The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

You may want to turn your lawn the envy of the town or upgrade your smart home, but accomplishing this is simpler said than done, particularly in areas of the country experiencing severe drought and water consumption limitations. For this reason, consider replacing your sprinkler controller with a smart model.

Smart sprinkler controllers link to the internet and use actual weather data to alter the cadence of watering so that you don’t overwater your grass, for instance, during an afternoon shower or while it’s dry and hot. Furthermore, its app-based controls make it simple to design watering plans that adhere to your local watering regulations, such as watering only on peculiar days or during strange hours of the night. Smart controllers can also help you save money on your water bill.

Let’s start with the elements you should consider while buying a smart sprinkler for your property. Also, you will locate the greatest and most economical sprinkler controls for your grass within your smart home.

Considerations When Purchasing a Smart Sprinkler

The first thing you should think about is efficiency and ease of use. You would like a simple sprinkler controller to set up and use. It should take less than hours to read the handbook or reorganize your yard to get it to operate. The finest controllers will be simple to use and easy.

Equally essential, seek controllers that let you access its functions in the best method; this includes a touch screen, an internet interface, or voice control through your phone or another mobile device. If you want to use your voice assistant, ensure that the sprinkler controller is functional. You should also check to see if it works with your smart home ecosystem if you possess one.

Several sprinklers can modify their cycles automatically depending on the weather, which is a useful function. They will use weather prediction services to correctly determine when your grass will need to be watered and then modify it accordingly. Your smart sprinkler controller should also be capable of monitoring your water consumption to assist you in remaining on top of it.

These features not only save you money on your water bill but also save you a lot of time and work in manually turning your sprinkler programs on and off based on the weather. Eliminating the frustration associated with many standard sprinkler controllers may be worth the investment in a smart one.

If you already know what to search for, let’s examine some of the best and most economical smart sprinkler controllers on the market.

Rachio 8ZULW-C

The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

Implementing the Rachio 8ZULW-C is your best option if you want a perfectly capable controller that might lower your water cost in half. It is one of the most affordable smart sprinklers available, costing only $182, and is well worth the money.

The Rachio 3 8ZULW-C is a strong sprinkler controller that is simple to connect to WiFi and easily adaptable to local forecasts, earning it a Very Good rating for that feature. It received a few points deducted since the wiring instructions are imprecise, and it lacks a battery replacement and a waterproof cover.

This Rachio has manual controls on the device and app and voice management through Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home/Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, in addition to app controls; this model performs with up to eight sprinkler zones; a 16-zone version is available as well.

Orbit B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer 

The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

Do you require a hose-based controller for your home? Deploy the Orbit B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer to instantly convert your faucets into smart sprinkler controllers. They are packaged in a weather-resistant container that can be mounted and locked for security; this is due to the B-hyve network meshing, which enhances each controller’s signals to give a solid connection to your WiFi network. 

Attach the controller by twisting it into your outdoor faucets and following the instruction manual on the B-hyve app for iPhone or Android devices. You can then utilize the app to control each hose wherever and however you want.

The Orbit B-hyve is compatible with other B-hyve devices so you may use it with a different, specialized sprinkler controller.

HUNTER HC-600i Hydrawise

The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

If you prefer the ease of use of a touchscreen controller, look into the HUNTER HC-600i Hydrawise. Its design is plain and practical, but the device is purposefully meant to be simple to install and operate.

Hydrawise’s touchscreen allows you to perform everything from monitor status to update options, allowing instant access to the entire system without needing a secondary device. Of course, a smartphone app allows you to remotely monitor the system. You can also obtain thorough data ranging from previous rainfall to where your next scheduled irrigation will start.

Leak monitoring is another useful tool provided by Hydrawise; it is simple to assess whether one of your valves is malfunctioning or whether a pipe has burst and needs to be fixed. Overall, Hydrawise claims to save you up to 50% on your water expenses. Yet, given that the device will cost you more than $250, you’ll be grateful for the savings.

Rain Bird ST8-2.0

The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

The Rain Bird ST8-2.0 receives a grade of simply good for weather reactivity, indicating that its watering modifications aren’t as precise as some of the models in our comparison. Connecting to the internet is often problematic. However, once operational, the Rain Bird is extremely user-friendly. It has manual controls with an LED display, app, and voice command via Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant, and it is waterproof. This type is compatible with up to eight sprinkler zones.

Eve Aqua Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Most Affordable Smart Sprinklers

This controller works perfectly with HomeKit and can be configured in minutes. Once installed, you can use the voice assistant or Siri to control the gadget. Alternatively, you may install the Eve app to view and operate all of the Aqua Sprinkler Controller’s features—but it’s only available for iOS. More traditionally, there is an onboard button.

There are other useful features, such as a child lock, to prevent unintentional adjustments to the controls. You can set schedules that will run irrespective of whether or not you are connected to the internet. An auto shut-off feature avoids over-watering your sprinklers, allowing you to monitor your water usage over a period. Your privacy is also protected because there is no cloud service, registration, or an external monitoring.

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