How Does Artificial Intelligence Provide Convenience?

How Does Artificial Intelligence Provide Convenience?

Everyone is in love with a lifestyle filled with simplicity, convenience, and free time. It grants you a few extra minutes to relax or enrich your hobbies. Thankfully, such a lifestyle is now possible thanks to new technology. 

AI powers many programs that make life more efficient. And machine learning technology takes it up a notch. The devices learn your behavior and, therefore, can predict what you want at what time. Some examples of Ai in daily life are smartphones, smart home devices, and smart cars.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Provide Convenience?

With smart home devices and AI-powered tools, you can add convenience to your hobbies. There are eBook readers, plan-identifying applications, smart indoor gardens, and AI-powered appliances. These show that AI is a gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how these devices and concepts provide convenience.

Smart Gardening

Gardening is fun and relaxing, especially when you see how beautiful the area has become. Of course, you need to ensure the plants survive to make your garden flourish. Whether you admit it or not, it can be a hassle sometimes. You may forget to water them when you are busy. And what happens when you are on a trip and no one’s home?

Smart gardens – powered with AI – help make things easier. They contain LED grow lights that help the plant survive. Furthermore, they monitor the plant’s condition and notify you when they need more food or water. Smart lights send this information to your phone.

Also, you can use your phone to adjust the settings of your smart garden. Depending on the smart garden you adopt, you could also use Alexa and other smart home devices to control your garden.

You are not the only gardener if you have a smart garden. An AI that is controlling other AI also gardens for you.

Has a plant you don’t know captured your attention? Perhaps you shied away from it because you’re clueless about taking care of it. Plant identification apps can help you in situations like that. The best thing about these apps is they are very easy to use. Take a photo of the plant in question. The app will use artificial intelligence to identify it. It will tell you how to take care of the said plant. Also, it will tell you if it has a disease or is poisonous.

eBooks and eReaders

Book lovers are blessed with eBooks. With these, they can bring their favorite novels wherever they go without bringing physical books. You only need to bring your phone or eReader as opposed to many books. Thus, this tech adds the convenience of being portable and lightweight.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Provide Convenience?

eBooks are also becoming more popular thanks to new useful features. You can adjust screen brightness and font size. But where does AI come in on this?

eReaders can now translate novels from one language to another, thanks to AI. Thus, they make literature more accessible. 

Smart Homes

A smart home is a place where you can see AI in action. Here, you can see how artificial intelligence provides convenience by simplifying daily activities.

Let’s start with vacuum cleaners. Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard of Roomba and similar products. These are robot vacuum cleaners that clean your floor on their own. You only need to turn these self-running devices on or off and let them do their magic.

In the kitchen, you may find smart refrigerators and ovens. The former monitors its contents and notifies you when you are low on something that’s usually stocked. The latter uses AI to identify how to ensure what you put in it would not end up over or undercooked. Some smart kitchen appliances can also provide you with healthy meal options.

Smart thermostats are also getting smarter. With machine learning, they can track your habits. Thus, they can ensure your house is always at the right temperature to make you as comfortable as one can be in their own home.

Smart lighting that turns on automatically after detecting motion is also a thing. These smart light bulbs help illuminate walkways.

These devices use cameras and sensors to power the AI behind them. For example, robot vacuum cleaners use sensors to detect if there is a human, pet, or object on their path. The AI then automatically adjusts the vacuum’s cleaning route.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Provide Convenience?

Regardless of what tech smart devices use to power AI, they all have one goal. That is to lessen your time cooking, cleaning, and doing chores and increase your time for your hobbies and relaxing.

AI and Smart Tech Bringing Convenience to a Whole New Level

New developments in technology pop up almost every day. Thus, life is becoming increasingly easier. And technology has not yet reached the summit. The youth knows tech can offer more convenience, adaptability, and ease of use – and they are demanding it. You can’t ignore AI’s role in making those advances possible. 

Forbes sat down with Peter Voss, CEO and chief scientist behind Aigo. They talked about how artificial intelligence is poised to make people’s lives more convenient.

Voss says that AI will manage your life in the future. Voice assistants have been a thing for a while. But they aren’t in their final form. Voss says that there may come a time when they can actually interact with you. Think of JARVIS from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Voss, AI will also increase your quality of life. And it’s hard to disagree with that. New smart home devices spring up like mushrooms. They offer new features that make life easier than you could imagine. And with Matter coming this year, AI improving your quality of life is basically guaranteed.

Consequently, AI will free up more of your time. Since you don’t have to do as many chores, you can use your time on something more meaningful. You can work on your hobbies or side hustles more comfortably. That, for sure, will help you live a more fulfilled life.

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