Getting To Know Recessed Door Sensor

Getting To Know Recessed Door Sensor

Door sensors are a significant factor in any smart home security system since they alert you when someone enters your home. Such devices are composed of two pieces that constitute a circuit when connected in parallel. Many door sensors are surface placed, which means that a small contact or sensor is installed on the door frame, and a magnet is positioned right adjacent to the sensor on the door itself. 

The magnet is withdrawn from the sensor whenever the door is opened, allowing the connection to be broken and an alert to sound. A recessed door sensor operates the same way as a standard door sensor, but the contact and magnets are disguised or recessed within the doors and door frame.

Getting To Know Recessed Door Sensor

Therefore, your home needs a tool to determine if the door is open or locked. In most cases, the recessed doorway sensor is in your home’s security system. 

Door Sensors Use and Maintenance

Depending on the security system, you can tailor the alert you wish to get when a door opens. You can have an audible alarm ring when a door is open, or you can have the alarm trigger discreetly, warning your home’s security and informing you of a security attack.

No door sensor is indestructible. The sensor may be broken, the switch may fail, and wireless sensors may run out of batteries. If a door sensor is causing false alerts or malfunctioning, contact your home security firm immediately to replace it. 

When it concerns installation, the majority of them are simple. Attach one portion of the sensor to the door and the other to the frame with strong adhesive.

The two parts must be put directly next to each other, with only a small space between them. The parts cannot interact if they are too far apart or not parallel to one another, and the reed switch and magnet will not form a circuit.

Recessed door sensors are more difficult to install because they require a large drill bit to construct chambers for the sensors; keep the drill as flat and straight as feasible while going slowly.

That said, here is one of the recessed door sensors you should consider using at home. 

2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345

If you thought thieves were the only ones who were devious, you were mistaken; your home is also naughty. Thus, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 will provide the covert level of safety your home requires.

This door sensor is useful for keeping the design of your home in addition to providing protection.

Since the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is built to be readily integrated into a smart home, these advantages are instantly apparent. It is simple to set up and can work with any home automation system.

The Beauty of 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345

At first glimpse, old door sensors are evident. It is because they are mounted to the surface of the door. They may wreck the aspect of your door for the same rationale since they can differentiate the foundation of your door.

Meanwhile, you will put 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 inside a gap in your door frame. The door sensor will be disguised in plain sight in this manner, making it stealthy.

The inconspicuous installation of a door sensor has virtually no impact on the appearance of your door. You may therefore appreciate its look in its most natural state.


If you’re considering energy conservation, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is your door sensor.

Getting To Know Recessed Door Sensor

The battery life of the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is one year. Given that a battery powers it, it has little impact on your energy expenses and eliminates the need for battery replacement for an entire year.

Replacing the batteries of a 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is equally simple; changing the battery requires only lifting a finger. Remove the door sensor from its cavity, replace its battery, and reinstall it in your door.

Wireless Available

Wires are inconvenient because they tangle and deteriorate with time. Once entirely degraded, they may fail to work normally or produce electrical problems.

On the other hand, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is wireless and also functions as a Z-Wave Plus door sensor. It may also cover a distance of up to 492 feet.

Secured Device

Although door sensors defend your home, the device must also be secure. As a result, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 employs Aeotec’s Gen5, which means the device is protected by AES 128-bit communications encryption. It eliminates the possibility of unidentified parties accessing your smart device.

The 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is a cutting-edge smart home device. It is one of the most recent advancements in door sensor technology. It provides the safety benefits to which every homeowner is entitled.

Difference Between Traditional Door Sensors and the Recessed Door Sensor

The stealth that a 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor could provide is not available from traditional door sensors. The exterior of an old door sensor model is installed. As a result, these vintage designs stand out at first glimpse.

On the other hand, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 is small and ‘invisible,’ requiring you to make a hole within your door frame to operate it. Placing it within the hollow will keep it out of view. Your home security will benefit from the obscurity.

When your security system detects an unidentified movement, it will alarm you. This siren would be loud enough to startle the intruder and warn them away from your house.

Getting To Know Recessed Door Sensor

Moreover, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 can tell you whether or not you have unlocked the door. It will inform you whether or not you failed to lock the door. As a result, you will no longer expose your house to intruders.


Recessed door sensors are perfect for homes or companies not simply because you desire your space to be safe yet also because any element of the security system put on the door itself would be unacceptable.

Due to its tiny size and increased interference from behind a door or door frame, wireless recessed connections or door sensors have a reduced wireless range.

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