What Is A DIY Sauna Kit?

What Is A DIY Sauna Kit?

You probably have wondered at least once when purchasing a sauna – does it come assembled, or will it be something that you will have to build yourself? What is a DIY Sauna Kit?

Let’s go over some of the main points and explain, what is DIY sauna kit, what parts come with it, how much time and effort will you spend building your custom made sauna.

What Is A DIY Sauna Kit?

Yes, sometimes you can make your sauna and personalize it however you want. A DIY Sauna Kit is all the sauna parts that come disassembled. Usually, it comes in three different types of Do-It-Yourself Sauna Parts:

– Basic Plan – is when a company provides you with instructions and plans, and the list of materials. You would have to purchase materials on your own, assemble the sauna, and measure /cut the wood yourself. This option is for those that love to build everything themselves, handy people that enjoy the process of assembling.

– Pre-Cut Materials – one of the companies provides you with all the materials you may need to assemble the sauna. Usually, it includes a steam generator or a heater, pre-cut wood. In this situation, all that is asked of you is to build the sauna having all the building blocks ready to go.

– Pre-Built Sauna – is something that has already been built for you, and all you need to do is install it or just plug it in.

As you can see, the process of sauna building will rely on how much time you are willing to spend on it, and how much extra money you have in your pocket. Of course, a pre-built sauna is the most expensive option.

What Is A DIY Sauna Kit?

How Do You Choose a DIY Sauna Kit?

There are a lot of things you will need to consider when getting a sauna kit for your home. Let’s go over some of the things you will need to pay attention to:

– Time and Money. Both are very important, and you will have to use your best judgment. Of course, the Basic Plan will be the cheapest version of a DIY Sauna Kit, but therefore, more time-consuming.

– Space and Location is one of the most important things to consider. Your ceiling needs to be at least 2 meters in height, because of the lower the ceiling, the bigger the chance of the heater catching on fire. There are some very cool and new saunas though, the ones that are made by Rebirth PRO. These types of Saunas can be installed anywhere, from your patio to your bathroom. Check them out, they also either come disassembled or with Rebirth PRO contractor, who will assemble it for you!

– Sauna Heater of Steam Generator. When it comes to these important parts of any sauna, heater’s output must be a one-kilowatt hour for every 1.3 square meters of space. Keep that in mind when purchasing a steam generator or an electric heater!

What Is A DIY Sauna Kit?

In any way, your home and it is your choice how would you like to improve it. Smart Homes Reviews Team is hoping that we helped you make up your mind and answer the question – What Is A DIY Sauna Kit?

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