Getting to Know Lutron Lighting

Getting to Know Lutron Lighting

Although it is frequently taken for granted, good lighting is essential to our daily lives. Light control is the capacity to modify the quantity and quality of light in a given area for particular jobs or circumstances. Employing light when and where it is most needed and correctly managing it improves the experience and contributes to energy conservation.

Lutron has created hundreds of lighting control systems and devices, increasing its selection of products from 2 to 15,000. Lutron currently holds over 2,700 patents. The first electronic dimming ballast for fluorescent lights and the first self-contained preset lighting control system are two more Lutron innovations in addition to the solid-state dimmer. Lutron is still the only firm to make dimming systems and motorized shades that can regulate both electric light and natural light. Lutron was also the first to effectively mass-market the dimmer and offer lighting control systems using link dimmers.

Getting to Know Lutron Lighting

By emphasizing superior quality and design, the company has enhanced lighting control technology while maintaining its leadership position in the market. In terms of high-quality lighting controls for LED, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, halogen incandescent, fluorescent, and other light sources, Lutron continues to be the market leader.

Consumers of Lutron can transform any environment with any light with just the push of a button. A handheld remote, wall-mounted keypad, desktop control, and, as of recently, your iOS or smart home devices provide you instant access to lighting management in a single room or across the entire house. With the newest and most practical automation technology, the future is now and may be found in your home or place of work.

Smart Options for Every Home

Whether you’re renovating an older home or creating a new one, Lutron has the ideal solution for every size home and any budget.

Get Involved

Lutron works with more Smart Homes devices than any other smart lighting control brand.

It Simply Works

Regular bulbs can now be turned smart, beginning with control at the switch, thanks to the over 1,000 dimmable bulbs available.

Power Saving

Save energy without sacrificing your distinct space’s attractive ambiance. Making the most of your sunshine as we transition to a more ecologically conscious world may enhance any room’s atmosphere and quality while saving energy. While offering stunning fabric selections, cutting-edge technology, and precise lighting management, Lutron shading systems maintain the appealing aesthetics of your house.

With various practical solutions, including keypads, remote controls, wireless desktop controls, or connected to a timer for automated adjustment of your window treatments and lighting, controlling your lighting has never been simpler. Your lighting control system can also improve your home’s security. You can limit the view inside your home by setting it to “away” with the touch of a button. The Lutron shading system helps shield your home’s electronics, fine art, and furnishings from the damaging sun’s rays outdoors. By reflecting or utilizing solar heat, specialized UV-blocking materials protect against fading and damage from the sun while saving you money on heating and cooling.

Midday Activities

The lights intensify as you settle into your office chair and change to a soft blue tone that encourages concentration. To make it easier to read your computer screen without the glare of direct sunshine, the blinds have automatically been lowered. Likewise, your expensive furniture, floors, and artwork are shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays while still allowing enough light to keep you awake.

Getting to Know Lutron Lighting

As nighttime arrives

Family members have arrived home to a well-lit patio and landscape lights that discreetly blaze a path along paths. You and your family are relaxing on your patio deck at the end of the day, listening to your favorite music and admiring the string lights starting to twinkle. The lights change to a candlelight glow as you enter a dining area that is warmly illuminated to enjoy a shared meal.

The trail of lights from the bathroom to the bedroom resurfaces when it’s time for bed. The shades close, the lights go out, and sleep comes easily as you snuggle up in bed. The strength of Lutron lighting is that.

Multiple dimmers are only some of what Lutron has to offer. With these motorized window solutions, you can adjust the natural light in a room or even the entire house with the touch of a single button. Additionally, we can connect the lighting controls to your AV and security systems. There are countless options.

Smart Homes automation and integration

Integrate technology into your smart home seamlessly. Audio, video, security, and HVAC systems can all be integrated with Lutron light control systems. Lutron designed its controls to function dependably and easily with other systems in your home, whether it be a straightforward integration with a single system or a complex high-level integration.

Security & Safety

Enjoy the innovative wireless lighting control’s safety and security. Make a clear trail of light leading into, around, and through your house. Connect your security system to your lighting system for an additional assurance layer. To create seclusion or safeguard priceless furnishings, use automated blinds.

Room Control

Make adjustments to your home to suit your needs. With Lutron wireless controls, make the most of an open floor plan or the main bedroom. Wireless control can help make your lights more logical and tailored to your lifestyle, whether you desire seamless transitions from your kitchen to your dining and family room areas or a main bedroom and bath that is a tranquil sanctuary.

Optimize your View

Create graceful daylight transitions by automatically adjusting your window treatments with precise, nearly silent control. While lowering glare on computer and television screens, maintain outside vistas. By lowering blackout blinds, you may command seclusion at the press of a button, shield priceless furnishings from damaging UV rays, and create total darkness. What may customize any space for elegance and comfort with a wide range of window treatment styles, fabrics, and technology.

Getting to Know Lutron Lighting

Remote management

Wherever you go, carry light and blind control with you. The portability of light and blind control allows you to have a wireless controller next to your table, in your car, or your purse. You can easily control the lights and blinds in your home, whether sitting on the couch, driving home from a stroll, or getting home in your car.

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