Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

We give gifts to people important to us during holidays or their birthdays. But no matter how long we’ve known them, we aren’t sure what to give them as a present.

Here’s a tip. Is your friend an owner of a smart home? Because if they are, giving them smart devices they can add to their home is a fantastic idea. The same goes if the one you are giving the gift to is yourself.

Now, smart home devices are not the cheapest. So, you have to be wealthy to gift devices to others. But the trick is not thinking of smart refrigerators and washing machines. Instead, opt for smaller devices and smart home accessories.

Find some ideas from this article.

Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24

Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

This camera is one of the high-quality and affordable options out there. It features a 2K video resolution, a 360-degree pan, and a 96-degree tilt. Furthermore, it comes with a 32 GB memory card. It also has intelligent pet and person detection, a built-in alarm, night vision, and two-way audio.

Users can connect this camera to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. That gives them complete control over their surveillance.

This camera is perfect for people who either live alone or in apartments where it’s impossible to set up a proper security system.

The best thing about this is it costs less than $50.

Smart Doorbells

Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

You or your friend probably ordered lots of items for this event. Also, you are probably as busy as a bee and are often not at home. So, there might be no one at home to receive the packages when they arrive.

The problem is others don’t respect others and take packages left at someone else’s door.

With that said, a smart doorbell is, with no doubt, a great gift. It will give you or your friend peace of mind because, with them, you can ensure your packages are safe until you get home. You can also talk to the delivery team using the video doorbell’s two-way audio feature.

If you live in a Control4 smart home, there’s no better option than the Chime Doorbell. However, realistically speaking, you can only give that to yourself because it costs $400. If you plan to gift it to your friend or you are not in the Control4 ecosystem, a Ring Video Doorbell is your best choice. It goes as low as $99.

The Ring Video Doorbell notifies you when someone rings it, or it detects motion. You can also set quick replies to ask visitors to leave a message when you are busy. That’s like having an answering machine for your front door. And with a Ring Protect subscription, you will also get notifications when a package is detected within the specified zone.

This smart doorbell features a crisp, crisp 1080p HD resolution. And with improved image sensors and sharp contrast, even the night can’t stop you from seeing every detail.

You can use your smartphone to control this device. 

Eve Door & Window Sensor

Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

Smart sensors are small but terrible. This device, in particular, has many benefits. It will immediately notify you when you left the door or window open when the AC or heating is on. That will allow your giftee to conserve energy.

Aside from that, your giftee can also use it to improve the security in their home. It works with many other devices. So, when it detects someone has broken into the house at night, it can set off the alarm and sound the alarms.

The Eve Door & Window Sensor supports Bluetooth and Thread (it automatically joins the Thread network in the home). It is also very easy to install. 


Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

You can’t use smart plugs on some devices because they require you to push some buttons. There could be smart alternatives to those, but that could cause you a lot. Unless your friend is very dear to you or the occasion is very special, you would not think of giving those as gifts.

You can give them a SwitchBot instead. This cute little robot pushes the buttons you need to push. You can use it to turn on your computer, water boiler, or even pet feeder. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, HomePod, and IFTTT. With this robot, your giftee can make automating their home easier.

The SwitchBot is also cheaper than other smart devices, making it perfect for gift-giving.

Kasa Smart Plug Strip HS300

Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

We’ve mentioned smart plugs above. They work great as presents too. The Kasa Smart Plug has 6 outlets, which you can control individually. It can allow your giftee to turn their ‘dumb’ devices and appliances into smart ones. Also, it has 3 USB ports you can use to charge your devices.

The Kasa Smart Plug Strip HS300 also has ETL-certified surge protection. It shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges that can cause irreparable damage.

On top of that, this smart plug allows homeowners to reduce energy consumption. The user can monitor how much energy each device connected to the power strip consumes in the Kasa Smart app. Then, they can turn off the ones that are using too much power.

This smart plug is controllable from anywhere with the Kasa Smart app. Also, it supports remote control via voice control. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

This is a great gift idea because no one can ever have too many of these plugs. They’d appreciate it even if they already have one.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub

Gift Ideas for Smart Home Owners

Perhaps your friend loves their car so much. In that case, a smart garage door opener is a great gift idea. They can use this device to open their garage door using their smartphone. Moreover, it will alert them when the door opens and closes. So, it can give them a sense of security. They can also use the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub to set schedules for their garage door.

And that’s it. Whether the gift is for you or your friend, you can never go wrong with any of these devices.

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