What To Expect From The New Nintendo Switch

What To Expect From The New Nintendo Switch

Although Nintendo has not released a statement yet, the hype for the next Nintendo Switch is raging. Here are some things to expect about the next launch.

Almost every gamer around the world is excited about the launching of the new Nintendo Switch in the future. Because of the current Nintendo Switch variations’ success, both the original and the Lite, many are looking forward to getting their hands on the new one. Although the company has not yet given a go signal, it has provided some itsy bits of hints about the latest specs and upgrades on the next gaming tablet they will launch.

What To Expect From The New Nintendo Switch

Rumors About the New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo probably enjoys seeing their target customers anticipating, and, well, their supposed plan is working. A lot of people online have shared their thoughts about the possibility of the new launch. Some have tried to predict the launch date, and others even attempted to calculate the price and the specs it has.

Specs of the original Nintendo Switch

Before getting into details about the speculated specs of the new Nintendo Switch, it can help talk about the features of the original one that was launched in 2017. That way, it can be more convenient for you to compare and determine the difference between the two models.

The gaming tablet that had taken the world by storm four years ago has been geared with the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor. This processor is custom, and it goes along with a storage of 32GB. Aside from that, it sports a 6.2-inch and 720p display as well.

Furthermore, this original Nintendo Switch introduced two consoles. The console, which has a slight refresh, was launched in 2019, and this one, in particular, has a longer battery life than the other. The refresh has supposedly lengthened the battery life of the tablet by 2 hours and 30 minutes more.

The expected specs of the new Nintendo Switch

As already mentioned, the turn of events caused by the Nintendo company has led to speculations about the up and coming new version of the Switch. Many are still unsure as to what it will be called, but the new model is more likely to be named Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro. However, the name might be the least of their concern. So here are some sneak peeks about the expected specs of the gaming tablet.

Last April, Nintendo has dropped a hint about the hardware model it might use in making the anticipated gaming tool. The company’s firmware update subtly released a code that exposes the possibility of Nintendo Switch’s ability to support dual-screen devices. This theory suggests that with that feature, it is probable that the new Nintendo Switch might reflect the Nintendo 3DS by using and having two displays.

What To Expect From The New Nintendo Switch

In 2019, there has been a post from an unknown source that revealed almost the new Switch’s complete details. Although it is now deleted, some key specifics remained exposed.

The post hinted that the innovated Switch’s processor will be Nvidia Tegra Xavier, and it will have 64GB storage. Moreover, the display will be upgraded to 4k video support, and it is also rumored to have two USB-C ports. It is unusual, however, that this device will supposedly only have a TV-only console.

The predicted price of the new Switch

Many are preparing for this new launch by calculating how much this new gaming instrument might cost. With that, you may want to compare it to the different launched variations.

The first-ever Nintendo Switch retailed for $299, whereas Nintendo Switch Lite’s price is $199. Serkan Toto, one of Japan’s games consultant, tried to predict this new Switch price. He told Gamesindustry.biz that the new product might cost around $399.

The date of the new product’s launching

Nintendo made it clear last year that it was not releasing any Nintendo Switch model at that moment when the pandemic unexpectedly struck. Hence, people took it upon their hands to predict when the company is more likely to drop their new product.

Since the first Nintendo Switch was launched last March 2017, followed by the Lite last September 2019, many speculate that Nintendo might drop the product in March 2022. But since the first two models have reached a higher level of success, the company will possibly drop it sooner this year.

Expectations from the New Nintendo Switch

While everything above is only based on rumors and hearsays, the following are some of the real expectations of most gamers should Nintendo drop a new Switch. Of course, the first two are already good, but there can always be more room for improvement.

A larger screen and enhanced display

While playing a game, most players find it convenient to have an amazing resolution if the screen is large. Referencing to earlier, Nintendo’s sporting a 6.2-inch screen and 720p. Gamers expect Nintendo to bump it up a little bit more, particularly with a 1080p as a resolution. A much larger screen is also anticipated.

Improved Bluetooth support

Convenience and easy access play a vital role in enjoying a game. Many players see it odd and irritating that they have to untangle their knotted earphones just to listen to the game they are trying to enjoy. With that said, better Bluetooth support expectations have risen since most users prefer to have this feature connect directly to their devices without much of a hassle.

Excellent graphics and superior performance

Art that is pleasing and intriguing can pique the interest of many. Therefore, the majority agrees that investing in better and more creative graphics will be an excellent move of action. With that, the system must also be upturned so gamers can further enjoy the experience of being in the virtual world.

What To Expect From The New Nintendo Switch


Anticipating the new Nintendo Switch’s birth can be exciting, especially with its fresh features and upgrades. But that remains to be a thing of the future. So the next best thing you can do now is to play with your current console, enjoy the experience, and hope that the new one will be out before the year ends.

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