The 6 New Products For Smart Home Introduced By TP-Link

The 6 New Products For Smart Home Introduced By TP-Link

Six up-to-date smart home products join the exclusive lineup of TP-Link. These products were added and introduced during CES 2021, an entirely visual event.

For over 50 long years, CES consistently sets a platform for impressive tech developments and innovations all over the world. CES 2021 remains to be an amazing all-digital exclusive platform to introduce and bring new products closer to people and allows product- consumer engagement. This is a highly anticipated show unveiling the latest gadgets and innovations from different exhibitors and presenting them to the public. But this show is intended to be presented more uniquely than it was before. Nevertheless, the organizers promised highly revamped digital experiences.

The 6 New Products For Smart Home Introduced By TP-Link

TP-Link grabbed the opportunity and was pleased to announce the six modern smart home products to watch out for. The announcements were made at CES 2021. The latest products introduced include cameras-pan or tilt and outdoor camera, light switches, an outdoor plug, and a doorbell. The following are added details on the new products added in the TP-Link’s list:

1. Kasa Smart Doorbell (KD110)

This is a standout smart doorbell featuring 1080p high-definition, more detailed, clearer, and sharper videos. That being said, this product will not allow you to miss a single thing. This product is truly a must-have since this includes a functional and reliable feature called person detection. Such a feature allows differentiating a person from an object by utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms.

This advanced doorbell includes protected cloud and local storage providing you reliable options for saving important footage simultaneously. You can easily save your footage on a 128 GB microSD card. This newest smart doorbell has solid IP64 weatherproofing. This feature assures owners that the doorbell remains protected from rain, dust, and other unpleasant elements. Choices for indoor chimes are offered. The chimes quickly alerting you when someone’s at the door.

2. Kasa Cam Outdoor With 24/7 Recording (KC420WS)

If you want reliable round the clock recording, this outdoor camera is a brilliant choice. This features a 2K high-definition video with sharper and clearer 4MP resolution providing excellent colors and details even if the camera is zoomed in. This boasts its evening vision feature ensuring that you will see full-color footages with unified spotlights that drive away from the darkness. Another feature is starlight vision which allows users to capture colorful and lively even on low-light settings. This is also made possible with the help of the starlight sensor.

This cam outdoor is weather-resistant. This also provides 2K high definition video streaming, options for local as well as cloud storage, and microSD cards with 256GB capacity. This product is worth investing in if you are looking for reliable and secure 24/7 recording.

3. Kasa Spot Pan Tilt With 24/7 Recording (KC410S)

This advanced product is widely known for its high-pitched, thorough, vibrant, and high definition video. The product’s 4MP high resolution makes taking colorful and detailed videos possible despite zooming in. KC410S allows capturing colorful and high-quality videos though these are captured in low-light settings. This is thanks to its starlight unique night vision feature and the help of the starlight sensor.

This feature also features motion tracking which tracks objects and follows them to ensure that these objects are within view. Moreover, the patrol mode feature allows setting many different viewpoints and programming the camera to monitor selected intervals and each region. The local storage allows saving footage uninterruptedly on up to 256 GB microSD card.

The 6 New Products For Smart Home Introduced By TP-Link

4. Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch (KS220M)

This nifty switch is proven to perform and to finish plenty of tasks including automatic light adjustments based on ambient light and also depends on motion activity. This is a next-generation dimmer switch packed with impressive modern features such as motion detection which turns off the lights at a particular time based on movements. The switch also includes ambient light sensors. This prevents you from worrying in case the lights turn on unexpectedly during the daytime.

Another unique feature of this dimmer watch is the Fade in Fade Out feature fading off the lights seamlessly for a smoother bedtime transition. This also works by fading the lights gently on once again in the morning when it is already time for waking up.

5. Kasa Smart Wifi Light Switch with 3-way Dimmer Kit

This newest WiFi showcases an impressive three-way capability. This allows users to convert the regular three-way lighting and turn it into wireless lights. This is a very stylish switch perfect for the modern smart home. The switch proudly boasts its automatic smart dimming. This is capable of adjusting the brightness and setting the lights for the right mood and atmosphere.

This 3-way light dimmer kit features fade in and fade out. This feature is in charge of lowering the night lights and turning these lights up once again the following morning. What is more, the voice control feature allows users to make use of the voice commands in regulating connected lights with Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Alexa.

6. Kasa Smart Wi-fi Outdoor Plug (KP401)

KP401 smart plug is weatherproof and used mainly for the outdoors. This plug guarantees a longer and wider WiFi range and provides basics such as creating schedules with the help of the Kasa Smart application.  A built-in amplifier is also included in this single-port smart plug.

This smart plug is the key to automatically turning plugged-in gadgets on and off while at home or out. The Control from Anywhere features allow you to control the smart plug remotely utilizing the Smart app on your phone or your tablet. The weatherproofing rating makes sure that the plug is fully protected from unwanted elements.

The 6 New Products For Smart Home Introduced By TP-Link


TP-Link is known as a reputable provider of innovative and functional networking devices and smart home products used in almost all aspects of daily life. The 6 newest products introduced by TP-Link at CES 2021 are sure to take smart home control and automation to the next level. Smart homeowners might want to consider any of the smart home products mentioned above and bring modern comfort, convenience, and security to their smart homes.

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