Sonos One Review – Smart Speaker Amazon Alexa Built In

Sonos One Review - Smart Speaker Amazon Alexa Built In Review

Sonos One - Smart Speaker













  • AMAZING Audio Quality
  • Easy Setup Process
  • Sturdy Design
  • Echo Spatial Perception Tech
  • ALL Alexa Skills Built-In


  • Only Two Colors (Black & White)

Finally, a smart speaker with Echo Spatial Perception! Not only can the Sonos One smart speaker do just about everything the Amazon Alexa can do, but it also has the ability to know which speaker you are talking to! This means, if you have a number of them in different rooms of your house, you can communicate and control each one independently if you so wish!

This means, without touching a phone or remote, and only using your voice – you can command the speaker(s) in your immediate area to do as you wish. Listening to a specific song, getting updated to the latest headlines, or double-checking the recipe you are about to throw in the oven – it can do it all!

How is the Sonos One Audio Quality?

In terms of the quality of the audio – even a true audiophile will find themselves nothing short of impressed. It’s small size and short stature will give even the latest Bose speakers a run for their money. Combined with the power of the new Sonos Smart Subwoofer, which on its own right is equally impressive in its ability to deliver an incredibly deep base while having the world’s first vibration-canceling effect – leaves your living room or home theater as your new favorite room in the house.

We have all been waiting for quite some time for the smart technology to make it into the home theater, and with this Sonos product lineup, it’s finally here. It’s extremely durable, and can easily pass drop-tests from upwards of 20 feet. The only downside is that it is only available in two colors: black and white.

Sonos One Reviews

As a tech community, we are all happy to see this latest addition to the Amazon family, and with this new Alexa Built-In(yes, it’s literally built into the Sonos One smart speaker), we are all extremely happy with the delivery of this product and how it performs in our houses.
What skills does Sonos One smart speaker have?

The Sonos One smart speaker already works with Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and SiriusXM. Before Christmas, Spotify will fully function directly inside the Sonos One as well. All of these apps and skills are only getting better with time. Amazon continuously adds more and more skills to make your smart speaker only get better.

Can you synchronize multiple Sonos One smart speakers?

Of course! That’s the whole point, silly! You can instantly and seamlessly sync as many Sonos One speakers as you wish, creating stereo and 6-1 home theater systems. If you really wanted to, you could create a 100-1 home theater system(where you have 100 speakers perfectly circling overhead and one subwoofer. At this rate, you could have 100-100 home theater systems (where you have 100 speakers and 100 subwoofers), but that’ just getting ridiculous. However, you can have 100 Sonos One smart speakers spread throughout the inside and outside of your house, and seamlessly listen to music(ideal for parties) or never miss a beat from your favorite news network.

Does Sonos One work with Google Home Assistant?

Soon! But, not yet. They are publicly finishing up the Alexa Skill that will allow for this functionality, and the anticipated date for release is before Christmas of 2017. This is the same timeline for Spotify functionality, also to be released before Christmas.

Sonos One vs. Play 1?

Both can function as a standalone smart device, or as part of a network of home theater speakers. The two main differences are features that the Sonos One has that Play 1 does not. First, Sonos One can connect with almost any other kind of smart speakers, whereas Play 1 can only sync with other Play 1s. Second, Sonos One uses the Amazon Alexa personal assistant. This allows you to do anything Alexa can, except you can interact directly with your Sonos speaker. This not only includes playing music and watching movies all using voice command but also to catch a Lyft ride or changing the lights around your house.

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