Things You Can Do To Earn Money On Star Citizen

Things You Can Do To Earn Money On Star Citizen

Inside a smart home, people have lots of free time. That is because the appliances themselves do trivial tasks for them. Roombas are cleaning the floor, the refrigerator checks its contents, and the lights turn on when you walk into the room. Indeed, this is very convenient and leaves the homeowner plenty of time to spend on more important things. Or, they can spend it for relaxation or entertainment.

Things You Can Do To Earn Money On Star Citizen

Gaming is a popular form of entertainment. It always has been, but it is more so now, thanks to advancements in technology. There are powerful graphics cards, cooling systems, and many other things you can put on your PC. Alongside that, there are new techniques in game development and 3D modeling. The result is a plethora of phenomenal video games that keep you glued to your gaming computer’s screen for hours on end. It’s a good thing you live in a smart home.

Star Citizen

Among the games you can download and play is Star Citizen. In a way, it is in theme with your high-tech and futuristic home. Star Citizen is an open-world game that focuses on building a life in space. If you are into space exploration, you will surely love playing this game.

As with other games, Star Citizen has an in-game currency that is used to do different things. In this game, it is called Alpha United Earth Credits (aUEC), but it will change to UEC once the game officially releases. Players will use these credits to buy everything in the game’s virtual economy, including weapons, shields, and decoration items.

Now, it is not uncommon for players to run out of cash in the game. You would not want to be in that situation. It will leave you with subpar equipment, which will make surviving in the ‘Verse’ challenging. Thus, you ought to know how to grind for aUEC. 

Yes, you can spend real money to quickly get more aUEC, but it is not necessary. There are many ways to earn money in Star Citizen. Having a ship helps a lot, but there are alternative methods if you don’t have one.

Making Money Without A Ship

Making money in Star Citizen without access to a ship is almost as effective as with a ship that has no quantum drives. So it is not as bad as you might think.

Things You Can Do To Earn Money On Star Citizen

Shared Missions

Star Citizen is not a single-player game. That means you don’t have to do all the things by yourself. You can ask other players for help.

Should you find yourself short of money and can’t afford to purchase a ship, ask to take part in shared missions. It will help you earn money, and maybe, some new friends.


There are caves in the Verse where you can mine thousands of aUEC. The problem is, you need to ship to get to the entrance of these caves. Therefore, you would need to ask another player a favor to take you there. 

Also, you would need specific items to mine by hand. These items are a Rucksack, a mining tool, and an Orbig mining attachment. All of these would cost you 3850 aUEC.

To make the most of the time you are in these caves, you might also want to take Missing Person missions. Search for these NPCs to earn extra money. Just don’t get yourself lost.

Game Generated Missions and Bunker Missions

There are other game-generated missions aside from searching for missing persons. For example, you can enable disabled comm arrays. Also, you can take part in bunker missions to clear bunkers or space stations of NPCs. These will reward you with lots of aUEC.

Making Money With A Ship 

Things are easier for people with access to a ship since there are more options available for them. Here are the things you can do with a ship:


There’s mining by hand, and there’s mining by a mining ship. Which one is better should be obvious.

Delivery Missions

A good and relatively stress-free way to earn aUEC is by doing delivery box missions. The best thing is, multiple missions can overlap at delivery locations. That means you can earn double, or even triple, in one delivery run. Knowing that, it would be best to check your routes and missions before you start. 

Aurora ships, 300i, Ancil Pisces, and 325a, are some of the best starting ships under $100 for delivery missions. The 350r and Herald are fantastic too, thanks to their speed making delivery runs faster. You can also opt for the overly large Reliant Kore or the reliant Mako & Sen.

Things You Can Do To Earn Money On Star Citizen

Cargo Running 

In some ships, players can combine cargo running with delivery runs. For this task, you’d want to have an Aurora CL, Mustang Alpha, Anvil Pisces, 300i, 315p, or 325a. The Avenger Stalker Titan and Renegade are also always viable options.

Call to Arms / Combat

Perhaps, this is the most exciting of all the money-making methods. Unlike cargo and delivery box runs, it is not a slow burn. Rather, it is dynamic and filled with adrenaline. The only drawback is it isn’t for anyone. Some people are too bad at combat. Also, missiles may cost more than what you make, so make sure to make each one count.

If this is how you want to make money, know that the following ships are your best options when you are just starting. 

The Mustang Alpha can equip four weapons and has high maneuverability; thus, it is a great option for a combat ship. Ships like the Mustang Delta, Avenger Stalker & Warlock, Arrow, Gladius, and Reliant Tana are designed specifically for combat. Needless to say, they will perform exceptionally well. The 325a, 300i, Mustang Alpha, and the Aurora series bar Aurora CL are viable options too.

Never use the Reliant Kore for the call to arms missions. It may have combat capabilities, but it is too large, making it an easy target.

Luxury Provided By Smart Homes

If you refuse to pay real money for aUEC, you would need to do lots of grinding in Star Citizen. Consequently, it would take so much time. Thankfully, you have smart devices that do daily tasks for you. With these high-tech devices and appliances, you can enjoy playing your favorite video game. 

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