Getting to Know Panic Button System

Getting to Know Panic Button System

When most people think of home security, they envision devices that keep your home safe even when you’re away. Security cameras capture footage of break-ins while you’re away on vacation. Motion detectors notify you when someone is in your home. Also, home safes prevent thieves from stealing your valuables. 

But what if you are at home and need immediate help? So, what security device can assist you?

Getting to Know Panic Button System

You can use panic alarms in various situations, and it is reliable. Let’s consider what you should know if you’re considering getting a panic alarm. You need these smart home devices to give you peace of mind and keep you safe. It is an excellent addition to any smart home security system, making your life easier!

What is Panic Button System?

Individuals panic in emergencies. It prevents them from dialing an emergency number quickly or correctly, resulting in a delay in notifying authorities. Installing a panic button system in your home will allow you to complete this task faster and with little effort.

Panic alarms have a panic button and a communications system, sending a signal to emergency personnel when activated. In times of pressure, they can be set to either blare a loud, intimidating alarm or silently alert the police to your emergency. 

They tell the police about your emergencies without you having to physically call for help. It is useful in situations where calling the police would be dangerous. They are a quick and efficient way to call for help.

How Do Panic Alarms Work?

The panic alarm system has two main components: the button and the communications system. And when you activate a panic alarm, the two components work together to contact emergency response personnel. 

The Panic Button

Someone has to press the panic button for the alarm in panic alarm to sound. Panic buttons aim to prevent accidental activation and are available in various styles. These styles are single-push, multi-push, alternating, squeeze, step, pattern, and code buttons.

Some more buttons can store many contacts, allowing you to contact different authorities using codes. You can use one code to contact the fire department and another to contact the police. Whatever style of panic button you have, you must know how to use it. People often rely on impulse when reacting to emergencies because they are stressful. In a true emergency, choosing a code you know by heart or a pattern that is easy to remember will save you valuable time and anxiety.

Some panic buttons have cables, and others are wireless, each with advantages and disadvantages. Wireless panic alarm systems are popular over wired panic alarm systems for various reasons. Wireless systems are easier to use because you don’t have to worry about connecting the wires in the right places. It is rechargeable, so it won’t go down during a power outage. You can also disable it with the snip of a wire-like powerline buttons can.

Getting to Know Panic Button System

Two Kinds of Panic Alarms

Most panic alarms can work as either sirens or silent alarms, so you can choose what to use after purchasing them.

Siren Panic Alarms

When you activate a siren panic alarm, it releases a loud alarm. This loud alarm serves as a strong defensive weapon against intruders. Consider this: robbers will be less likely to hang around if a siren alerts all your neighbors that something is wrong. Unless you deactivate it, most alarms will sound for about three minutes before shutting down. It has enough time to scare an intruder away while neighbors come over to see if everything is okay.

Silent Panic Alarms

When you press the panic button on silent, the communications system will call the authorities rather than sounding a loud alarm. Silent alarms are an excellent way to request help without drawing unnecessary attention. This type of alarm is most used in retail or banking settings where it would be risky for a teller to inform a robber that you are calling for help. Yet, you can still use silent alarms for home security.

Communications System

The communications system is the loudspeaker to which the panic button speaks when you press it. It is also the alarm system component capable of sending help and support.

It is possible to create a communications system that does not contact emergency services, but this is rare. People install panic alarm systems intending to call for help.

You can use the types of communication systems like:

Alarm Monitoring Center

You can use this method in facilities without on-site security personnel, such as small businesses. Linking panic buttons to an alarm control panel would signal the monitoring center if you ever press one. The alarm monitoring center would then contact the police or other appropriate responders.

Security Control Center

It is common for large companies to centralize security monitoring and control centers on-site or at a central location within their organization. You can check control centers when this type of resource exists. You can also link panic buttons to the organization’s access control and security management system, which transmits the alarm to the control center.

Non-security Personnel

When you press a panic button, some organizations that do not have on-site security notify non-security personnel. Often, the organization will form a “response team” of employees from various departments (HR, Quality Assurance, etc.) and request that these employees respond when they press a panic button.

When an employee presses a panic button, you can use various systems to notify the response team. These are examples of overhead paging systems and devices that send voice, text, or email messages to smartphones.

2GIG Panic Button 345

Getting to Know Panic Button System

The 2GIG Panic Button 345 is an important element of your smart home automation security system. You can connect your other home security systems. You can use it to activate security devices in an emergency once you integrate your panic button into your home security system.

To activate the security cameras, use a 2GIG Panic Button 345. The panic button system can send a signal to your security cameras. Then the signal will activate the cameras and begin recording.

When Should You Use Your Panic Alarm?

Panic buttons will only notify emergency personnel if you activate them. You can only use it in a true emergency when it requires immediate help. Some of these scenarios are emergencies when you are in danger and someone else in your home is in danger.

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