Google Plans Shutting Down Efficiently Android Things

Google Plans Shutting Down Efficiently Android Things

Google plans Android Things to be shut down which is another version of Androids for your smart devices at home. However, it’s not a loss but an expansion entry.

The OS will never get off its ground in relation to its shut down. Hence, it is not considered to be a great loss to all. It is another chance for another entry for the expansive graveyard of Google. This is the reason why people hearing this news unexpectedly need not worry at all because it is not the end of Android things.

Google Plans Shutting Down Efficiently Android Things

Shutting down Android things provides worries to all especially those who are already fond of these things. However, developers can’t do anything but follow. They just need to adjust and adapt to the expansion that Google is planning in relation to the shut down of Android Things.

What is Android Things and How It was Put To End

As far as Android Things is concerned, it is a development platform for different smart devices. This makes it easy for those hardware companies to begin creating their own gadget. It allows Google to handle some software as well as intelligence features while the main work of hardware is to code it using Android tools they are very familiar to use.

The Impact of Android Things

With the launch of Android Things, people are really surprised and amazed as to how this would help them. Although it is not as simple and clear as to how this kind of development platform helps, one thing is for sure it has its features to simplifies everything. This is especially helpful for those gadgets which are on their ending process.

However, this does not necessarily mean that if a gadget will be considered part of Android Things, it will be an accessory of Android. Android Things seemed to be very helpful in cementing the dominance of Android in the market. However, its launch in the market is not a success since it was planned to be shut down. This is the reason why excitement and interest of the people who are really a fan of Android Things vanished.

Get a Quick Glimpse About Smart Home Devices

As far as smart home devices are concerned, people are really aware and interested in these things especially those gadgets offered in the market. They really wanted to have the best devices to promote a smart home environment all around the corners of their home.  However, with the shut down of Android things, people are really shocked thinking that some of these smart home gadgets will be greatly affected. Developers are also greatly affected by this shut down especially those who have just created their own projects with Google.

How Android Things Started and Ended

Smart home projects started in the year 2015 under Brillo. This project was meant to give underlying operating systems for those what they called the “internet of things.” In the year 2016, Google unexpectedly revamped Brillo.  They were able to relaunch another important thing and that is Android things. This kind of initiative of Google was meant to operate on products such as security cameras, connected speakers, and routers. As people rely on the use of Android, the operating system is expected to be famous and simple to understand to those developers. Apart from that, it can be easy and simple for people to get started.

Then after that nothing happened. In the year 2018, there are already smart displays and smart speakers offered in the market that uses underlying OS features. However the problem is that no other businesses or companies show interest in this kind of thing. Apart from that, in February year 2019 Google announced that they are going to refocus on Android Things to emphasized only smart displays and smart speakers.

Its Unexpected Shutdown

Two years after, Android Things is on its track to be unexpectedly shut down. The Console of Android Things which allow developers to push some updates on their devices will now stop accepting those non-commercial project beginning the 5th of January 2021. After that, on the same day of January 5, 2022, the console will completely be turned down. Apart from that, all those project data will also be deleted permanently. This gives developers one year to completely wind down all Android Things projects which they’ve already created.

Google Plans Shutting Down Efficiently Android Things

Android Things failed to effectively conquer those IoT spaces. Apart from that, Google did not even create a device that is primarily based on OS. Its own speakers and displays make use of modified versions of the platform of Google instead. Although it is not easy for Google to shut down Android Things, they just need to do their part and be fair to all especially to the developers.

How Google Address the Issue?

Google was able to help developers to cope up with the shut down of Android Things. They were able to write detailed answers to help those developers who are seeking answers to their questions. They were also given some updates in relation to the shut down of the platform.  They were also given information on the things they need to do especially those developers who created their current projects.

This only means to say that despite the fact that Google shut down Android Things, they will never let their developers experienced any hassle or problem at all. They wanted to make everything fall smoothly and effectively despite the shutdown. They would never let their developers be alone and experienced the downfall by themselves. Apart from that, they’ve raised hope to their developers that everything will fall into place the soonest as possible.

Google Plans Shutting Down Efficiently Android Things


It is considered to be an inglorious and saddest ending for the Android Things project. For more than five years they’ve also created their own dent, history, and impact on the landscape especially when it comes to smart devices at home. As soon as smart home gadgets or devices started to boom in the market, it really created a huge impact on all. However, the shut down of Android Things is not a loss but another door for new expansions of Google that would also arouse your interest.

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