Smart Choices On Smart Home Devices To Change 2021

Smart Choices On Smart Home Devices To Change 2021

From the moment we wake up to check the weather to the moment we go to bed and set the alarm, technology has become part of our lives—but why stop there?

Comfortable living just got a new definition with the technology available today since everything is practically futuristic now. The TV trope of clapping your hands to turn off the lights or a voice-activated lock to your doors may not be as far-fetched anymore. In recent years, technology and the internet have advanced so much that ease of anything really can be attained. From the simple process of making your morning coffee to security cameras monitoring your house, you’ll be surprised how much the internet can help you.

Smart Choices On Smart Home Devices To Change 2021

Of course, all of this future talk is made possible by smart home devices. Smart Home Devices are devices linked up to the internet, which gives you access to automate your home. The key component to home automation is directly linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), which grants the user ability to freely control any items it’s coded to. These devices can range from the simple task of lighting some parts of your house with a push of a button to having a robot clean your house. Now, here are some smart choices you can make on your first purchases on smart home devices.

Speakers, Plugs, and Everything Essential

Before you go purchasing random smart home devices, you should understand the essential purchases first. These devices will be the foundation of your smart home since it’ll act as the main control panel and power source for a number of your smart devices. After knowing these, you’ll start to appreciate how amazing and futuristic this technology really is when it comes to giving you more comfort in living.

On smart speakers and displays

Whether you’re Team Amazon, Google, or you’d simply want smart speakers, there’s a variety of devices you can choose from. For Amazon and Alexa lovers, Amazon Echo is your best bet for Bluetooth speakers and voice assistant. Having this Bluetooth speaker can be handy when it comes to creating a vibe in your smart home since it’ll give it that futuristic AI home caretaker vibe. Alexa can be paired to other various smart devices, and you can control it from the comforts of your phone or by simply speaking. On displays, you can get yourself one of the Echo Show series touch screen displays.

However, if you’re more of a Google Assistant fan over Alexa, try investing in Google’s Nest Hub speakers and smart displays. For an amazing sound experience, get yourself a Google Home Max to fill your room with sound. For an amazing and smart display which grants you Google’s services, consider the Google Nest Hub Max or the smaller Nest Mini, Nest Hub, or Nest Audio. If you simply want a smart speaker, though, try out the Sonos One since it’s one of the best smart speakers considering its price range. Any purchases can give you the best experience in controlling your other smart devices.

Energy-efficient smart plugs

Moving to smaller pieces of smart home devices, it would be a handy addition to the smart home if you can track your daily energy usage. Introducing the ConnectSence Smart Outlet 2 with its efficient dual-outlet smart plug, which gives you 100% control on energy usage and power flow. This outlet can be controlled with any Android, iOS mobile app, and it can work well with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant too.

Smart Choices On Smart Home Devices To Change 2021

On Wi-Fi handling, a different yet powerful smart plug can control any outdoor devices such as garage lighting or pool pumps. In order to have easy control, voice-commanded, single-button relief action for your outside devices, try on D-Link mydlink Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W320. This smart plug comes with two outlets, a USB charging port, and it’s entirely waterproof. Not only is it compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands, but it works well with other smart devices that use If This Then That (IFTTT) applets.

Devices for Security and Upkeep

It won’t be a smart device if it’s not smart enough to keep unwanted visitors out or if it can’t clean-up for itself. Smart home devices take security and upkeep to a whole new level with their amazing coding and ease of communicating information to you in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking to monitor and protect your home or simply keep it clean, these smart home devices are a must for you.

Security cameras and locks

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to monitoring your house since you can never go wrong with a smart security camera. Take, for example, Arlo Ultra, Wyze Cam Outdoor, and SimCam 1S AI Home Security Camera for your HD real-time home security camera. Both Wyze and SimCam are compatible with IFTTT applets and work well with Google Assistant and Alexa. The devices mentioned above all offer up to 1080p video and accurate motion detection to guarantee that your house is 100% monitored at all times.

When it comes to locking and keeping unwanted guests in the house, investing in smart locks may be the next beneficial step to protecting your home. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a good buy to start off your very own smart home improvements. Not only is it easy to install, but it supports Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and other third-party platforms, making it very versatile and convenient.

Robot maids

Aside from protecting your home from outsiders, you got to protect it from the filth lying inside too. Lucky for you, robot vacuums and mops are in high supply in the market right now. A good investment would be the notable Roomba s9+ with its built-in sensor and camera-based navigation.

Other worthy investments are Ecovavs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI and iRobotBraava Jet m6 since both of which are perfect as nifty cleaners. Both come with long battery lives, AI pathing, and sweeping and mopping services, making them a fine addition to the smart home family.

Smart Choices On Smart Home Devices To Change 2021


Life has gotten so much easier with the integration of the internet and technology to aid the comfortable and efficient living. The future wherein society dreamt of robot maids and voice-activated homes aren’t at all wishful thinking anymore since you, yourself, can get yours too. From having complete control over your automated living space to making sure your home is safe, technology has become part of our lives.

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