Things You Can Do With Your Smart Assistant

Things You Can Do With Your Smart Assistant

What exactly is a smart assistant? And what exactly do they do? If you believe everyone else knows the answers to these questions, this feature is just for you!

We’re here to cut through the words and help you decide whether you want to add a smart assistant to your life. To that end, we’ll look closely at the most popular smart assistants. It is to help you understand what to expect from incorporating smart home techs into your life.

Things You Can Do With Your Smart Assistant

Below are the benefits that a smart assistant can do:

Give You Hands – Free Control

You can interact with your smart assistant using voice control without lifting a finger. This Smart Home assistant makes daily life easier and more efficient. It is up to you if you’re controlling smart technology or searching the cloud through the internet to find the information you need.

Depending on the device, you can usually wake up the assistants with a button. For example, long-pressing the Home button on an iPhone will bring up Siri.

Answer Your Questions

One of the most common uses for a smart assistant is to provide instant answers to questions. The assistant searches the internet for the information you need before saying it back to you. Say the wake word, and then you can say your question.

Google Assistant is the smartest assistant for this type of task due to its ability to tap into the wide knowledge of the Google search engine. But, all assistants are improving their ability to answer questions.

Alexa even allows you to download ‘Skills,’ app-like voice control programs that do specific tasks. For example, calling an Uber app or checking your traveling time.

Digital DJ

Smart assistants can become your DJ by connecting to services like Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

You can ask the assistant to play any of the many songs available if you subscribe to one of the services. Amazon Music, available through Alexa, can even figure out what song you’re looking for by telling it a few lyrics.

Get Recommendations

Your smart assistant will learn your preferences and routines over time, offering suggestions for things to do and visiting places.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge and connections to your online search history, Google Assistant is excellent for receiving accurate tailor-made recommendations.

Place Calls

Do you need to make a phone call but don’t have any free hands? Activate the assistant, and assuming you’ve given it access to your contacts book, it can make a call for you.

In the future, you’ll be able to let Google Assistant take and make calls for you. Google Duplex Feature is speaking on your behalf to make bookings and appointments. Is this futuristic?

Things You Can Do With Your Smart Assistant

Helps You Shop

Getting some fresh air is beneficial; we only recommend sitting on the sofa during the day. But it’s impossible to face the outside world when the rain is pouring, and the wind is howling.

If you have some important shopping to do, why not assign it to Alexa? You’ll be able to shop any of the items available on Amazon by asking and following the instructions with a voice request.

If you make a mistake, Amazon’s return policy is very generous. But keep in mind that you should be cautious when using this feature – remember. You can access pin protection if your Amazon Echo device has an Alexa smart assistant and is accessible around the house.

Set-Up Home Smart Automation

Because of smart digital assistants, it is where things have begun to get very futuristic. If you have a variety of smart home devices in your house, you can use them to control all these elements with your voice.

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant can dim your lights, lock your doors and change the temperature on your smart thermostat. You can do much more if you use equipment supporting the many third-party manufacturers.

Getting to Know Your Routines

After installing the smart home equipment you note, you can start getting creative. You can make all the devices communicate with each other. The ‘Routines’ or If Then That(IFTTT) app triggers functions in sequence from a single program.

For example, you could program your smart home devices to respond to the phrase ‘Alexa, I’m home,’ turning on the lights, raising the thermostat, and starting a Wi-Fi-connected kettle. Genius.

Set Reminders & Alarms

Smart assistants can set reminders with a simple speech request, which is ideal for forgetful people. It will alarm you and notify you of what needs to be done and when.

When you make a reminder with a smart speaker, it will intelligently transfer it to your phone, ensuring that you don’t forget anything while you’re out and about.

Many assistants can also integrate with your phone’s or computer’s existing task list and reminder apps. If you connect the device up, Alexa, for example, works incredibly well at converting voice requests into items to check off in the fantastic. Todoist app(opens in a new tab).

Handle Translations & Conversions

Traveling abroad and need to know how to say “hello” in German or how many yen are in a pound?

Smart assistants are worldly know-it-alls who can translate dozens of languages worldwide and provide you with the most up-to-date currency conversion rates. It’s just one of the reasons they’re such great travel companions for solo travelers.

Things You Can Do With Your Smart Assistant

Reads You Bedtime Stories

We’re not suggesting that you replace perching on your child’s bed to read them their nightly story with a smart assistant. But it’s useful to know when you’re late from work or away on an adult-only trip.

Alexa’s skills are that you can not only read stories to your children but also personalize them. They might prefer Alexa.

Gives You Medical Advice

Amazon is collaborating with the NHS, and now when you ask Alexa a health-related question, she will only respond using official NHS guidelines. It can save you time calling your GP practice or 111, which is especially useful for minor ailments.

Would we use it in place of real medical advice from a human? Probably not.

But it’s a good first stop for the occasional minor ailment. It helps relieve pressure on the healthcare system, which is a good thing.

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