Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

Some people still think that smart homes are just for the rich, famous, and tech-savvy people. However, if you visit a department store and go to the appliance section, you will find that’s no longer the case. So many smart appliances and devices are in that section.

Smart home devices can talk to each other through the internet or other communication protocols like Bluetooth. That allows for home automation to make homeowners’ lives easier.

Even though smart home technology is now ubiquitous, many still find it difficult to understand. That is why this article exists. It is going to provide enlightenment about what smart home technology is, its benefits, and how it works.

Smart Home Technology Overview

Smart home technology is also called a “home automation system.” It allows you to connect your smart home devices to each other. Also, it allows you to control them remotely. You can use remote controls or voice control to do that. The remote control could be your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other devices.

Of course, you would need an internet connection for that. However, you can control some devices using Bluetooth instead. Unfortunately, Bluetooth can’t let you control your home if you are not there. That’s because you need to be near the device for it to work.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart homes will not be popular if it does not provide benefits normal homes don’t already provide. And there are actually plenty of benefits to using smart home technology, which you can enjoy whether or not you are at home.


Smart homes take convenience to the next level. You can control many – if not all – of your appliances and devices using your smartphone. You can even use voice commands, so you don’t need to lift a finger. 

Bear in mind that you have to have patience, though. You have to study how to use your smart appliances and devices. Likewise, you have to learn how to navigate the home system automation app/s.

The best part is this smart home technology can accommodate newer smart devices. So, you won’t need to set up a new system when adding new devices. Note that some devices are not compatible with each other, but there are workarounds to make them work together.  

Energy Efficiency

Smart home devices allow you to reduce energy consumption and, in turn, save money. Many devices are smart enough that they can suggest the best setting to use at a specific time of the day. Some would even adjust automatically, so you don’t have to do a thing.

Furthermore, some smart devices can go to sleep when not in use or shut down when they detect you are not home.

Piece of Mind

A home protected by a smart security system feels more secure and safer than a home that is not. You can see and talk to the person at your front door using video doorbells. And while you are away, indoor and outdoor cameras will watch your home from you. They will alert you when they detect something, and you can view what they see in real-time using your smartphone. Some smart cameras even include flood lights so that you can talk with the person on the other side of the lens. Also, others have floodlights, providing better visibility at night.

That’s not the only way smart home technology can provide you with peace of mind. Smart homes also allow you to remotely check and turn off devices that are supposed to be turned off before you leave – like coffee makers. Also, smart smoke and leak detectors prevent problems from escalating.

How to Set Up a Smart Home

There are two ways to set up a smart home. One, you can build it from the ground up. This method is the one that’s mostly for the rich only. It could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The other method is less pricey. You just have to buy smart home devices then connect them together and to a smart hub.

Here are some devices that you can consider adding to your smart home:

Smart Lights

Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

Smart lights are one of the simplest smart home devices, perfect for people just getting into the smart home waters. Using a mobile app, you can control these bulbs, strips, or panels. So, you can turn off the bedroom lights you forgot to turn off when you left for work.

You can even set up routines, so these lights turn on or off automatically. And you can choose from different scenes to improve the ambiance in your home. 

Smart Speakers

Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

Smart speakers are one of the most important devices in a smart home. With them, you don’t need to press buttons on your universal app or interface to control your devices. Instead, you can use voice commands. You can also ask them random questions, what’s the weather forecast, or tell them to play music. They also come with exceptional sound quality. So, you will surely enjoy having one of these at home.

Smart TV

Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

Smart TV, like smart lights, is not complicated. You can turn them on and off using your smartphone or voice commands. So, if you use a smart TV, you’ll never miss your favorite TV show.

Smart Thermostat

Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

One of the best smart home devices. You can use smart thermostats to adjust the temperature in your house even before you arrive. Also, you can set up schedules so they’d know what to do at certain times of the day. If you choose learning thermostats, they can even learn your habits and adjust accordingly. That will allow you to save money by reducing energy consumption.

Smart Locks

Things to Know About Smart Home Automation System

All homeowners should think about security. And you have more reason to since you live in a smart home – filled with these amazing devices. Smart door locks allow you to ensure all your doors are locked. They’d alert you if you forgot to lock. And you can check and control them using a mobile app. 

There are more smart devices and appliances out there aside from these four. They have different functions but have one thing in common. They exist to make your life easier.

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