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The Appeal Of The Bidet

What Is A Bidet?

Bidets are extremely common in the world. From the Americas to Asian countries everyone situates their bidet right next to the toilet seat. It is supposed to be used after using the regular toilet to rinse yourself, and keeping the hygiene on the next level.

It is very common to buy a built-in bidet seat and install it right into your toilet seat. For one, it is good, because it saves some space in the bathroom, and it is not necessary to install a whole seat right next to the regular toilet. It is much cheaper as well. In one of the articles, we reviewed the TOTO Toilet Review, so check it out!

The Appeal of the Bidet

Why should everybody get one? It is proven, that some built-in bidets can help with lots of diseases, including hemorrhoids. Whether you are experiencing discomfort, it is not necessary to jump straight into the bathtub anymore. Just sit on your toilet seat and enjoy the cleanliness and the natural way of washing yourself.

Forget the dry toilet paper, that can give you a rash, or discomfort. After using the bidet once – you will not want to get rid of it. Ever. It is definitely more hygienic and environmentally healthier than toilet paper. And best of all, no more clogging toilets with it!

Some built-in bidets can even heat up the toilet seat for you. You can regulate the temperature of the water, that you wash with. It is great for personal hygiene for your kids – they will step up with it when they start using the bidet. Forget about asking them to clean themselves – they will enjoy the bidet even more than you will!

Contribute to a healthier and more luxurious lifestyle and buy the bidet TODAY! You will not be disappointed. We can guarantee that.

The Appeal Of The Bidet - TOTO Smart Toilet

An Introduction To Bidets

Water is still the absolute best way to clean anything – from our cars, our clothes, even ourselves! We use water to ensure that we look and feel fresh every day. Things like wet wipes and the random splash of alcohol just don’t give you the confidence to even walk near another human. Smart Homes Reviews doesn’t know about you, but just thinking about going to work without taking a quick shower sends shivers up the spine. 

It is not a surprise that using water for our bathroom deeds is still the number 1 way to freshen up. One of the most popular tools to use in the last couple of years is the humble bidet. The bidet is a handheld device that is connected to a water source. What’s nice about these things is that it shoots a powerful spray of water which in turn helps clean the skin.

There are 2 basic types of bidet, these are the handheld bidet and the bidet seat. They serve the same function for the most part, and that is to shoot water to a target, the only difference is that the handheld one is controlled manually by hand, and the bidet seat is attached to the toilet and is activated either by a sensor or by pressing a button. The bidet comes in a wide array of designs. This is especially the case for the bidet seat. Some bidets have the ability to warm the toilet seat, some can provide warm water which makes cleaning soothing to the touch, there are even models that can blast warm air.

The TOTO Smart toilet is an excellent first choice if you are planning to install bidets in the house. TOTO is a company started by Kazuchika Okura that specializes in home sanitation equipment. They are a company that’s known for providing top of the line products, they have been a player in the industry for almost 100 years and are fully committed to excellence both in their products and services.

Environmentally Friendly

Some people argue that the bidet is actually harmful because it uses a large amount of water. While that may be true to an extent, it is still a much better alternative to using toilet paper. Toilet paper consumption is a big problem in most countries. In the US alone, the total consumption of toilet paper is around 3 million every year. You can just imagine the amount of damage it does to the environment. The bleaching procedure that is used to create toilet paper brings a lot of problems to both people and the environment. Chlorine products leave harmful toxins in the environment and are toxic to animals as well. Byproducts of bleaching are extremely harmful to us humans and some believe that it can be a cause of diseases like cancer.

The Appeal Of The Bidet - TOTO Smart Toilet

Save Cash and Lessen Waste

Using a bidet is very economical because it requires only water to clean you up (granted using soap along with water is better but you get the point). Using toilet paper is not really an efficient way to clean up in the first place, especially when dealing with large quantities of dirt. To illustrate, a small amount of water and soap is more than enough to clean your hands. Comparatively, it may take a few pieces of wet wipes or toilet paper to clean the hand entirely. Most people stick to using toilet paper probably because they just got used to it, but if you think about it objectively it is not an efficient way to remove tough stains.

The Bidet is Safe On Skin

Using toilet paper (especially when dry) irritates the skin because the paper itself is rough on all respects. It may cause problems with people who are prone to acne and skin irritation. Using water is a much gentler way of cleaning the skin, you have the power to choose the type of soap to use as well which is another added benefit. By varying the heat of the water, it gives a number of therapeutic effects that toilet paper can never replicate.

Lots of people in the US complain of rectal irritation. It is best to use a bidet in this instance as it is gentle on the skin. Bidets have the capability to adjust the pressure of the water and are overall a great device to clean sensitive body parts.

See below to learn more about how utilizing a bidet can benefit everybody:

Women – Bidets are a godsend for women who are having their time of the month. A strong spray of water can go a long way in ensuring that the fairer sex is kept clean and fresh the whole day. Women who are suffering from things like Yeast infection can also find a lot of relief in using bidets as it deeply cleans the area and soothes any itchiness that the infection may bring.

Men –  Men are naturally sweaty and hairy creatures. And because of this, it is harder for guys to maintain cleanliness down there. The possibility of having rashes in the private region is also very common. Using a bidet can help alleviate itchy areas and can clean even the hairiest of body parts.

Kids and Seniors – People who fall under this category generally have more sensitive skin. The bidet can be beneficial for these people because the water’s temperature and strength can be adjusted easily. It is very easy to irritate the skin of kids so having a bidet in the house is a super convenient way to keep the children clean.

The Appeal Of The Bidet - TOTO Smart Toilet

Closing Remarks

To summarize, we believe that the bidet has earned its place in everyone’s home. There’s practically no downside to owning one because, in its essence, it is just a fancier, more versatile version of a faucet. If you are reading this and are still on the fence whether to buy one or not, we highly suggest you do. Bidets like the TOTO Smart toilet are great tools with a lot of flexibility. Passing out on them for no apparent reason would be quite a shame in all honesty.

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