List of the Best Smart Kettles

List of the Best Smart Kettles

While ordinary plug-in kettles were a major step up over their stovetop equivalents, everything has stayed the same, the essential routine of brewing up like the modern smart kettle.

Why not get a brew going without getting up and doing it yourself if you live in a smart home and can control your lights and other fixtures with your phone or voice? 

Connected kettles are an elegantly straightforward invention. Even though there aren’t many options available just now, if you decide to leap into the future, you’ll want to be sure you choose wisely.  

The ideal cup of coffee is just a touch away when you have one of these in your arsenal, and frequently with temperature control. A word of caution: Finding one can be challenging because these kettles frequently go out of stock quickly. 

We have also collected a list of the best smart kettles for your review. If you need help with what to look for in a connected kettle, see the buying tips section that follows this list. 

Smart Kettle by Weekett

List of the Best Smart Kettles

A smart kettle may seem convenient, but is it? The WeeKett Smart Wi-Fi Kettle certainly hopes so, but even without smart capabilities, this is still a fantastic kettle because it has several temperature settings.

This Smart kettle is a sizable kettle with a maximum capacity of 1.7 liters and a minimum boil of 500 ml. The fill lines on the side of the kettle, indicated in liters rather than cups, can be challenging to see. There are controls on the front that allow you to choose between 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, and 100°C.

The majority of hot beverage types are included in that range. There are more temperature options after the kettle is connected to the app; you can select anything between 40°C and 100°C in 1°C increments. You may ask Alexa or Google Assistant to do the same thing: “Alexa, heat the kettle to 40°C.”

Naturally, before remotely starting the kettle to boil, you must have the water full and ready to begin. If you do, finding a newly boiled kettle can be neat.

This kettle is not the fastest because the heating element only has a 2.2kW capacity. In our experiments, boiling 500ml of water took 1m40s. Even more impressively, you won’t need to reboil the WeeKett Smart Wi-Fi Kettle frequently because it holds heat efficiently.

This multi-temperature kettle is reasonably priced for a nice kettle, and the added convenience of the advanced functions makes it even better.

Smarter iKettle

List of the Best Smart Kettles

The Smarter iKettle Original is among the few “smart” kettles. It has all the standard electric kettle characteristics and app connectivity to manage and control it from your phone. You may engage in a stay-warm setting and access practical features like scheduling when you want the kettle to boil using the app.

You can purchase the original Smarter iKettle for $129 from The most common color is stainless steel, although it’s also offered in white, light gray, dark gray, white, and rose gold.

The maximum capacity of the Smarter iKettle Original is a whopping 1.8 liters, or roughly slightly over seven cups of tea. No minimum capacity is specified, though. There are no markers within the kettle, no references to them in the directions, and neither is there any hint in the app or online. However, according to the online Smarter support website, it is equipped with boil dry protection, so if filled to an excessively low level, it shouldn’t harm itself or present a safety risk. But there needs to be more direct. 

The kettle is fairly large, measuring 10.8 x 8.3 x 6.1 inches, and it weighs 6.7 pounds when it is full. Given that it has the highest capacity, the extra weight is to be expected.

The kettle has a button on its base that can be used to manually turn it on or control it via the Smarter app. It emits audible noises while it boils, and a base-mounted indicator light turns on.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

List of the Best Smart Kettles

The Mi Smart Kettle is a small, portable device with companion software that, despite some shaky translations, does a respectable job of getting you started using Bluetooth.

However, there are many possibilities, and we also really like the minimalist design Xiaomi chose for its base station and the all-white color scheme.

Xiaomi’s kettle is a fantastic option despite lacking some bells and whistles seen in more expensive kettles because of its superb design, affordable price, and attractive appearance.

Sage Smart Kettle

List of the Best Smart Kettles

The Sage Smart Kettle is a jug kettle with a base that houses various high-tech controls. These let you boil water and heat it to any temperature between 80 and 1000 degrees Celsius in 50-degree increments, making them ideal for preparing various tea varieties. There is also a 20-minute stay in warm mode.

The jug has an appealing black lacquered finish, and the base is brushed stainless steel. At 990g, it is light in hand.

Seven buttons, which is astounding for a kettle, are on the base. But at least it shows how simple the controls are. The preferred temperature is not displayed. Instead, you can choose from 800C, 850C, 900C, 950C, or 1000C using five buttons. The kettle is turned on, and another person instructs it to stay heated.

The Sage is a pleasure to fill and has a great feel in hand. The lid gently rises when you press the button at the top of the handle, providing a wide neck to fill and making it simple to clean. It also pours clearly.

The controls, consisting of a row of buttons across the front, are intuitive and well-known to anyone who has used previous Sage products. 

Final Words

Smart kettles are the best choice if you only have one kitchen appliance. From preparing cups of tea or coffee to boiling water for cooking, the kettle gets a solid workout every day in smart homes. Selecting the best kettle for your needs is critical, so we have compiled a list of the top smart kettles. 

Unexpectedly, you no longer need to rely on electric kettles, and buying one of the smart kettles described above will undoubtedly help you if you want to enhance your smart home. 

You can always go right with these smart kettles if you love coffee or tea.

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