What Do Seniors Need to Know About Computers? 

What Do Seniors Need to Know About Computers?

Every house now needs a computer. That’s how useful and essential they have become. And in smart homes, they are even more needed. But here’s the thing. Not every household has a tech-savvy member. Some even have only silver surfers in them – no, not the Marvel character. Instead, they are older adults that regularly use the internet.

Silver surfers are growing in number, thanks to the rise of smart homes. These high-tech homes give them a comfortable and convenient lifestyle that they absolutely need.

Studies show that 73% of people older than 65 use the internet. And it’s easy to understand why. They have more reasons to use the internet now than ever. It allows them to stay in touch with their children and friends without getting out. Furthermore, smart devices reduce the tasks they have to do, so they don’t need a helper. 

What Do Seniors Need to Know About  Computers?

But what computer should seniors buy? Finding the right one is not easy, especially if you are not a tech geek. But don’t worry. We got you covered. Here you will find 5 suggestions, alongside tips on what to look for when buying computers for seniors.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Computer Recommendations for Seniors


Let’s be honest; a desktop computer may not be the best choice for seniors. They can be a little complicated to operate. On the other hand, laptops – especially with touch screens – are very easy to use.

So, a Vivobook is a good computer choice for silver surfers. It is a lightweight laptop that does not even need a keyboard. It features a 14-inch touch screen display and includes a stylus pen. Also, seniors can make it a freestanding tablet with a simple screen flip.

HP 17-BY1053DX 

This is another easy-to-use laptop that features a fantastic screen/weight ratio. It has a massive 17.3 inches screen but only weighs 370g. That’s good for seniors whose muscles and bones are weakening. Furthermore, this laptop boasts a super clear 1600 x 900 resolution HD display. Again, that’s good for seniors – whose eyesight is getting worse.

HP 24″ All-in-One

This computer from HP is another solid choice. It is all-in-one, so it is perfect for smart homes with compact space. This computer has a large widescreen display, which helps seniors see better. Also, it has a low blue light filter that helps keep the eyes comfortable. Moreover, it features high-quality audio, perfect for video calls and notifications.

Apple MacBook Pro

Perhaps, the silver surfer in question is knowledgeable about high-tech stuff. Then, they will like the Apple MacBook Pro. It is a fantastic computer that offers an HD display, crystal clear audio, and even comes with excellent Apple customer support. It is perfect for tech-savvy grandfathers and grandmothers’ smart homes.

What Do Seniors Need to Know About  Computers?


The GrandPad is specifically designed for seniors. So, of course, it has a spot on this list. GrandPads only have the bare necessities a computer needs, so it is really simple. And that makes it a great choice for silver surfers.

What to Consider When Buying Computers for Seniors

Maybe you don’t like any of these options. Or you want to check others before purchasing. That’s alright. But you need to know what to consider to make an informed decision. Here are the factors you should consider:

Potential Physical Restrictions

Older adults are no longer in their prime. So, they may gain some physical restrictions. For instance, their eyesight is poor due to their eyes being less flexible. Therefore, computers with features for people with physical restrictions are the best choice. Some computers have built-in text-to-speech, customizable displays with extra-large icons, and large print keyboards. Some even come with voice control features.

Furthermore, touch-screen computers with stylus support are the ideal computers for seniors.


The best computers for seniors are the ones that require minimum to no setup. Meaning the computer must be ready to use straight out of the box. There should be no need to install numerous programs.

Camera Quality

Seniors will probably use their computers to video call their friends, kids, and grandkids. So, a high-resolution camera of at least 1080p is ideal. The good news is that most laptops and all-in-one desktop computers have high-quality built-in webcams. So, you would not have trouble finding a good one.


Seniors may want portable computers. In that case, tablets and laptops are the ideal choices. Specifically, a laptop with 14 inches screen and weighing less than 2 kilograms. For tablets, ones with 7 – 8 inches screens and weighing less than 1 kilogram are preferred.

On the other hand, desktop computers are for seniors who want large clear displays. Choose all-in-one units so that no system unit towers would take up space. 


A screen with 1024×768 resolution or above is good for seeing things in detail. However, if you have poor eyesight, you would prefer lower resolution with bigger icons and text. So, screens with 800×600 resolution will work much better. Have the seniors try your or a friend’s computer to see which works best for them.

Performance and Speed

To give seniors the best experience, buying fast computers is the way to go. You need sufficient RAM and processing power. The RAM determines how good the computer is at multitasking, while the processor determines how fast it is in general. Look for computers with anything from 8GB to 16GB RAM and a processor between 2.3GHz and 3.5GHz.

What Do Seniors Need to Know About  Computers?

Customer Support

Who does not like good customer support? It ensures a positive experience. It is best to choose computers from big companies to get helpful customer support. Brands like Apple, Dell, and Samsung are some examples.


How will the seniors use the computer? If it’s only for internet surfing, video calls, and consuming video content, they don’t need gaming PCs. That will allow them to save cash, which they can spend on other smart home devices to make their lives even more comfortable.

And there you go. With this knowledge in you, you can easily pick a computer for silver surfers. 

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