Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle Review

Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle Review

Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle Review













  • Very Easy to Use
  • Stays Hot For 12 Hours
  • Triple Security Protection
  • Easy To Clean
  • Very Affordable

The new and affordable technology is here – Smart Homes Reviews Team is introducing you to the Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle. Stop wasting your money on expensive brands – smart kettles can be as low as $50! Read our Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle Review – and see for yourself!

Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle Review

This smart electric kettle heats in just five minutes! It can hold up to 1.5 liters of water and keep it hot for 12 hours! Yes, that’s right! Forget about waiting for your tea or water to boil every time – just keep the stay-on mode and enjoy your hot drink anytime.

Forget about being burned by your kettle. This smart electric water boiler can reach up to 100 degrees on the inside and remain completely cold on the outside. The inner layer is made out of stainless steel, while the outside is made out of polypropylene.

Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle Review

Control With One Click

This smart Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle reviewed in this article can be controlled through your phone. You can change the water temperature through the app. Need to make some milk for your baby? Prepare your warm water with just one click through the app.

If you are not a fan of a hot tea or coffee and you prefer it warm – just set your temperature with the app.  Enjoy the convenience of not waiting for 30 minutes until the beverage cools off.

Prevent the electric shock with a Triple Security Protection. With this kettle here will be no electric leakage and then it will automatically turn off when not in use.

Warranty and Return Policy

All products are original and brand new. When buying from AliExpress – be sure that you will stay satisfied with your purchase. This online shop has a great Buyer Protection Policy. You will also have a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Save yourself some time and money and purchase a high-quality  Xiaomi Intelligent Electric Kettle. Our goal is to give you some information on affordable smart technology and save our readers some cash. The future is here!

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