How to Choose an Accurate Toilet Seat Riser?

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How to Choose an Accurate Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet Seat Riser is becoming a common thing in most households across the world. They are essentially a useful part of the bathroom for people who have difficulties using the regular toilet seats. Toilet seat risers raise the height of the toilet seat by anything between two and six inches depending on the specific client’s need and the height of the user. The seats are comfortable and stable enough to hold up to three hundred and fifty pounds and even slightly more. Depending on the type, they are affordable and readily available.

Why the Need for a Toilet Seat Riser?

Toilet risers become necessary when a member of your household falls sick to the point of being unable to support themselves. They need the toilet risers as the distance is significantly reduced and stability is much improved. If one is involved in an accident such that their mobility is affected, they need the toilet seat riser to help them heal faster and to reduce their strain when using the regular toilet seat. Also, as we age, our bones become weak and fragile and need to be treated with a little tenderness. The toilet seat risers help to reduce the effort when bending all the way down and also rising. The seniors and sick do not have a lot of energy and the seat risers reduce considerably the amount of energy spent in the toilet.

Importance of a Toilet Seat Riser

  • These precious commodities have way more significance than we thought.
  • They reduce the energy used within the bathroom.
  • They reduce the number of accidents in the bathroom considerably.
  • They make it easy for the sick, elderly, and tall people to use the toilet.
  • They add comfort to the bathroom.

Point to Consider when Choosing an Accurate Toilet Seat Riser

Not every toilet seat riser applies to every situation; some may require a slight rise while others need a major one.

  • The height of the user. If the user the seat riser is intended for is short or of medium height, the required toilet seat riser will be of minimal height. If the user is tall or very tall, the toilet seat riser has to be raised high enough to accommodate the height.
  • The weight of the user. Consider buying very strong toilet seat risers as they are more durable and can sustain a lot of pressure. Otherwise, before long, the riser will begin to cave in, break, or even flip off the toilet causing accidents.
  • Strong and durable material. Choose a toilet seat riser that is strong enough to sustain heavyweight so that it does not break apart easily. Some are padded for extra comfort and make a better choice.
  • Easy to clean. Opt for a toilet seat riser that is easy to clean and maintain. This not only keeps your toilet clean, but it also reduces the chances of building up harmful bacteria that could pose a danger to all toilet users by causing them infections.
  • Ability to lock in place. It is better to choose the toilet seat risers that can be secured in place as they are more stable and have minimal chances of sliding off the toilet while in use, causing accidents.
  • Correct fit. Take accurate measurements of your toilet before you purchase a toilet seat riser. Toilets are different as some are round, others oval, or even squared. To avoid disappointments, opt for a toilet seat riser that is the exact fit for your toilet.
  • Easy to fix. Choose a toilet seat riser that you can quickly attach without any hitch. If it gives out the difficulty in setting, you may end up incurring more expenses getting a hired plumber.
  • Built-in hand grips. Consider buying a toilet seat riser that has built-in had grips to ensure more support and stability for the user, especially if the user is elderly and aged.
  • Affordability. It is essential to get a toilet seat riser that matches your financial ability. As long as the features are great and the seat riser is of good quality, the price does not matter as they are all priced differently.
  • The manufacturer. Check for reviews on different manufacturers as some products may be from poor-reputable manufacturers.
  • Supportive arms. Some toilet seat risers come with supportive arms, and you should opt for these especially when the user is much incapacitated. It will give them support and also offer stability when transitioning from a wheelchair on to the toilet seat.

In a Nutshell

A toilet seat riser is not complete if it is not accurate or adequately picked. To make life more bearable and supportive for the sick of physically challenged, it is vital to choose toilet seat riser that fits all their needs and is easy to use for them. You can even train the user to ensure they have an idea of its use. If they are very elderly or unstable, it is okay to help them along even within the toilet if they approve of it.

Cleaning the toilet seat risers is crucial especially for those made from materials that may suck in smells and store them. To reduce the odors, ask the experts for the best methods of cleaning them to always maintain their look and that of the bathroom.

Maintaining your toilet seat riser’s condition is vital in ensuring it lasts longer even if it is made of durable materials. Consider having it properly installed and ensure it is used appropriately to make it give you the service of your money. Always check through for any mishaps and consult in cases where it seems appropriate. Plumbers can fix most of the seats if they are defective.

For the temporary toilet seat risers, consider installing hand grips on the walls. This is because they are not designed to be locked in place, and may cause accidents very easily. It is not screwed into place, and as such it might easily slip off the toilet, wiggle off the toilet seat, or even lose shape due to poor placement if it slides off the toilet while in use, it may cause severe accidents from the fall.

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