Attention Fresh Grads: Here are the Smart Gadgets You Should Buy

Attention Fresh Grads: Here are the Smart Gadgets You Should Buy

Finally, you have worn your graduation cap. You have finished college and are now looking to face the real world. Life outside academia is different, and so you may find navigating it uncomfortable. Since you will be facing stress – and possibly anxiety – it’s best to ensure you have things to make the journey more comfortable. And nothing can accomplish that better than smart home devices.

Here are some smart home devices that we recommend you check out. These will help you live a more comfortable and convenient adult life.

To parents, uncles, and aunties: you should pay attention too. You can get graduation gift ideas from this list.

Without further ado, here are the smart devices that will help fresh graduates navigate the workforce and life on their own.


Attention Fresh Grads: Here are the Smart Gadgets You Should Buy

The pandemic made many companies opt for remote work setups. In this kind of setup, employees have to attend virtual meetings through platforms like Zoom. And so, getting a quality webcam is a great idea.

Lumina is the world’s first AI-powered webcam, and it is amazing. First of all, it is super easy to install. Just plug in the USB type C cable to your computer. This webcam peripheral will then connect automatically. You can attach it to the top of your PC or use an independent camera stand.

Lumina boasts the ability to capture DSLR-quality videos. Its smart and adaptive color correction system boosts and mutes colors while keeping skin tones natural. So, you’ll look more professional in your video calls. 

Moreover, modern AI powers this webcam. Its AI Cameraman follows you and puts you in the center of the frame throughout your call. Thus, you will remain at focus even if you move. 

Also, it has a “focus on you” mode. It creates a beautiful bokeh effect by artfully blurring the background. So, it’s not much of a problem if you forgot to put away a pile of laundry behind you. Your webcam will hide it for you.

Lumina also features an interface that simplifies making adjustments. You can configure the look exactly how you want it. Alternatively, you can use the “auto” feature and let the AI do its magic. 

Overall, this smart webcam will help fresh grads land jobs easier and give them an air of professionalism.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Charging Dock

Attention Fresh Grads: Here are the Smart Gadgets You Should Buy

Punctuality plays a huge role in adults’ lives. And fresh graduates are going to learn that. They will need to be on time for work or interviews. So, an alarm clock is a great gift idea. But not just any alarm clock; it’s best to opt for ones with smart features. 

Consider the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Charging Dock. This smart home device acts as a personal assistant. It helps you organize your days with alarms and reminders.

Additionally, it allows you to check on traffic, weather reports, or news briefings. You can ask it those questions verbally because it has Google Assistant built-in. 

Furthermore, you can use this smart alarm clock to automate your home. It is compatible with 50,000 devices. For instance, you can use the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 to open your smart blinds to let the sun in as you wake up. Likewise, you can use it to adjust your thermostat or start your smart coffee maker. In short, this device will let you accomplish small tasks in the morning, even before you get out of bed.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 also features front-firing speakers. These ensure louder and crisper sounds. So, it ensures that its owner wakes up when needed. And owners can set the alarm tone they want – they can even use their favorite song. Furthermore, the speakers enable the smart alarm clock to function like an intercom. Users can broadcast their voices to other speakers and smart devices in their homes.

This smart clock also features a touch screen display. Its clock face shows the time, weather, and even a photo of the user’s choosing. 

And as the name suggests, this smart alarm clock also has a charging dock you can use for your phone.

Samsung Smart Slim Microwave

Attention Fresh Grads: Here are the Smart Gadgets You Should Buy

Some people are great cooks, while some don’t even know how to fry eggs. And so, getting yourself a microwave is a good call. The Samsung Smart Slim Microwave is the best option for fresh graduates.

This smart cooker adjusts cooking time accordingly, ensuring the meal is neither undercooked nor overcooked. So, fresh grads can eat perfectly cooked food even if they are clueless about how long they should microwave it. This smart cooker also automatically reads the humidity and more.

The Samsung Smart Slim Microwave is compatible with Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. So, it can easily fit in any smart home ecosystem. 

Also, this smart kitchen appliance is an over-the-hood installation. Its smart features include turning on the lights and ventilation as soon as it detects the stovetop is in use. So, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to activate the airflow.


Attention Fresh Grads: Here are the Smart Gadgets You Should Buy

Adult life is stressful. And so, fresh grads need to use their free time to relax so they would not go insane. Some of the things they can do are stream shows or play video games. You need a good TV to truly enjoy these activities. The LG C is a solid choice.

This smart TV comes with an array of built-in streaming services; it includes Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. Finding your favorite shows or the new hot ones will surely be easy. 

If you are into gaming, this TV is an even better choice. It is an NVIDIA G-SYNC-certified device, meaning manufacturers optimized it for your gaming needs. 

Last, like many smart home devices, this TV has support for voice control. It is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This TV comes in different sizes – 48-, 55-, 65-, 77- and 83-inches. Choose the model most appropriate for your space.

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