Top 5 Affordable Smart Watches

There are endless options for you in case you decided to get a smartwatch. Of course, you have the most popular options, such as Apple or Samsung watch, but you are looking for something unique. Smart Homes Reviews Team is happy to introduce you to the Top 5 Affordable Smart Watches List:

#1 Original Smarcent  Smart Watch

Top 5 Affordable Smart Watches

Truly the best affordable watch on the market. This watch works with iOS and Android and is worth every penny. The Smarcent smartwatch has a hypersensitive screen, supports thousands of apps, and allows them to run simultaneously. Of course, you may use voice assistants, like Google or Siri, and have an opportunity to use GPS on your smartwatch. This watch is a winner, with almost 100% positive feedback on AliExpress.

#2 JSBP K88H Smart Watch

Top 5 Affordable Smart Watches

This watch is truly a classic. It is just 12mm thin, has a high resolution, and a full angle of view. This watch can calculate your heart rate with up to 95% accuracy. It is waterproof, durable, and extremely intelligent. Buy this watch today and see for yourself!

#3 SZMDC A1 Smart Watch

This SmartWatch has many features some of which are: 0.3M Camera, Anti-loss technology, sleep monitor, calendar, Bluetooth SMS, and call options. SZMDC Smart Watch supports major apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. This watch is #3 on our Top 5 Affordable Smart Watches list.

#4 LEMFO Smart Watch With SIM 

Top 5 Affordable Smart Watches

This smartwatch works with Android and iOS and supports Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. It has certain functions like sleep and heart rate measure. It comes with a few fun color options, like Black & Gold, Black & Silver, and Gold & Silver. Its resolution is 400 by 400 pixels that leave you wondering how realistic the images look on this watch. 

#5 GETIHU Smart Watch

top 5 affordable smart watches 4

This smartwatch supports many languages like English, Italian, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian. It comes in a few colors, like the Apple Watch – Rose Gold, Black, and White. You will have a wonderful 1-year warranty option, and with such great reviews, this watch is worth a try!