Trendy Smart Home Devices Worth Buying

Trendy Smart Home Devices Worth Buying

Technology is ever-evolving. And the advances in AI gave rise to a slew of smart home devices and appliances. These are devices that offer convenience and comfort to homeowners. This luxurious lifestyle is very attractive, especially in the modern world where people almost always have their hands full.

Across the globe, the smart home market is growing. Experts predicted that the market size would hit $622.59 billion by 2026. 

That said, if you aren’t living in a smart home yet, you are missing out. So, you may want to start transforming your home now. That’s a great decision. But note that the initial installation of smart home devices can be expensive. These smart devices are known for coming with a hefty price tag.

Trendy Smart Home Devices Worth Buying

However, in the long run, smart home devices will actually help you save and make more money. They will help you save on your energy bills. Furthermore, they will enable you to multitask and spend more time on your projects or side hustles. They will make your life so much easier. Thus, smart homes are great investments. 

There are so many smart home gadgets now on the market. You can find smart kitchen appliances, gym equipment, pet care gadgets, etc. The thing is that not all of them are ideal for you. And some may provide more value than others. Of course, it’s best to prioritize the devices that will greatly impact your life. So, it is best to understand how each device works and how important they are to a smart home.

Here’s a list of the key pieces. These are the devices that will surely transform your life and hence, are worth owning.

Smart Speakers or Smart Hubs

Smart hubs maximize comfort and convenience in smart homes. They simplify how you automate.

 Smart home devices do not come from a single company. And it is not likely that all the devices you will buy for your smart home are actually from only one company. So, you would need to use different mobile apps to control them. That’s not very convenient, isn’t it?

Smart hubs are the solution to this problem. They allow you to control your devices through a single interface or mobile app.

If you don’t want to add a dedicated hub to your home, consider getting a smart speaker instead. It will give you access to smart assistants, which allows you to control your devices via voice commands.

Smart Plug

Smart devices and appliances are costly. So, you can’t get them all. Also, other devices don’t have a smart counterpart yet. This is why getting a smart plug is a great investment. It is affordable and allows you to transform any electrical device into a smart one.

How can smart plugs do that? You can turn these plugs on or off using voice commands or your smartphone. That effectively turns on/off every device plugged into the power strip. Some would even give you control over the individual sockets.

Moreover, smart plugs will send you reports on how much energy each device consumes. So, they will help you conserve energy.

Trendy Smart Home Devices Worth Buying

Smart Switches

Since you are already replacing the plugs in your home with smarter ones, you might as well replace the switches too. These smart accessories can enable you to accomplish multiple tasks with just one command. That frees up so much extra time you can then use for meaningful things. Since smart switches can improve your quality of life this much, it makes sense to invest in them.

Additionally, you can connect smart switches with your home alarm and security system. They can make your home a safer space.

Ring Video Doorbell

On the topic of making your home a safer space, investing in smart home security systems is never a bad idea. One of the best devices you can get is the Ring Video Doorbell. It is a security camera and doorbell in one. The Ring Video Doorbell allows you to see the person at your front door through your smartphone, tablet, or capable device. On top of that, it allows you to speak with them.

Aside from that, this smart home device allows you to monitor the packages at your doorstep. Thus, they help prevent package theft.

Smart Door Locks

Even before the era of smart homes, it was already important to make your home as safe and secure as possible. And smart homes gave us better ways to accomplish that. Smart door locks alert you when you or another family member has forgotten to lock the door. Then, you can use the mobile app to fix that.

You can share different passcodes with your friends and family members. That lets you keep track of who’s entering the home. Also, you can set different passcodes and biometrics for each door. Therefore, even if thieves manage to pass through the main door, they can’t progress any further. 

Streaming Device

What to do during the extra free time that smart homes give you? You can either do more productive things or sit down and relax. If you choose to do the latter, you may want to watch your favorite shows. A smart TV will let you do that. And to take it up a notch, you can also get a streaming device. That makes finding the hottest shows super easy. It will give a huge improvement to the entertainment system in your home.

Trendy Smart Home Devices Worth Buying

Gadget For Your Pets

People are not the only occupants of some homes. You may have dogs or cats. And the smart homes market offers some devices that ensure these furry friends of yours are comfortable too. A smart dog camera lets you track and see your dog’s actions while you are away. There are also smart pet feeders that ensure your cats or dogs will not starve. Moreover, some of these devices have an audio feature, allowing you to talk to your pet while you’re on vacation.

And that concludes our list. These are some of the smart devices you could prioritize getting.

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