Getting to Know Panasonic High-Speed Toaster Oven

Getting to Know Panasonic High-Speed Toaster Oven

With a toaster oven, you may cook effectively without heating your kitchen or consuming more energy than a regular oven. However, there are a lot of possibilities, so making a decision might be challenging. 

Finally available on the market is a larger model of Panasonic’s well-liked FlashXpress toaster oven. In a full-size.9 cubic foot box, the Panasonic NB-W250 High-Speed Toaster Oven provides the same instant-on infrared heating components as the FlashXpress, significantly shortening preheating and cooking periods.  

Getting to Know Panasonic High-Speed Toaster Oven

In conclusion, this new package has many positive aspects, particularly its $79.99 selling cost. It is a minimal upgrade for your smart home, but having this toaster oven does more than what you expect. 

But it also has fierce competition from the Breville Smart Oven Plus ($299.99) and our top selection, the Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven ($279.99), despite being significantly more expensive. And the Panasonic is less capable of cooking and has fewer functions when compared to these higher-end devices. However, the Panasonic NB-W250 is a fantastic option if your toaster oven budget is limited to under $100. 

Cooking Capacity

The Panasonic High-Speed Toaster Oven is a full-size oven that can roast a three-pound bird and toast six slices of bread at once. Preparing a 12-inch pizza or chicken. Its inside measures point nine cubic feet, which is smaller than the point ninety-five cubic feet of the Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven and larger than the.8 cubic feet of the Breville Smart Oven. 

Since they can handle the same amount of toast slices and pizza sizes, this will make little difference when cooking. Although a pleasant bonus, the Cuisinart’s additional capacity makes room for two inside racks.

When it comes to outward dimensions, Panasonic does have the advantage. It takes up the least amount of your valuable countertop space because it is only 18 inches broad, half an inch narrower than the Breville, and two inches narrower than the Cuisinart. It may not be a major concern for people living in spacious suburban homes, but your kitchen may only contain one full-size toaster oven. 

Features and Design

It’s not bad that the Panasonic controls resemble Breville controls strangely. Press the Power button, choose a cooking mode, such as Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Roast, Bake, Broil, or Keep Warm, and then press the Start button to create any changes to the preset temperature and time. It’s all quite simple. If you alter the settings, they are erased every time the oven is switched off. Therefore, if you prefer dark toast, adjust it to dark each morning. 

Bright and visible from all sides, the display. You will have to rely on your microwave, stove, smartphone, and wrist clocks to know what time it is because there isn’t a clock on display like on the Breville.

The controls’ significant drawback is the above-concealed temperature changes and convection shut-offs in the roasting section. When convection stops, the convection mode indicator at least disappears from the display, but the temperature changes don’t, leaving you perplexed as to why items aren’t cooking as you anticipated.

Getting to Know Panasonic High-Speed Toaster Oven

Performance in Toasting and Cooking

Here is a summary of the various cooking and toasting tests and Panasonic’s results.


Panasonic always produced the best toast. The light, medium, and dark settings produced uniformly toasted toast on each piece. Some toaster ovens frequently toast unevenly, leaving some portions significantly lighter than the rest, usually the toast closest to the appliance’s front. 

To brown only the tops of bagels and English muffins, Panasonic offers a “bagel mode” that provides options for several slices and a level of blackness.

Even though the toast was lighter at the front, Panasonic generally produced uniform, consistent, and never burned toast. The outcomes from Cuisinart and Breville were also respectable. 

Roasting Chicken and Vegetables

One advantage of a toaster oven is that it may be used as your main oven when you need to turn on your larger range or even as a second oven for cooking numerous meals during dinner parties.

It takes a while to cook chickens and roast meats or vegetables; depending on size, a roast chicken takes 45 to 60 minutes. However, the testers discovered the skin was not browning as anticipated 20 minutes into the cooking test using a 3.5-pound bird at 400F because the convection mode wasn’t operating. 

Therefore, if you want the food undercooked, using this toaster oven to roast poultry or vegetables is not recommended. 


You will appreciate using this toaster oven, except for the requirement to reset it if you cook something for more than 25 minutes. Operating it is rather simple, especially if you use a preset. Turn it on, add the food – there is just one rack height, so you don’t run the risk of putting your food too close to or far away from the heating options – choose the right setting, and presto; you have toast, frozen waffles, and frozen pizzas; with a somewhat significant exception, that also applies to non-preset things. 

The FlashXpress uses a double infrared heating method as opposed to convection. It, therefore, cooks more quickly than most other toaster ovens. In the long run, that’s undoubtedly beneficial, but while using this device for the first time, you’ll need to experiment extensively with the time settings to determine what works best. 

Getting to Know Panasonic High-Speed Toaster Oven


The infrared elements of the Panasonic High-Speed toaster oven deliver quick and even heating, living up to its promises. This toaster oven may not roast a bird or broil a steak, but it is not intended for those uses.

It is perfect for small-batch cooking and baking, making side dishes, breaking down frozen foods, and reheating jobs because of its compact size and logical layout; preparing toast, of course.

It is still a well-liked solution for compact kitchens and smart homes with one or two occupants, thanks to many web enthusiasts who believe it is a top performer.

Despite this, the Panasonic High Speed is still a fantastic deal at only $80, and it comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a full-sized toaster oven at an affordable price.

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