The Important Function of Smart Lighting

The Important Function of Smart Lighting

Do you want to convert your boring home into a smart home but don’t know where to start? Smart lighting is frequently people’s introduction to smart homes. You can start with that too. Aside from being affordable, smart lighting is also very straightforward. You don’t need to be a tech geek to set it up and use it.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is an intelligent network-based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various systems and devices. That allows you to control your devices through an app on your smartphone or mobile device. You can control the fixtures individually or in groups. Furthermore, you can set up schedules for your fixtures, so they know when to turn on or off. 

The Important Function of Smart Lighting

You can use smart lighting to provide illumination indoors or outdoors.

Smart lighting systems are designed for energy efficiency, convenience, and security. Indeed, investing in it is a great idea.

Smart lighting is a subcategory of smart homes. It encompasses many different lighting options, including the following:

Smart Light Bulbs

Typically LED bulbs, smart light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. They offer other things besides allowing you to switch them on/off hands-free. For example, they allow you to adjust the level of brightness using the mobile app. Also, some of them can produce as many as 16 million light colors. So, they are perfect for customizing your space to better match the occasion or your mood.

Smart LED Light Strips

These are the more flexible smart lighting options. Smart LED Light Strips are ribbons of pliable LED. You can use it to light up the borders of your windows, the perimeter of the room, the underside of your kitchen cabinets, or walkways. Like smart light bulbs, you can change the color of the Smart LED Light Strips. 

Smart Lighting Panels

Smart lighting panels are modular lighting panels that come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Like the other smart fixtures, you can control them using your smartphone or mobile device. These panels help decorate your room and provide illumination. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Smart Dimmers

You can opt for smart dimmers if you don’t want to buy smart bulbs, strips, or panels. They will allow you to control the brightness of your lighting. Also, they can gradually turn on/off your lights as you wake up or go to bed.

Smart Switches

Smart switches last a lot longer than smart lights. So, you may want to opt for these instead, especially if you want to save as much money as you can. You can’t control the brightness or color of the lights, but you can turn them on/off from anywhere in the world.

Why Would You Want to Invest in Smart Lighting?

Is smart lighting worth it? Why would you want to get into these waters? Here’s a list of what smart lighting can offer. It can help you answer those questions.

The Important Function of Smart Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Imagine leaving home and forgetting to turn off the lights in your bedroom or bathroom. You left them on all day. While that can’t cause fires like something like coffee makers, it adds to your energy bills.

Smart lighting eliminates that problem. You can turn your smart lights on or off using the app on your mobile phone. Admittedly, an internet connection is required to do that. So, it is not always reliable.

However, some smart lighting systems are also integrated with motion sensors. They will automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room. Thus, you can leave your home worry-free.

Home Security

Your home contains so many of your possessions. And you worked hard to afford many of those. So, you wouldn’t want anyone to break in and take those things while you’re at work or on vacation.

Smart lighting helps prevent that. You can schedule your lights to turn on or off at a certain time. That will make the illusion that you are at home. And so, burglars would think twice about breaking into your house.

Smart lighting on your driveway has motion detectors. When they detect someone, they will turn on. That will allow your security cameras to record clearer videos.

While smart lighting can’t actually stop burglars from breaking into your house, it can deter them from doing so. That’s better than nothing.


You have to go where the switch of your conventional light bulbs is to turn them on or off or adjust the brightness. That means you must peel your eyes away from your book, the television, or the computer screen. Also, you have to stop whatever you are doing. It takes only a few seconds, but it adds up. You have to do that multiple times every day.

Smart lighting frees you from that trivial task. You don’t need to leave your couch or bed to do something with the lights. Instead, you just need to push buttons on the mobile app or say a command for Google Assistant or Alexa to execute. Furthermore, you can automate the task by setting up schedules.

Customizing The Space

Different scenarios require different ambiance. For example, you need to dim the lights for romantic candlelight dinners. On the other hand, you need the room to be bright in your home office. Smart lighting helps you set that up. You can change the light colors and adjust the brightness using your smartphone.

The Important Function of Smart Lighting

On top of that, you can use smart light panels and LED strips to make your rooms look modern and sleek. They help improve the aesthetic of your home. Essentially, they are home decor and lighting devices in one.


Smart lighting shows you what smart homes can offer. It lets you automate tasks at certain times of the day. Furthermore, it allows you to control your device remotely. And it improves home security. In short, smart lighting helps improve your quality of life. So, investing in it is worth it. If you haven’t yet, you are missing out.

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