Why Did Amazon Drop Echo Dot’s Price to $28?

Why Did Amazon Drop Echo Dot's Price to $28?

Smart homes are becoming more common. And that is thanks to smart home devices becoming more and more affordable. The existence of the Echo Dot is proof of that. It is the smallest and cheapest Echo device in Amazon’s lineup that’s available today. This small and inexpensive device allows you to control your home devices and learn about the local news or weather forecast.

Normally, the Echo Dot sells for only $50. For how many tasks the device makes easier, the value you get is worth more than that. And that’s why this device has been popular in the past few years. 

Why Did Amazon Drop Echo Dot's Price to $28?

Last year, on Black Friday, the Echo Dot’s price dropped to just $30. Then, last March, its price dropped again. It was around Black Friday and Cyber Monday when that happened. The said sale dropped Echo Dot’s price to only $28 – it is 44% off. This is the lowest Echo Dot price we have seen to date. Aside from the Echo Dot, the prices of other smart home devices dropped too. 

Lucky are those who were aware of this huge sale. If you missed it, you could wait for the next sale. Or just buy an Echo Dot now; it is still relatively cheap.

Best Deals

The best deal was the Echo Dot + Amazon Smart Plug. You only needed to pay $33 for that. That will allow you to use voice commands to turn your devices and appliances on or off. Furthermore, you can create timers and routines so the devices will automatically turn on or off at specific times in the day.

Typically, buying these items at full retail cost will cause you $75. And if you bought them separately during the sale, the total will still be higher. The smart plug is priced at $20 during the sale, meaning that would be $48. 

The other deal was the Echo Dot with Clock. It gives you the same features Echo Dots have, plus the ability to show the time and weather. Also, it can display timers. That can be handy when cooking or maximizing your time to be as productive as possible.

The Echo Dot with Clock normally costs $60, but it was only $40 during the sale. 

There’s also the Amazon Dot Kids Edition. It has the same feature set as a normal Amazon Dot. However, it looks like a cute tiger or panda. Furthermore, it comes with the Amazon Kids Plus service. That gives you access to a plethora of kid-friendly content like audiobooks and games. 

Like the Echo Dot with Clock, the Amazon Dot Kids Edition’s original price is $60. But during the sale, you can get it for $20 off.

Last, if you were looking for an Echo product with a display, the Echo Show 8 was also on sale. During the sale, you can get it with a $50 discount.

What is an Echo Dot?

An Echo Dot is a smart speaker powered by Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. It is among the cheapest smart speakers you can find. But you will get more than what you paid for, which lets this device win the hearts of many homeowners.

Why Did Amazon Drop Echo Dot's Price to $28?

Sound Quality

This inexpensive smart speaker’s sound quality is not too shabby at all. It has a pair of 0.8-inch tweeters and a 3-inch woofer that improved the Echo Dot’s sound quality.

The dome shape also helps this device produce a fuller sound and have a better soundstage.

Also, it has a 3.5mm audio output to connect to an amp or headphones.

With all these said, the Echo dot gives you good music, podcast, and audiobook listening experience. That also allows easier interaction with Alexa.

The Echo Dot does not support stereo like the Echo. Furthermore, it does not have Dolby Audio processing or the bigger device’s real-time room tuning feature. Neither does it have a bass response. But these are not deal-breakers.

The 4th-Gen Echo Dot is admittedly just a tad better than the previous model. Nevertheless, it is good for its price and size.


As mentioned above, the Echo Dot does not support stereo like the Echo. Like before, you can pair two Echo Dots into a stereo configuration. However, you can’t do it across generations. Thus, you need to buy two 4th-Gen Echo Dots. That’s why keeping an eye on sales is important.

For the power adapter, you can use the one from the 3rd Gen model.


The Echo Dot has a minimalist design. So it would not be too intrusive to your interior design. You can flop it anywhere, and it will fit with any decor. 

The 4th-gen Echo Dot also comes in three different colors – dark gray, gray, and light blue. (They were all discounted during the sale.) Therefore, you have choices that will allow you to match the device’s aesthetics with the rest of your decor.

Please note that the latest edition is bulkier as it is more of a sphere than a dot. Still, it is relatively small compared to other smart speakers.

The problem with this change is that the Echo Dot is now twice as tall as the previous model. That makes it not as easy to mount the device on the wall. There are plastic mounts available on the market that let you mount the older model on the walls in rooms with limited spaces. The newer model’s bigger size makes it less compatible with the said plastic mounts.

Why Did Amazon Drop Echo Dot's Price to $28?

 But don’t worry, if you like the previous Dots better, they are not discontinued. You can buy them from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Lowes, and Gamestop.


Privacy is a subject of concern for smart speakers. You will be pleased to hear that the 4th-Generation Echo Dot comes with a physical mute switch. That will allow you to make the device unable to hear anything you don’t want it to. 

With all that said, the Echo Dot is arguably the best entry-level smart speaker. It has a lot of good features and is more affordable than others.

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