wall. Plus it has a “Quick Release” feature for easy seat removal and cleaning. Presented in a stylish design and comfortable heated seat, it also has stainless self-cleaning nozzles for posterior and feminine warm-water washes. Moreover, it has a three-part safety sensor system and 5 adjustable settings of the nozzle position. Its automatic power-saving mode is also what makes it great. What’s more is its power-saving massage and clean, bidet, warm air dry, heated seat, constant water heating, ultraviolet rays sterilization, auto-mode, and child mode. These overwhelming features are really worth the penny.

#2 Color Backlight for Toilet Bowl WC Toilet Seat Lights

Not only does it add beauty to your bathroom but it also takes pride in its numerous features like: first, it is safe to your eyes. Its soft light keeps your eyes protected at night, no more glare to disturb your sleep. Second, it is motion-activated, which means it is automatically turned on once you get close to the range of about 2-3 meters of your toilet. The sensor duration is about 120 seconds. Third, it is light sensitive which means it will turn off as soon as a bright enough light is turned on nearby. And it will not light up in day time for saving energy. Fourth, it has ultra-low energy consumption. You don’t need to worry about turning the night light off when you don’t want to use it because it only turns on when motion is detected therefore the batteries won’t run out instantly.


This wall-mounted smart mirror is a perfect add-on to your bathroom. It has an electronic mist feature wherein it has a fast defogging function. You don’t need to worry about not seeing your face after a bath. An ordinary mirror is easy to get foggy when taking a bath. If you touch a corresponding button, then the LCD screen will display corresponding functions. Its Bluetooth function makes it amazing as you can control it independently and easily. Therefore, you can listen to any music while enjoying your bath plus you can answer a call right away. How convenient it is right?

#4 Smartloc Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror

No more drilling holes in your bathroom or kitchen walls. Just simply mount it to the wall by using the Smart-Loc holder and fasten the mirror. It has an elegant chrome design.  Its mirror arm is extendable from 19 cm to 63 cm. Overall, it is stylish and beautiful. This is a multifunctional mirror with 5x magnification on one side and normal on the other. It is really convenient and practical. It comes with a protective film, so tear it before using it. It will truly give life experiences that are more confident.  It is just simple to install but recommended to walls suitable for its suction cups like ceramic tile, glass, plank, metal, and glasses.

#5 Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale

This smart wireless bathroom weight scale has gained millions of happy global users. It is compatible with a Smart App that is easy to set up. It syncs with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and offers an App for Apple Watch. You can see the progress of your weight anytime with your phone. It is a high-quality product with auto-calibration, high precision sensors measured in increments of 0.2 lb./0.05 kg with 396lbs/180kg capacity. Moreover, it has a night vision LED Display and supports many languages. The glass is made of toughened glass that is surely durable.  It is really a great buddy for monitoring your progress. 

#6  XIAOGUI  Smart Sensor Trash Can

This one of the amazing smart products, XIAOGUI Smart Sensor Trash Can is IPX5 waterproof; it can work in a humid environment therefore getting it wet is not a problem. It is odorless and easy to use with its 18 cm long opening. It has two opening methods, it opens in 0.03 seconds with knee induction and wave induction. You can place this product in your bathroom, kitchen, and in the living room. This product has a length of 30cm, its weight is 30cm, its width is 15cm. It works with the power supply of 2 double-A batteries and can carry up to 8L volume.

#7 Lebath Infrared Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser

Lebath Automatic Soap Dispenser is equipped with Infrared Sensor. It is a rechargeable, waterproof, hands-free automatic foam soap dispenser. No-touch is an efficient way to stop germs from spreading. It is set with a built-in 1500mA rechargeable battery, strongly powering that one charge lasts up to 3 months. What’s more, is that it is eco-friendly and cost-efficient. It has a removable foam pump head. Lebath Micro is a novel foam soap dispenser that matches with various soap bottles. It is truly perfect for your kitchen or bathroom and suitable for small sinks or countertops. This is easy to open for refilling. Just screw the bottle and refill it easier and faster. Less disposable bottles, more environmentally-friendly.

#8 Xiaomi Automatic Infrared Sensor Water Saver

This household induction water economizer from Xiaomi has a lot of features to offer. 

First, it has an abnormal condition self-locking function which prevents overflowing and ensures water safety. It has an ultra-small size that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its water-saving circuit is designed to save more than 30 percent of water compared to the normal faucet.  It is equipped with a 550mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that can be charged up to 3 hours. It is so easy to use. All features are for your convenience. It is easy to use and aims to save water for you. This will truly make your life more comfortable.

#9 DPG Smart Wall Lights

It is equipped with a smart touch-sensitive design. Just touch it slightly, the lights will turn on instantly. It has a unique hexagonal shape that is suitable for creating any structure to meet your needs. The hexagonal honeycomb shape and its modular component can create various shapes to fit any scene. It has magnetic edges so you can connect the led lights together to create multiple structures simply and effectively. Minimalist design and unique geometric design can not only illuminate your house but also decorate your house. The led light kit can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, hotel, etc. What’s more, it‘s a great gift for your parents, wife, children, friends on your birthday, wedding anniversary, new year, home party and etc.

#10G Gisha Smart LED Bathroom Mirror

This smart bathroom mirror is made of a 5MM silver mirror, which fully meets the international export and environmental protection standard. And it has 4 layers of protection: silver plating, copper plating, paint primer, and topcoat. The mirror has enough brightness that makes the reflection realistic and not deformed. The mirror glass is protected by the surrounding frame structure and explosion-proof technology. Even if it is impacted by an external force, the mirror will not splash debris. It is equipped with wall hardware and screws that can be hung vertically and it is easy to install. There are  3 kinds of lighting options (white light, warm white light, yellow light), controlling the color temperature change by long-pressing the touch switch, and the light can be turned on and off with just a tap. Truly convenient!