Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends

Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends

Technologies are getting more powerful every year. That is why “smart home” is getting all the rage nowadays. What is a smart home? Smart homes are those homes in which everything is automated– the lighting, heating, and even electronic devices can be monitored and controlled through your computer or phone. How amazing is it, right?

Data from Statista showed a consistent increase in smart home technology revenue. Therefore, it will continue to grow and dominate the market in the future years. 

Overall, the booming of smart home technology is due to its convenience, security, comfort, financial, and energy savings too. 

Would you like to join the latest trend? Here are the top five helpful and amazing home technology which makes smart homes:

1. Your Home Hub Is Just One Touch Away.

Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends

Keeping all the technology in your home into one interface? Well, it is possible in just one touch. Home hubs can definitely make home management easier. 

Home hubs are like command centers that allow you to conveniently access lights, video doorbells, cameras, and other smart devices even in a distance. Overall, home hubs give many conveniences while simplifying your life.

Centralized portal hubs to operate home’s functions are now considered as a common thing in many households nowadays. Your smartphone or tablet is a helpful tool to wirelessly operate your entire home by just installing a specialized app in it. Through your devices, you can effortlessly operate music, HVAC, lighting, security, and some facilities that can be accessed by remote home technology. You can also have wall touch panels for easier control. 

Actually, you can find lots of Wi-Fi control options on numerous stores now– either physical or online. How great to have the power of controlling your home’s devices from a distance! 

2. Home Zoning

Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends

The term “smart home” appears to be wide-ranging. How about considering the term “smart room”? 

You can make use of the programmable or zone-based thermostats. Home zoning is identifying the right temperature needed in each room. It seems not right to have the same climatic atmosphere in every area of your home.  This method aims to lessen wasted costs for heating empty rooms. This customized room-to-room comfort can heat and cool your home more efficiently and smartly while giving balance to your family’s comfort and energy costs.

You don’t have to waste money on heating rooms when there is no one occupying them. Being comfortable in every space of your home is a great deal. Just simply adjust the heat according to your needs with the use of your own device and a  programmable thermostat. 

Zone-based thermostats are certainly the best to use when controlling temperatures in every room of your house and a smart move to save energy costs while controlling the temperature that is comfortable for you and your family.

3. Low-Power Wi-Fi Conversion

Convert your regular device into a manageable smart device. This is possible through carrying out the purpose of Roost, a battery that can convert an existing smoke detector into a connected smoke detector.  Smoke detectors are already considered as one of the most essential parts of every house. But what if its battery runs out and you miss the alarm while you are away from home? This is when the concept of Roost Smart Battery comes for the rescue. It can connect to a mobile app to give you a heads up when the battery is running low and the alarm stops working. What makes it more amazing is it can last up to five years! However, the early adopters may encounter some compatibility problems because the international standard for low-power Wi-Fi has not yet up.

But its purpose to solve daily problems at home through Wi-Fi is absolutely beneficial: it results in a safer home; giving you and your family peace of mind and also simplifies your smart home.

4. Security Systems Keeps On Developing

Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends

The known reason why people adopt smart homes because of security.  That is why smart locks, cameras, and doorbells are booming in the smart home market.

The one-touch monitoring of facilities in your home keeps on developing and even becoming more amazing just like automated door locks. This is helpful in unlocking or opening your front door automatically especially if you are busy with something or carrying heavy loads of groceries, etc. In addition, voice recognition is also improving. Aside from communicating with people in or out of the house, it is also necessary for security or customized comfort constituents. 

Through the ever-changing security systems, you can just forget the burden of losing your keys, unwelcome guests, and so on. What makes it more impressive now is that you can just use your smartphone for easy lock control. Moreover, you don’t need to let any family or friends wait outside when you’re not at home. Just send them an eKeys through the phone app. How convenient!

5. Aesthetically-Pleasing Gadgets

Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends

If smart home technologies match your home’s designs and atmosphere– this is truly a masterpiece! It won’t not only give comfort but will absolutely give pleasure to the eyes. The tech companies are aiming to provide home automation technologies that have beautiful designs- something that will match the style of your home. 

As much as considering the functional aspects of each device, they also wanted it to have a pretty and shiny design. People find joy looking and utilizing nice and aesthetically pleasing devices that also match the overall room appearance. A beautiful and elegant design is necessary for smart thermostats while the smart door locks should have a shiny and up to date look. 

Smart homes are no longer a prospective imagination. They are already booming and even getting better and more powerful now. People embracing smart technologies to secure their homes, save energy bills, and improve their quality of life are also growing.  

The rapidly growing interest of people in smart home technology makes the world’s top tech companies and innovators constantly develop what they can offer in order to stand out from the rest. Can you still imagine how smart home technology looks and feels like in the coming years?

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