Perfect Smart Home Hubs For Controlling Your Device

Perfect Smart Home Hubs Towards Controlling Your Device

Smart hubs are standalone devices used by people with a smart home environment. They also come with multipurpose models like displays, speakers, and WiFi routers.

If you plan to start building your own house with a smart home kind of ecosystem, the hardest thing is to assure that your devices at home should be compatible with the others. The fact that not all of these hubs are completely integrated with other devices, however, there are great solutions to let you afford control over the other. This may include locks, speakers, smart lights, thermostat, camera as well as all kinds of apps instead of a dozen.

Perfect Smart Home Hubs Towards Controlling Your Device

Since most of the hubs these days already comes in different multipurpose models, it makes it easy for people to achieve their goals in their homes. On that note, you need not have your own dedicated hub just to connect smart speakers into the security system. For instance, your smart speaker at home can already be a hub. This is the reason why there are huge numbers of hybrid choices you may consider perfect for your personal preferences and needs at home.

Quick Glimpse With The Best Smart Hubs and How to Buy One

When it comes to smart hubs offered in the market, there are lots of things you need to consider. First, you need to consider the kind of smart hubs you are going to purchase to assure that it fits your needs. Then, you also need to consider some features to look into the hub to avoid regrets and problems to arise.

Top Five Hubs Perfect For You

Are you still confused as to what kind of hub you are going to purchase? Well, no need to worry anymore since there are already five perfect hubs for you. These hubs feature only the best specifications, designs, and compatibility you are looking for.

Amazon Echo Fourth Generation

Along with the spherical design of the Amazon Echo Fourth Generation, this kind of speaker also offers updated features. It can be connected to other smart home products such as built-in Alexa and Zigbee devices. It also features manual buttons for turning Alexa on, volume adjustment, and audio output at about 3.5mm.

Samsung SmarThing WiFi

This kind of hub has the ability to control any kind of smart device. This includes a control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Honeywell, Philips Hue, Ecobee, Arlo, and Schlage. It also features Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Z-wave connectivity. Since this WiFi kind of router is small at about 1,500 square feet, you need a combination of multiple hubs if you have a larger home.

Perfect Smart Home Hubs Towards Controlling Your Device

Nest Hub Max of Google

This hub features compatibility with Ring, Arlo, Philips Hue Light, Wink, and Samsung SmartThings home devices. Nest Hub can also replace smart speaker or tablet, functions as both while performing as main center control of smart devices. Its smart display is also a great addition inside your kitchen since it has voice control and a built-in type of stand where you can play videos, music, stream television, and a lot more.

Logitech Harmony Hubs

Logitech Harmony Hubs make use of a special app where you are given the chance to turn any smartphone to be an excellent kind of universal remote. Its small box utilizes WiFi and Bluetooth to be connected up to eight devices from the television and gaming consoles which are wireless to your lighting and smart speakers. You also need an extender to effectively connect it to Z-Wave and Zigbee devices however it is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Homepad Mini by Apple

This is perfect if you choose to use Siri than Alexa. It is also suitable if you have other kinds of products at home offered by Apple. Despite the fact that Siri is not considered to be the best kind of voice assistant, it is continuously doing its part to improve the devices it are offering.

Which Hub is Best For You

Since most of the smart devices these days come with voice or app assistant for their control, you don’t need smart hubs anymore. However, if you start adding some devices inside your home, you may aim to streamline automation to your home. This is through connecting all of the devices into one kind of device wherein you have effective control of them through voice or a single app assistant.

Features to Look After in A Smart Hub

While there was cross-compatibility to the third party of the smart home brand, there is no guarantee that any kind of singular hub will be compatible with different devices. This is the reason why settling into one brand of smart home type of system is a must. This may include Amazon Alexa’s, Google Nest, or even Apple Homepad. Before you try to purchase smart hubs, you need to take all of the current smart home devices you have at home to determine their compatibility with other systems.

One essential feature you need to consider is the connectivity of the hub in Bluetooth or WiFi. Apart from that, consider also if it supports Z-wave or Zigbee connections. Most of the smart devices these days can be connected to WiFi but Z-Wave offers a mesh wireless connection that will never interfere with the signal of your WiFi.  Apart from that, it also utilized less battery.

On the other hand, Zigbee functions the same but the wireless connection it provides operates only at a higher frequency. This only means that it can only interfere with WiFi having 2.4 gigahertz though it is faster and can support other devices. You also need to check the bandwidth of your WiFi to assure that it can also handle more devices on a certain network.

Perfect Smart Home Hubs Towards Controlling Your Device

How Smart Hubs are Rated and Selected?

The best smart hubs offered in the market are rated and selected based on the ten expert and well-known sources and almost 90,000 consumer reviews. To know the expert score, the ratings coming from the different trusted publications such as Tom’s Guide, CNET, PCMag are studied and were able to be converted into a 100 pointing scale. The consumer score clearly represents the percentage of all the people who rated and bought the hubs on review and retail sites like Best Buy and Amazon.


If you plan to have the best kind of smart home environment, purchasing the best kind of smart home hub is the best thing to do. Just make sure that you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills on how you’re going to choose the best one based on its features, capability, and specifications. Apart from that, the reviews and rate of the smart home hubs can also be a great help to choose the right one.

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