Top 10 Affordable Drones

Top 10 Affordable Drones
You may think that it is just a toy, but drones are a huge investment. Smart Homes Reviews Team will introduce you to the Top 10 Affordable Drones, tested and reviewed. Just for you.

Note: We’ve Updated Our List as of September 24 to reflect new trends in Drone availability!

New options in software and product-lines have opened up brand-new tech that gives us more options for more drone and quadcopter products than ever before. This has made 4K video normal, and some even have smart-following features!

#1 Global Drone RC Helicopter X183 Dual GPS Drone

top 10 affordable drones

Looking for a drone with a great camera that won’t hurt your budget? Global Drone RC Helicopter X183 Dual GPS Drone is a solution for those who want a high-quality drone. This quadcopter has a Follow Me feature as well as a GPS device. With wide 170-degree lenses and high-definition resolution, you will make your pictures memorable!

#2 XS809W SMRC Racing Helicopter

top 10 affordable drones 2

This professional foldable drone will impress you with great aerial photography quality at 720p, gravity sensor, tracking flight options, and a wide 120-degree angle. With a special app that is available on Android, iOS phones you will be able to control this high-quality drone. Try using the VR-glasses for full flight experience.

#3 Best-Value Drone Quadcopter with Wifi & Camera 


This quadcopter has some interesting features – double GPS modules, 1080p Full HD camera, intelligent flight modes (“Follow Me,” “Point of Interest”), and a two-way transmitter. China Bay Toy Pro Store has 96.7 % Positive Feedback, which makes the seller notable and trustworthy. Enjoy this quadcopter today! 

#4 Original RC Drone Syma X5SW X5C RC Helicopter

top 10 affordable drones

This drone will need two AA batteries that are not included in the package. With flying time around 10 minutes, you will need to charge this drone for quite some time – but it is worth it! You will also have a 12-month warranty that comes with buying this quadcopter. When you buy from AliExpress – you are protected.

#5 Hubsan H122D RC Camera Drone


This quadcopter is very affordable and is well worth the price. It is very light, and it does have a 720p HD camera. Memory card included in the package has 4G of data available to use for your photos and videos.

#6 Eachine Wizard X220 Drone 


This drone has an action time of 12 minutes – which is very good for an affordable drone. This drone should last you as much as 12 years. With such easy maintenance, this drone will make your trips and photos so easy!

#7 Xiaomi Mi Drone WIFI FPV With 1080P 4K Camera


This quadcopter is truly a work of art. Smart Homes Reviews Team loved its modernist design with such great quality combined. Newest Xiaomi Drone has a 1080p 4K WiFi camera included, and it returns home automatically when it becomes disconnected. We recommend you to try this amazing new drone!

#8 Holybro Kopis 1 FPV Racing Drone


This is a high-performance racing drone. Holybro Kopis Drone has one strap of the battery included in the package, with an age-range that varies from 8 to 11 years. It is very lightweight and is very high-quality.

#9 Professional JJRC Drone 

top 10 affordable drones

This type of quadcopter has up to 1km control distance and the Full HD 1080p camera that takes pictures of incredible quality. What amazed us about this drone is the flying time! It is way longer than any affordable drone we have flown – up to 20 minutes. Now, that is a deal you can’t say no to!

#10 OTRC Wifi FPV 1080P HD Camera Drone


This great drone has an action time of 20-25 minutes. With an intelligent 360-degree photo option, its camera will make a difference in your life. When you fly your drone up to 2000 meters – be sure that it will come back with a handy Follow Me option. We will guarantee that you will enjoy this product!

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