Why is a Smart Doorbell Now a Must-have?

Why is a Smart Doorbell Now a Must-have?

Our homes are our safe havens. It has walls and roofs that protect us from the weather and other elements. Also, it is where the bed where we sleep is. And most of our belongings are in the home.

That said, it is important to ensure the home is as safe and secure as possible. Nobody wants to have thieves break into their house and take their possessions. That can also put their lives in danger.

The best way to secure homes right now is through smart security systems. It includes the use of security cameras, motion sensors, smart locks, and others. The smart doorbell is also a popular choice for homeowners.

Since its advent, the smart video doorbell has steadily gained popularity. And now, it has become a staple of security systems. Looking at its benefits, it is not difficult to see why. 

Why is a Smart Doorbell Now a Must-have?

Smart home doorbells grant homeowners peace of mind when they are away. These devices allow them to check on a recently delivered package. Also, it lets them talk to the delivery team.

Moreover, you can use smart doorbells to let family members into your home. And, of course, it lets you see and scare away strangers trying to enter your home unauthorized.

Yes, smart doorbells also function like conventional doorbells. People can ring it to inform you of their presence.

Here’s more information about smart doorbells and why they are now must-haves.


Smart doorbells are fantastically designed. They are not too bulky. So, you or technicians can put them anywhere on your front door. However, note that several smart doorbells are wireless, but others need to be wired.

HD Resolution

One of the main differences between smart doorbells and conventional ones is the inclusion of a camera. And whether you are home or away, gaining the ability to see who’s at your front door is a huge improvement. 

The resolution of the camera is important. What’s the purpose of having it if you can barely recognize what’s shown in the video? So, it is best to select smart doorbells with HD resolution. It will allow you to see more clearly. So, if someone unknown tries to enter your house and the camera sees them, the police would have an easier time finding them.

The video doorbells from the leading brands all offer a clear picture quality. The said brands are Ring, Wyze, Nest, Arlo, Eufy, and even Chime. And not just that. Many of these cameras also offer a 150 to 180-degree field-of-vision view, making them even more reliable. Some even have night-vision and can turn on security lights when they detect something suspicious.

Why is a Smart Doorbell Now a Must-have?

You can access the live video feed using your smartphone or other smart home devices.

Two-Way Talk

Smart doorbells don’t just show you who’s at your door. They also let you talk to them. These devices are equipped with speakers, microphones, and motion sensors.

The sensors in the smart doorbells use motion detection to alert you when you have a visitor. Then, using your phone, tablet, or another capable device, you can talk to whoever is there. You can use the two-way audio function using Android or iOS devices. For Ring smart doorbells, you can also use Windows 10.

The ability to answer your door without going there is especially handy now during the pandemic. However, it will surely remain fantastic when the world health crisis is over. The added layer of security is just too good.

When the house is empty, and the smart doorbell detects an unfamiliar face, it will quickly notify you. You can also view the saved video recording to see who it was.

Please note that this technology, like many others, is not perfect. You may receive an alert every time a car passes by. That would not be just bothersome to you, but it will also cause a spike in your Wi-Fi.

But don’t worry. You can adjust the settings and use features like “smart zones” so that would not happen.

Smart Lock and Key

Some smart doorbells are combined with smart locks. So, using the same app you use to control your doorbell, you can remotely lock or unlock your door. Why would you ever need that? For one, your children may arrive home earlier than you. That will allow them to enter even if you are still on your way home. Also, you don’t need to give them spare keys, which they could lose and end up in the wrong hands.

Likewise, a guest or relative may need something from you that you left home. You can give them one-time access to your home using the smart doorbell. Thus, there would not be any problem even if you are in a meeting or busy with something else. You don’t need to come home, and they don’t have to wait for you. 

Smart Doorbells Save You Time

We are lucky to be born in the modern age. Technology is in our hands, and it helps improve our quality of life.

Smart doorbells give people the benefit of automatic or on-demand security and convenience from a smartphone. It adds useful features to home security systems.

Think of what you need to do without smart doorbells. You have to walk to the door every time the doorbell rings to see who’s there. Likewise, you have to walk to the patio to let the kids in. Also, you have to stay home when you are expecting someone, like an electrician, technician, or plumber.

Why is a Smart Doorbell Now a Must-have?

With smart doorbells, you don’t need to do any of those. You can see who’s at your door using your smartphone or smart display. Also, you can talk to whoever it is without even opening the door. Additionally, you can unlock the door using a mobile app to allow entry.

Admittedly, walking to the door takes only a few seconds of your time. But it adds up. So, smart doorbells free you extra time, which you can dedicate to doing more productive things or relaxing. And that, plus better security, is why smart doorbells are now a must-have.

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