Getting to Know Eargo 5

Getting to Know Eargo 5

As the evolution of numerous smart gadgets for our smart homes continues, several products assist us in developing and becoming popular. Hearing aids are one of the devices we’re discussing. That being said, let’s look at the Eargo 5 hearing aid.

Getting to Know Eargo 5

With so many hearing aid manufacturers, it’s essential to comprehend what each provides and how they differ. If you’re looking for a hearing aid but want to avoid going through an audiologist, Eargo will most certainly come up in your search.  

Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at Eargo’s hearing aids, specifically the Eargo 5. 

What Are Eargo Hearing Aids?

Those with mild to moderate hearing loss in the high-frequency band are best suited with Eargo hearing aids. Eargo allows the wearer to hear speech more distinctly while decreasing background noise. Eargo hearing aids are straightforward, self-fitting hearing aids, which eliminates the requirement for an audiologist’s prescription or hearing aid fitting.

Eargo was established in late 2012, and an ENT physician devised the gadgets. Eargo employs proprietary soft medical-grade silicone fibers in two sizes. FlexiFibers or Flexis are silicone fibers that hold hearing aids in position in the ear canal. The wearer removes the hearing aids by pulling a little transparent fiber linked to the hearing devices.

Qualified professionals are available by phone to answer new and current Eargo customers’ inquiries and provide help. Setting profiles can be customized for phone, TV, outdoor, and group circumstances, with the ability to switch between them with two ear taps. The NEo HiFi, Eargo 5, and Eargo 6 models can also be managed via a smartphone app.  

Eargo 5 Set Up

Under the round 2.93 diameter x 0.79-inch charging case of the Eargo 5, you’ll find a rapid reference manual, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and AC transmitter, medium and large closed and open “petal” tips; the buds in the case are pre-fitted with an extra pair of medium closed petals, which will be adequate for the majority of users, and a cleaning instrument to remove earwax from the petals, the mic caps, and the battery contact.

Performing the Smart Match hearing exam is part of this setup. Over about 10 minutes in a quiet environment, you will be guided via a succession of test tones of varying frequencies and levels for each ear to develop a specific hearing profile and personalized suggestions and settings. In the absence of Sound Match, the Neo HiFi provides one-size-fits-all amplification.

Eargo also provides a dozen short video instructions that we suggest you watch if you’re considering purchasing an Eargo 5; the movies provide a thorough overview of what using and preserving the Eargo 5 requires.

Eargo 5 Fitting Range

The Eargo 5 hearing aids come with various replaceable rubber tips known as pedals that may be swapped out depending on how much ambient sound you want to allow.

Getting to Know Eargo 5

The Eargo 5 has a mild to the moderate fitting range and works best for hearing loss slanted toward higher pitches. If you have mild to extreme hearing loss, consider other options and seek advice from an impartial professional.

The Eargo 5 has a variety of programs. By placing the hearing aids in their rechargeable case and wirelessly connecting the case to a smartphone, you can modify their preset programs and make any adjustments. You can switch between programs while using hearing aids by tapping adjacent to your ear. It’s also crucial to remember that working with an audiologist is the best method to get the most out of these hearing aids.

How to Use Eargo 5?

Like true wireless earbuds, you take each Eargo bud from the case and insert it into your ear canal – the buds lie in your ears like previous Eargos. There is no need to twist or push. A soft female voice tells you what program mode each bud is in to let you know they’re functioning; however, you’ll notice the sound boost almost immediately.

The app’s volume controls are very complicated. The app allows you to adjust the loudness of the buds; however, it only does so by 2dB. You can use a noise filter, which will activate when there is more than 75db-85db of irritating ambient sound.

Eargo suggests altering various sound settings on your smartphone, which may affect how you change the ringer and sound volume.

Eargo 5’s Sound Quality

Eargo 5 amplifies without interference, plugging in the gaps in your hearing loss and other aural dead zones. At first, you may notice more incidental noise than usual, such as floorboard cracking, faucets that appear like Niagara Falls, and light switch flipping that sounds like gunshots.

The Eargo 5 is a one-way hearing aid with no Bluetooth capability. To accept hands-free phone conversations or listen to music, put on a set of over-the-ear cup-style headphones, which are comfortable with the Eargo 5 in your ears and dramatically improve headphone listening. When traveling, you may detach the Eargo 5 buds and switch them with a pair of authentic wireless earbuds with a great hear-through mode.

As a third option, open-ear headphones provide music while still allowing outside sounds – the greatest choice for the safety-conscious.

Eargo 5 Pricing and Availability

Eargo 5 costs $2,950, the same as the fourth-generation Eargo Neo HiFi, with financing starting at $123 per month for 24 months.

Consumers can buy Eargo 5 from their website. Each Eargo 5 purchase includes a 45-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

Getting to Know Eargo 5

Eargo’s free hearing test might help you decide if Eargo is right for you. If you have any queries, you can contact Eargo’s team of trained hearing specialists via their website for a free telecare checkup. 


Hearing is crucial; it adds joy and delight to our lives and is necessary for survival. Community presence in a person’s life is one of the most important determinants of health span and lifespan.

Making connections with our fellows becomes increasingly challenging if we lose our hearing. We can’t enjoy and appreciate the items around our smart home simultaneously. Hearing loss, like any other chronic health issue, should be considered a comorbidity. Hearing loss significantly impacts our ability to interact socially and, consequently, our health.

Additionally, despite these several hearing aid options, the Eargo 5 hits a unique happy medium for those suffering from hearing loss for half or less the expense of prescription aids: they’re perfect for those who prefer not to publicize their hearing loss.

Once in your ears, the Eargo 5 disappears and, owing to Smart Match personalized tuning, recovers your young hearing, which can be life-changing. 

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