Getting to Know Dyson Purifier

Getting to Know Dyson Purifier

The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 is significantly more expensive than almost any other space heater on the market, yet it has many advantages. In contrast to heating, it can cool a room while also purifying the air. It’s simple to use using the included remote, and you can connect it to Wi-Fi to manage the fan and air purifier capabilities with a mobile device or a voice assistant if you choose. 

The Dyson HP07 is one of the greatest space heaters since it is attractively constructed and has a few additional safety measures than most heaters. It offers many advantages you can add to your smart home. So, check out the functions and design of this product below for more information.

Getting to Know Dyson Purifier

Price and Availability

Dyson sells the Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 for $649.99 online. You can select between white and silver or black and nickel.


The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 has a 14-inch stand with a 17-inch oval ring. It’s well-crafted and exudes quality. It is unusual and futuristic in appearance, and it undoubtedly draws attention to itself.

The Dyson HP07 can be turned on and off by hitting a button on the machine, but the settings can only be changed with the included remote. If you turn it on without the remote, it will return to the previous settings. The LCD panel on the front of the heater displays all the settings and information regarding air quality, temperature, humidity, and filter levels. 

You may set the unit to oscillate, modify the airflow speed, set a timer, and activate a dark mode to dim the display and slow down the fan speed, in addition to changing the heat level. When you press the Auto button on the remote, the device will automatically analyze the air quality and regulate itself. A pollutant sign appears on the heater’s display when a specific pollution degrades air quality. You may also direct the airflow by tilting the head.

Despite weighing only 10 pounds, this heater is 30 inches tall, making it difficult to move. It will take up a little space in a closet if you are not using it and want to put it away. In contrast to switching off when it tips or overheats, this heater has no blades or visible heating elements, keeping it one of the safest space heaters available.

Heating and Cooling Performance

The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 heated a 15 by 10-foot room extremely evenly and elevated the temperature by roughly 8°F on its highest setting. When you sit in front of this heater, you don’t get a rush of warm air like you to do with other types; instead, it builds up gradually.

It consumes an average of 0.34 kWH while heating, which is more than any other model, but you are also running an air purifier. At 73°F, the heater’s surfaces remain completely cool, ensuring no one gets burned from handling it. The Dyson has a noise level of 55.8 decibels when heating on high, which is about the same as a coffee maker.

The Dyson has a temperature setting as low as 34°F, and the room seems cooler when the temperature is reduced. Even though the airflow speed has ten settings, it does not appear as powerful as other machines that only act as fans. 

Getting to Know Dyson Purifier

Mobile Application

Merely download the app and pair it with your Hot + Cold to be taken to the home screen.

After you’ve entered your location, you’ll be able to check the AQI or Air Quality Index outside, with low being the best and extremely high being the worst. In addition, the external temperature, humidity, and pollen levels are displayed. The data collect the most common pollen kinds in your area. The count is then displayed as low or high.

Further below, in a highlighted house-shaped box, you can see how clean the air is in your home. The severity scale ranges from extreme to poor, fair, and good. The latter indicates that your home contains very low amounts of tiny particles and VOCs.

Temperature, humidity, and PM2.5 are displayed beneath the AQI. Then, for easy comparison, all metrics’ weekly and daily means are displayed.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 with Alexa

You can say, ‘Alexa, switch on Dyson Purifier,’ and it will. You can also ask Alexa to adjust any of Dyson’s options, including enabling oscillation, raising the temperature, setting a goal temperature, and more.

Another option is to ask your Alexa-enabled gadget for fan feedback. It may tell you about the air quality inside and outside, the humidity level, and other statistics.

You may also ask Alexa how long the filter will last before needing to be replaced. How clever is that? Your smart home is smarter than before now. 

Alexa is useful not only for operating the computer but also for diagnosing problems with it. Ask Alexa, ‘Alexa, ask Dyson if there’s a problem,’ and you’ll get the information you need.

Easy to Use

Although the Dyson has several capabilities, programming with the remote control is simple. However, you must be cautious not to misplace it. It’s little, and if you misplace it, a replacement will cost you $30. However, the unit’s top is magnetic for neatly storing the remote when not in use.

The Dyson employs a two-piece HEPA and carbon filter to trap gasses and particles, including allergens, germs, mildew, VOCs, formaldehyde, and kitchen smoke and aromas, according to the firm. You must first snap the filter into the base before using it. You must also replace the filter once a year or whenever the machine’s display or app reminds you, at $80.

Because the fan has no blades, it is simple to clean. The manual that accompanies the Dyson Hot + Cool HP07 offers limited information to lessen the environmental impact of paper, according to the firm. A standard version of the user guide is only available on the website.

Getting to Know Dyson Purifier

Final Thoughts

The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 is a well-made, simple-to-use product with various interesting features. It may be used as a chiller, air purifier, and efficient space heater. 

The Dyson makes a bold design statement for which you may be willing to pay a premium. You can bet that anybody who sees it in your home will wonder what it is and comment on how cool or unusual it is. It is up to the individual to distinguish whether or not they find it appealing. 

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