YALE Digital Door Lock/ Fingerprint Door Lock Review

YALE Digital Door Lock: Fingerprint Door Lock Review

YALE Digital Door Lock/ Fingerprint Door Lock













  • Hi-Tech Design
  • Fingerprints or Passcode Verification
  • Up to 20 Fingerprints
  • Damage Alarm
  • Black, Silver and Gold Color Options

Another great way to protect your home – YALE Digital Door Lock/ Fingerprint Door Lock reviewed in this article. Smart Homes Reviews Team is interested in providing the most accurate reviews about the newest technology. Check out our review of YALE Digital Door Lock/ Fingerprint Door Lock.

YALE Digital Door Lock/ Fingerprint Door Lock – Pros and Cons

There are only a few of fingerprint verification locks introduced to online stores today. The Yale Digital Door lock has a few options you may use – verification through fingerprints and verification through the code.

No more missing keys, no more trying to find them in your purse – now you just have to use your finger, or remember the code. You can add up to 20 different fingerprints – of your closest family members, pet sitters or nannies.

If anybody breaks your lock – the damage alarm will turn on. Feel safe when you are away. Shock and heat resistant – this lock may be installed anywhere from Alaska to Florida. There will be two mechanical keys, just in case you forget the passcode to the door, so do not worry about not being able to come to your home! Th pin code may be anywhere from 6 to 12 digits.

This lock is a bit pricey at the moment but it will be worth it! We are also expecting the price to go down in the nearest future.

YALE Digital Door Lock: Fingerprint Door Lock Review

Digital Lock’s Design

The design is the best part. It is super modern, hi-tech and very functional. It comes in three different colors – golden, black, and silver. Depends on the door you have you may choose a golden one for a wooden door, and silver for steel. This lock will fit any 40-80mm steel and wooden door.

Choose this wonderful lock, and if you have any problems with it – AliExpress will give your money back as long as the customer pays the shipping fee. With such high positive feedback with this store on AliExpress – we are sure you will not have any issues with your purchase. Try this hi-tech digital door lock today! 

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