Smart Home Appliances You Need This Summer

Smart Home Appliances You Need This Summer

Summer is nice. It is the season for going to beaches, picnics, and doing fun activities. But for the ones staying at home, it is not as enjoyable. The heat can be unbearable, especially in tropical countries. 

To paint a picture, we can look at India. The Times of India reports that the temperature in Gurugram this April has reached 44 degrees celsius. Furthermore, the temperature has stayed above 40 degrees celsius since March 2022. That makes you sweat like crazy.

Smart Home Appliances You Need This Summer

Yes, summers in other countries are not as bad as that. However, you can’t deny that the heat can still make you uncomfortable.

People on beaches are beating the heat with the cool waters of the sea. But how about the people that stayed at home? Unfortunately, not all people have swimming pools at home. And so, many have no choice but to use appliances to cool themselves off. Fans and air coolers suddenly become their best possessions. These prevent people from dying from heat strokes.

Now hear this. It may be time to say goodbye to your fans and air coolers at home. Or maybe you haven’t bought one yet. Instead of going for the traditional ones, why not choose smart home appliances? These high-tech appliances will make summer a lot less insufferable.

Why Choose Smart Home Appliances?

Smart home appliances make you as comfortable as possible. During summers, when the simplest movement can make you sweat, you will greatly appreciate that.

Furthermore, you likely have your fans and air coolers on 24/7. That means your electric bill will go up. Smart home appliances are eco-friendly; they help you save energy. Thus, using them is better. 

Aside from that, smart home appliances offer more since they have enhanced appliance functionality. And they also offer convenience – you don’t need to touch them to do something with them physically. 

Smart home appliances provide homeowners with a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. But don’t let the word “luxurious” deter you. Smart home appliances have become more affordable now. Admittedly, they typically still cost more than traditional appliances. But the value you will get from them makes saving a bit more worth it.

Here are some amazing Smart home appliances that are almost must-haves during the summer season:

Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart Home Appliances You Need This Summer

Conventional ceiling fans can cool you off. But again, they can be inconvenient to use. That’s why you might want to buy Smart Ceiling Fans instead.

Smart Ceiling Fans are extremely sophisticated and easy to use. They come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. That allows you to operate them even when you are not in the vicinity. And you don’t need a special remote either; your smartphone, likely always with you, is the remote. You can control Smart Ceiling Fans using an app on your Android or iOS device.

Smart Ceiling Fans also have automated features such as geolocation and occupancy sensors. These ensure that the Smart Ceiling Fan is only on when necessary. And hence, it helps you save energy and money.

Some Smart Ceiling Fans also have integrated lights. And you can control the brightness levels of the light. So, Smart Ceiling Fans can double as your light source in the room. That saves space and money because you don’t need to buy and place a separate light bulb.

Furthermore, Smart Ceiling Fans are integrated with voice control technologies like Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and such. So, you don’t even have to lift a finger to control them. You only have to say the right command.

Smart Air Coolers

Smart Home Appliances You Need This Summer

Air coolers undoubtedly do a better job in cooling you off than a fan. Fans only speed up the evaporation of sweat. On the other hand, air coolers pull in hot air from outside and then blow cool air out. It passes the hot air through a wet medium to achieve that.

Moreover, air coolers’ circulated air is filtered, moist, and easy to breathe. It also hydrates your skin. Thus, air coolers make you feel cooled and refreshed.

Smart Air Coolers are even better. They have dura-pump technology and special honeycomb pads that bring down the temperature quickly. And they absorb and retain moisture for an extended duration.

Furthermore, Smart Air Coolers are compatible with inverters, and they have motor thermal overload protection. They even have a special dust protection filter that provides whisper-quiet performance. With these features, Smart Air Coolers ensure that cool air flows smoothly throughout the room even when an unexpected power loss occurs. 

Like Smart Ceiling Fans and other smart home appliances, Smart Air Coolers can also have integration with voice control technologies. 

Smart Air Coolers allow users to enjoy cleaner, healthier, and breathable air even in large spaces. They can also help prevent dehydration and heat strokes – the major health concerns during summer.

On top of that, Smart Air Coolers are easy to maintain. They are also eco-friendly and involve minimal capital investment & operational costs. So, owning one is good for your wallet. 

Smart Air Coolers offer a powerful combination of efficiency and convenience. That’s something conventional air coolers can’t provide.

Other Smart Home Appliances to Consider

You can also consider getting Smart Air Conditioners. Some of these are equipped with machine learning. That allows them to understand your family’s routines and preferences. They also consider the humidity and temperature outside to determine how cold the room should be.

To Recap

Smart home appliances offer you a comfortable lifestyle. You surely appreciate that on the hot days during summer. 

Since the pandemic outbreak, sales of smart home appliances have skyrocketed. The global health crisis triggered a high demand for cost-effective and energy-efficient appliances. 

And by the looks of it, the trend is going to stay. After living a comfortable lifestyle, who would want to go back to conventional appliances? This is rapidly becoming the new normal. So sooner or later, you will need to replace your outdated appliances with smart ones. That said, buying smart home appliances now seems to be a good idea.

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