The Best Tablet for Your Kids

The Best Tablet for Your Kids

A tablet is a versatile device swiftly becoming a must-have for many people. Tablets are versatile gadgets you can modify, even if you’ve swapped your laptop with an Amazon Fire HD or used it to draw with a specialized stylus. Tablets are not only common in most classes, but they are also excellent educational and recreational tools for children at home. Moreover, you can also use it to utilize your smart devices to improve your smart home. 

Purchasing a tablet for a child used to sound strange, but the world has changed, and it is now typical for children to have their device – even at an early age. But which tablet should you get, how much period should your children spend on it, and what should they watch? Such concerns can plague a parent, but you should not worry because we’re here to assist. 

A good tablet does not have to cost a fortune. You can choose a device with educational information, entertainment alternatives, and parental controls.

Below is a list of the best tablets for kids, beginning with our top pick: the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

The Best Tablet for Your Kids

Last year, Amazon improved this tablet model, making it speedier and with longer battery life. It not only has a kid-proof cover designed to handle 3- to 7-year-olds, and it also comes with a complimentary one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. The subscription grants you access to hundreds of ad-free kid-friendly books and films, games, and another educational programming that your child will appreciate.

You can choose between 32GB or 64GB for its storage, which is also expandable by up to 1 TB. This tablet is available in different colors depending on your child’s preference – blue, purple, Disney Mickey Mouse, or Disney princess. 

The HD 8’s camera quality also has a warmer tone in its picture quality, making the photos appear more colorful and welcoming. This tablet is appropriate for children of all ages; however, it performs best in little hands due to its smaller size. Despite its reduced screen size, this item is of high quality.

Parents can use the tablet’s parental settings to limit screen time and create academic objectives for their children, ensuring their child is reading or studying something while using it.

The kid-friendly case protects against falls and bumps and has a fully adjustable stand so children can go hands-free. Furthermore, Amazon provides a two-year worry-free guarantee if the tablet does lose to playing.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

The Best Tablet for Your Kids

A low price has its allure, and it’s especially crucial when purchasing a device for a youngster. The Amazon Fire 7 is a decent and tiny tablet with some restrictions that, at $60, are worth overcoming. 

It’s sturdy plastic, so it should withstand various falls and scratches regardless of the large kid’s case. Because there is no waterproofing, do not allow your children to use this tablet in the bath. The thick bezels around the display are advantageous for younger children since they provide enough grip. The display could be better, according to some people, but it suffices for movies and gaming.

The battery lasts long, but the charging times are considerable, so you’ll need to remind yourself to charge it overnight. The performance could be better for many games, but it’s perfect for simple jobs for your smart home and games, so it’s also a good pick in this category.

One of the main advantages of the Fire 7 is its small size, which makes it highly portable – especially crucial if your child expects entertainment while you’re away from home. Even slapping a quality robust case on this should be relatively small, making it an excellent pick for tossing in a bag fast before walking out the door.

Amazon Fire HD 10 

The Best Tablet for Your Kids

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet was designed with older children, aged 6 to 12, in mind. The 10.1-inch display provides a larger screen without significantly increasing the overall cost. The Kids Edition includes the same benefits as the Fire 8 Kids Edition, such as a waterproof case, a two-year worry-free warranty, and a year of access to Amazon Kids+.

In either case, you will receive Amazon’s largest tablet with a 1080p display. It boasts a USB-C connector for speedier charging and a battery life of up to 12 hours. Performance isn’t on level with an iPad, but it’s greater than the Fire 7 or 8, based on user reviews. 

Apple iPad (2021)

The Best Tablet for Your Kids

Apple’s 9th-generation iPad is the company’s most affordable tablet, but it’s also one of the greatest. It has no serious flaws and provides everything your teen requires for work and plays. Furthermore, it is less expensive than the most recent Air model and the most recent 10th-generation iPad. The compact tablet has the same screen as previous iPads but now has a more efficient A13 Bionic chip, guaranteeing it runs smoothly while browsing and gaming.

The battery life is immaculate; the camera is fantastic – the selfie camera has been improved to a 12MP ultrawide lens – and Apple’s Center Stage has been included for selfies and videoconferencing. The new iPad features additional storage space, with 64GB or 256GB choices and Touch ID.

This tablet is an excellent choice for families already engaged in the Apple ecosystem, and it may even be something to consider for younger children if you have the funds. You may utilize Family Sharing to offer everyone access to any purchased applications, books, movies, or music. 

Apple’s parental settings, known as limitations, let you decide what your child can and cannot access on the iPad, and you can limit content by age rating. Numerous parental control programs are available if you wish to keep a closer grip. There’s also compatibility with the Apple Pencil, which may be excellent for the aspiring artist in your life, but it must be purchased separately for $100. 


Tablets for children are approximately as safe as any other smartphone, computer, or laptop. Because all these gadgets are connected to the internet, your child can access social media, email, YouTube, and other apps and sites. Furthermore, just like what was mentioned previously, these tablets can also be a tool to control your smart home. 

It may only sometimes be feasible to sit beside your child and oversee their tablet usage, yet you can see what they’re up to without seeing them. With parental controls, you may restrict activities, app access, and screen time to whichever you deem appropriate and monitor what your children are doing. 

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