The World-class Features of a Smart Home

The World-class Features of a Smart Home

Many people still leave in “dumb” houses. So, they have to do many tasks manually. Meanwhile, a growing number of people have switched to smart homes.

In the beginning, the concept of the smart home was having Wi-Fi-controlled light bulbs and programmable thermostats. But over time, the concept has evolved. Now, you can control so many things in your house from afar.

But the problem with having so many options is that getting into smart homes has become more daunting for newbies. Which devices should you upgrade first? You can use this article as a guide.

Learning Thermostats

The World-class Features of a Smart Home

Many smart thermostats are integrated with machine learning technology. Therefore, they don’t only identify what temperature to be in. Also, adjusting the temperature based on your set schedule is just one of their features. These thermostats track your habits. Then, they make minute adjustments to save energy without impacting your home comfort.

Learning thermostats can start cooling your house before you arrive, so you’ll get comfortable as soon as you enter. Also, they can start heating up the room in chilly mornings before you wake up. They also often have remote room sensors that keep the temperature uniform throughout the house.

This smart device offers convenience and is also eco-friendly. Learning thermostats adjust the temperature when they detect that you are not at home. It helps you cut back on energy bills.

Some smart thermostats also have humidity sensors. They will send you alerts when they detect high or low humidity levels.

Furthermore, most – if not all -smart thermostats also display your local weather forecast.

The most-known learning thermostat is the Nest Learning Thermostat. It is the first thermostat ever to get Energy Star certified. 

Video Doorbell

The World-class Features of a Smart Home

Say goodbye to the old doorbells pranksters love to ring. Get yourself a video doorbell; it offers security, safety, and convenience. This device lets you see who is at your door through a smartphone app. Thus, you are always aware of visitors – even when you are not at home. That helps prevent break-ins. 

Many video doorbells also feature microphones and speakers, enabling two-way communication. That’s handy, especially now when there is an ongoing pandemic. You can also use that to scare away potential burglars.

Overall, a smart video doorbell is a valuable installation.

Amazon’s Ring video doorbells are undoubtedly your best choice. Yes, in its early days, many hackers targeted the company’s security cameras. But it is now one of the most-respected security brands related to smart homes.

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is its latest core video doorbell. It features 1080p resolution, two-way talk, a 160-degree field of view, and more.

This video doorbell is also flexible; you can make it wireless with batteries or hardwire so you don’t have to change batteries. However, if you hardwire it, you would need to buy a separate doorbell chime because the current one will not work.

Smart Lock

The World-class Features of a Smart Home

Since you are already getting a video doorbell, you might as well buy a smart lock because it boosts the functionality. These integrate seamlessly with compatible video doorbells.

But improving video doorbells is not the only thing smart locks can do. They also let you maintain access control at your house at all times. You can unlock the door remotely to let expected guests or the kids in if they arrive home earlier than you. Furthermore, they alert you when you forget to lock the door. So you will know that before anyone else could.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a great pick. It has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you don’t need an August Connect bridge to link it with your home network. That said, this smart lock is easy to install.

Furthermore, it has DoorSense, which lets you know if you left your door ajar. Also, it offers interoperability, boasting support to a range of other smart home systems. This smart lock works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Xfinity.

Smart Light Bulbs

The World-class Features of a Smart Home

As mentioned above, the early concept of the smart home is about these products. So, of course, they are on the list.

The main selling point of smart light bulbs is you can control them from afar. Thus, you don’t need to get out of bed to turn them on or off. Also, you can program them to dim as the night gets deeper.

Aside from that, you can connect your smart light bulbs with your security system. That will make them randomly turn on and off while you are away, making it seem like you are home.

Many smart light bulbs also offer different colors and scenes. That allows you to improve the aesthetics of your house. And surprisingly, some smart light bulbs even play music.

If you don’t know which smart light bulb to get, check the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Nest, IFTTT, SmartThings, and more. Also, its app is packed with features, such as a vacation mode, scenes, and geofencing.

Security Cameras

The World-class Features of a Smart Home

We can’t stress enough that smart homes contain many expensive gadgets. But even without those, it should be your priority to make your home as safe and secure as possible. Thus, buying security cameras is never a bad idea.

Many smart cameras are water and weatherproof. So, you can leave them outside without worries. These cameras give you a constant view around your property no matter where you are. They also investigate sounds and motions they pick up and alert you if there’s something suspicious. Meanwhile, indoor cameras allow you to monitor your pets and kids while you are away.

Like video doorbells, many cameras allow two-way communication. Some even have floodlights, which will help you see better during the night.

There are so many good smart cameras out there. Arlo and Blink both offer good indoor and outdoor cameras and TPLink and Eufy also sell some good ones. Some of these smart cameras are wireless; others are wired. Either choice has its pros and cons.

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