Getting to Know Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Getting to Know Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Everything seems smart these days: refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, water bottles, and light bulbs. 

Smart bulbs are the simplest place to start with smart home upgrades. All you have to do for some systems is plug them in and download an app. Smart lighting is a more advanced method of gaining complete control of your electricity consumption and usage. Some extra benefits are available only from smart bulbs or smart light switches.

Getting to Know Cync A19 Smart Bulb

The ability to control lighting from anywhere, even a country away, is appealing. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg about the advantages of smart lighting solutions.

How Does Smart Lighting Work?

Most smart bulbs communicate with a hub, a hardware collection. It’s easiest to compare it to a computer wireless router. After you’ve set up the bulbs, you rarely need to tweak them again. The hub and its accompanying app will guide you through the installation process. It will provide you with a wide range of lighting options once you are done.

Bulbs are enough for most people; there are other components to smart lighting that you should be aware of, such as smart switches. Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you want in light quality, cost, and setup.

What are Smart Switches?

The switches will need some rewiring to work in your home. You would be exchanging regular switches for smart switches. The switches use Wi-Fi or a hub. They’re more expensive than smart bulbs, with switches costing around $50 or more.

But, with a smart switch, you can use any bulb you want. Choosing switches over bulbs may be a better option if you care about the quality of light in your home. Yet, it will take more time and effort to install than a bulb, so keep that in mind. Besides, if you rent an apartment, you may need help tinkering with the electrical wiring. And, unlike bulbs, you can’t take them with you and set them up in a new location.

Features of Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Below are the high-rated features of Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Alexa-compatible smart bulbs

Connect these smart LED light bulbs to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control. Light bulbs with voice control will help you create your smart home with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Direct Connect Wi-Fi Lightbulbs

Connect these smart light bulbs to your Wi-Fi router. These smart bulbs provide voice control for your Cync or C by GE smart bulbs (sold separately) and control away from home.

Manage your smart bulbs when you’re not at home

Increase your home security and convenience by controlling your Wi-Fi light bulbs with the Cync App for iOS and Android. It will prevent you from coming home to a dark house or disrupting sleep.

Color-changing lightbulbs

Use millions of colors to personalize children’s rooms, host a next-level movie night, and cheer on your team on game day. Change the white of the smart bulbs to any color between warm, amber, and cool, bluish tones.

Getting to Know Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Create custom schedules

Smart home automation allows you to program when lights turn on and off and schedules for different days of the week.

Benefits of Using Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Although it’s entertaining to explore with your lighting settings on your smartphone, it’s more than just a cool trick. Switching from traditional to smart lighting provides several advantages, including simplicity, control, and mood setting.

Saves Energy

It’s even easier to save energy now that the ability to dim your lights is so easily accessible. You can do this using your device’s app or installing motion sensors. Smart lighting allows motion sensors in any room with either a smart light switch or a smart light bulb installed. When a room is empty, you can instruct bulbs to turn off and only come back when there is motion. When you use LED bulbs, you can save even more energy. They use less electricity than standard bulbs without sacrificing the brightness or warmth you’ve come to expect.

Brings Convenience

It is simple to control your smart lighting. You can be in bed, at work, or on the phone on a remote island and still have access to your lighting. Smart lighting also benefits those with mobility issues, those who live in a home with noisy, creaky stairs, and light sleepers. When you need to remember to turn off the lights, you won’t have to physically go from room to room. You can even adjust the brightness, intensity, and hue (with colored LED smart bulbs) from your device with some bulbs.

Personalized Scenes

Smart lighting “scenes” give you even more, control over your rooms by changing the colors nicely but effectively. If you or your family enjoy reading, changing the shade of the light may help relieve eye strain.

You can, but set the tone for your daily routine. You may want to dim the lights when you wake up to allow your eyes to adjust comfortably. Or, if your partner has a different schedule, you can avoid bothering them. You need to select the appropriate scene. You may only want to turn on the lights near the door when you’re ready to leave.

Many also use scenes when people go on business or vacation. If you’re uncomfortable leaving the lights off for a few days, you can program them to turn on at random intervals to give the impression that someone is home. Whatever your routine is, you can customize your lighting to it.

Set the Mood with Color

The color changing was only sometimes a smart lighting benefit, but it is now available when using LED bulbs. It is not a trick. When you’re watching a movie, reading, or getting ready for a nap, changing the colors can help. Certain colors are effective in reducing eye strain and improving sleep quality. That is not all. Blue lighting may lift your spirits, especially in winter when the thick cloud cover and the sunlight are rare.

Getting to Know Cync A19 Smart Bulb

Adds style to your Interiors

You can take it further by decorating your home with smart lights. With smart lighting, you can change the decor and appearance of your rooms at the drop of a hat. Smart lighting makes setting the mood for family gatherings, parties, and hangouts with friends easier.

You can take it further by using a smart bulb with built-in speakers. It allows you to listen to your favorite songs in any of the rooms where they are set up. Likewise, you can use the songs to finish the look and feel of each room.

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