Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan Review

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Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan Review

Do not start to think that smart home ideas are going to die off anytime soon. Just when you thought it was stopping at the kitchen appliances, electronics, and the intelligent voice controls, then down-dropped the amazing automated Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan. It turns out it is not only electronics that should be smart. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan comes to transform your home’s every room to the appropriate humidity levels as well as the lighting system. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan is a two-in-one device that has both the fan and the lighting integrated into its underside, both working together to make your life at home comfortable and more bearable especially in places with extremely hot temperatures and high humidity.

What Consists of the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan?

The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan is automated and incorporated with smart, intelligent functions that are designed to include motion sensors and sensors that notice when the temperatures rise and fall. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan can also note the time of the day and adjust accordingly when night falls and when day breaks.

It has inbuilt SenseME technology. The SenseME technology is one great advancement that is now applied to smart home devices like the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fans. This technology allows for the fans and light bulbs to study the general environment and internalize it such that it begins to make changes in its speed and light brightness depending on the changes in the environment.

Allows for several integrations. Since all these devices are going to be used in your home, integrating most of them to work together will be like having many several assistants with one chief assistant. Integrate the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan with devices like the Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, and other devices for a more efficient function. The devices communicate and act on the necessary adjustments.

In-built motion sensors. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan has in-built motion-sensing technology that makes it even more efficient. As you enter the room, the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan will sense it, and automatically the lights will turn or as well as the fan. This is a smart move to prevent you from using the switches to switch lights and fans on and off any time you go in and out a room.

Nature-mimicking modes. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan will surprise you more. The smart ceiling device has technology that can bring the beach breeze right to your coach via the Whoosh mode that can be activated on the device. The night or sleep mode to acts by lowering the temperatures to suit your preference, and dimming out the lights to the same extent, as well as lowering the fan speed to ensure you wake up in your ideal temperature; not too hot or too cold.

Saves you money. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan is quite efficient and has a lot of energy-saving tips that are effortless and real. The LED lights that come with the fan themselves reduce your electricity consumption by great milestones, thereby helping you to save so much in the long run on the heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Smart heating systems. Try the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan and experience a total difference in your heating systems. During the cold season, the heating system adjusts accordingly to minimize heat loss and wastage. This smart technology works by pushing down the warm air that lingers on the ceiling down to your level so that you get the most out of the heat.

Smart cooler system. In the hot days or seasons, the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan steps in again to help you conserve energy on the cooling system in the home.  The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan adjusts the thermostat higher so that you feel less heat and more breezy, keeping you comfortable and easy.

Smart lighting system. Adjust the settings on your Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan so that the device learns as much as possible your preferences and acts on them. When you go to sleep, the lights dim to a friendly level so that it is not too bright when you have to get up in the middle of the night. As if that is not enough, when it is time for you to read, the bulbs will dim accordingly. This eventually saves you a lot of energy while at the same time keeping your home just as you like it; comfortable.

The convenient Haiku home app. Use the Haiku Home app to set your preferences on the lighting, fan speed, cooling, and heating systems. Include the time specifications and periods as well. Use the Haiku Home app to integrate the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan with several of your smart home devices so that they can work together for you. You can program all your devices to suit your preferences as well as customize the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan to keep working even when you are away from home to make it look like you are home to keep burglars away.

In a Nutshell

The Haiku Home App is pretty easy to scroll through and has a smart aura around it so that you get quick guidelines as you set up your Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan preferences and integrations. Note that the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan comes with its own LED bulbs so you might have to replace the existing ones for a smarter home. With the Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan, you do not have to manually operate any device or system; you only need to ensure you have set it up correctly to avoid any setbacks. The Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan operates on the SenseME technology which in its way is a working brain triggered to sense you and your schedules. All future smart homes have their eyes on this one, especially the fact that it can be integrated with all the other devices in your home. Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan is the ultimate choice for you in keeping your smart home smarter and in check.

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