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The Smart Home Cheat Sheet is a phenomenon that is going to help you transform your house into a modern home with appliances and products that make life more manageable and easier. The Smart Home Cheat Sheet features security options for your home as well as the internet connectivity to appropriately serve all the inhabitants. At a given point, this does help as we get caught up in the day to day running of businesses and errands and our home chores may get tiring or forgotten. Thanks to advancements in technology, this is taken care of by the smart devices now in the market.

Security Detail

It is becoming increasingly necessary to arm our homes with smart technologies to prevent burglary and avoidable break-ins. Such is the primary function of the voice recognition devices that have been released into the market for smart homes. The Echo speaker, for instance, is used to deduce any information from music, current weather, or even the humidity just by voice command. Instead of going online to get


partly accurate info, speak out the query aloud, and the Echo will answer you.

Another smart technological advancement from Apple is the Apple’s Home Kit smart system that is increasingly becoming useful in controlling your home lighting, the air condition in the home, and the sensors for motion and fire among others.

If you want your home safe from break-ins and burglary, consider going smart with the Honeywell’s Lyric Security and Home Control System. It functions to sense any motion in the house, any break-in via the window or glass doors and senses any openings in your house for intruders. This one comes in a pad that can be fixed on a raised area for effectiveness.


This is the ultimate home security step for the smart home. It works by selecting specific locations around your property that should not be crossed. If it is your house, for example, you can set three virtual locations starting from the rear outer part to the inner perimeter.  Trigger the sensors to perform specific actions depending on the distance. Since the alerts get to your phone, you can easily tell someone is approaching your home even when you are away. This app can be operated on from the phone or iPad manually to input the settings.

This particular operation has been referred to as IFTTT to stand for –If This Then That. It automatically senses your presence in the home and does things like open the doors, turn on the AC, and even turn n light and electronics.

WiFi Routers for Smart Connections

Cheat Sheet - WiFi Routers for Smart Connections

Many appliances have come up that can be used to install WiFi in your home to allow for the full transmission of the internet to all people therein. For example, the Eero WiFi enabler has been proven to be effective in ensuring uniform access to the internet within large homes without the constraints of how far you are from the location of the router. It comes with a set of several routers that work together to ensure a continuous flow of WiFi network throughout.

The Eero has a control app which you can use to turn off the WiFi when not in use and on again when needed. Once you are logged into the app, you can tell if people are tapping on your internet and cut them off; in short, you can keep track of the people using your network.

Since the wireless WiFi can break down anytime, it is good to have a wired network for backup. If you are remodeling your home, it is a great chance to take advantages of the places you are opening up. The flexible plastic wire cables fit in perfectly in most home and should not be hard to install.

The other smart option is to have tubes and the flexible cables fitted in your house through which you can have wires run through whenever the need arises and also cut out some when they are not needed anymore. According to experts, this is the best way to advance with technology so that you move along and you are not left behind the step.

Why The Smart Home Cheat Sheet?

First, it makes work easier. Smart technology is like a machine, and it technically takes away all the bulk of activities. Take for example the manual operation systems like using key and lock for the house. If you go shopping, it will need you to put down your bag to first open the door which is not the case here. A press of a button saves you the energy and the time.

With the smart option, you are assured of your security — most of these smart apps relay messages and alerts and notifications to your handset. You are permanently aware of all happenings at home even when in the office or on vacation.

Easy to operate. While most of them need to be installed and they are ready to work, the others are simple to operate featuring commands from your phone or the apps. If you are away, even a child or an aged person can easily control the air condition within the home.

Remote operations. Gone are the days when you had to rush home if you forgot to close your doors or windows. Now, you can lock your doors from the comfort of wherever you are; office, bed, on the road, etc. What is more, if an intruder gets into your home, they get locked inside, and you get notifications from the motion sensors. You ensure your doors are locked and alert the authorities when you get home, all you need to do is command your door to open, and the intruder is caught.

Technological advancement. It will eventually get to the point where all operations in the home are of smart devices and appliances because technology is advancing so fast every other day. Nobody wants to be left in the medieval times with the ancient options. We all want to have smart homes and operation systems as times move by.

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